Anna Lu
71 We“re Next!
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Anna Lu
Author :chenemi
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71 We“re Next!

Chesa and Li Chen's wedding came not long after. Bai Sheng decided to postpone meeting with his family till after the wedding.

According to Chesa's request they had a white wedding in a very big hall. There were a lot of guests that day, filling the hall to the brim.

Anna was the brides maid while both Bai Sheng and Su Chen were still arguing over the best man spot.

30 minutes to the wedding, both brothers were not dressed, still arguing making the groom get extremely frustrated.

"I'm his twin!"

"And I'm way more good looking, stronger....and also that suit will suit me best"

Su Chen gasped, Bai Sheng had hit his weak spot. His only challenge in life was sitting back and watching other girls ogle over Bai Sheng when he is standing right there!

"Will you guys just shut up!" Li Chen said slamming his hand on the table. They had been bickering for months now and today was the wedding. This is all his fault, he should have decided a long time ago.

"Lets do it this way.....Su Chen...."

"Yes!" Su Chen jumped like a kid making both his brothers roll their eyes.

"...and Bai Sheng..."

"Huh?" Su Chen looked at his brother with confused eyes.

"The both of you.....should just share the spot. I mean, it won't be the first time someone would have two best men"

Bai Sheng nodded "I have no problem with that"

Su Chen shrugged "Oh well, I'll go put some clothes on"

It was then everyone realized he was still in his boxers. Su Chen noticed their expressions and rolled his eyes.


Anna watched the entire wedding in silence. Despite being the brides maid, she couldn't bring herself to speak or participate in any of the activities. Although she would refuse to admit it, she was jealous.

She knew it was stupid to be jealous about her friend when she had a fiancé but, seeing how happy the both of them were. She couldn't help but wonder if her wedding would be like this....if Bai Sheng was even a fan of big weddings.

Anna chuckled while giving Bai Sheng eye signals.

Bai Sheng creased his brows and nodded at her in confusion.

Anna directed her eyes to the couple and then the entire hall.

Bai Sheng scratched his head clueless, either ways he nodded just so he won't annoy her. Little did he know what he had just agreed to.

After sending the newly weds off, everybody returned to their various homes filled with excitement and exhaustion.

Anna returned to her apartment with a long face. Bai Sheng refused to follow her home.

The minute she got home she dialed his number, maybe it was because of the wedding or because of that weird lady she met at the wedding who said love never lasts in marriage.

Anna somehow felt insecure although she knew she shouldn't be listening to that woman's rubbish.


"Bai Sheng.....are you busy?"

Anna asked with a soft voice, she wanted to sound as pitiful as possible, maybe he might come see her.

" something the matter?"

Anna was immediately disappointed and sighed "Nothing, just wanted to hear your voice"

Bai Sheng chuckled "Are you missing me that much? Its only been 3 hours since we saw each other"

Anna coughed awkwardly "Who....who's missing you?.....I...I....just wanted to make sure you made it home safely that's all" Anna said flustered. Of course she wouldn't tell him that the real reason was because she was insecure because of some unknown woman's words...she would feel extremely stupid.

"Ok....if you say so" Bai Sheng laughed "Are you free tomorrow?"

Anna's ears perked up "Yep....nothing to do" coincidentally, it was a Saturday, which meant tomorrow was Sunday.

"Hmm, come with me to meet my family tomorrow"

Anna excitedly and instantly replied "Ok!"

Bai Sheng laughed hearing her immediate answer "Anna"


"After the wedding, you know what was going through my mind?"

Anna almost fell asleep listening to his voice "No...."

"We're next" Bai Sheng said making Anna blush "En"


Anna spent a long time getting ready the next morning.

Bai Sheng had to stand in front if the door for a long time before Anna answered it.

Staring at her, he tried to hold back his laughter. "You're all dressed up" he teased, of course she looked great

Anna coughed lightly "Are you jealous I look better than you?"

Bai Sheng laughed "Sure....I'm jealous" Bai Sheng said patting her head "You look so so beautiful"

Anna blushed and hit his chest lightly "Cheesy...."


"Oh.....My....." Anna's jaw dropped staring at the castle.....yep castle.

"This.....are we in the right place" Anna pointed when she realized Bai Sheng was driving straight to the castle.

Bai Sheng laughed at her reaction, of course he expected it. Not everyone knew he was descended from royalty.

They left China and decided to settle in City S. Buying this huge castle just to show off.

"'re a prince?" Anna stared at him like she just heard the juiciest news ever.

"You can say that..." Bai Sheng nodded. When the reached the tall gates, the guards immediately bowed when they saw Bai Sheng. He seemed used to it as he nodded indifferently, driving in.

After getting out of the car, Anna already regained her composure.

'Thank goodness for training' she thought but standing on front of the door again her nervousness began to creep in.

She hesitated till she felt Bai Sheng's fingers interlock with hers. She looked up at him, he smiled at her "If it makes you feel any better, this is the first time in years that I'm meeting all of them"

Anna's nervousness disappeared as she held his fingers tighter.

"Ok....lets go darling"

Bai Sheng felt his cheeks heat up 'She called me darling...'

Anna stared at the tips of Bai Sheng's ears and tried to hold back her laughter.

Bai Sheng cleared his throat and knocked.

The huge doors were immediately opened. Anna took a deep breath and walked in with Bai Sheng holding her hand.

"He's here! They're here!" Angel ran over to Anna excitedly and hugged her.

Anna who was still trying to recover from the luxurious interior felt someone hugging her.

"I was so excited when I heard that you were coming, I cooked so much for you. I also bought a few gifts and I also....." Angel kept babbling about while Bai Sheng watched in annoyance. She just dragged his girlfriend away.

Bai Sheng stared at his empty palm and sighed. 'This was expected...'

"Anna!" Xi Yao hugged Anna.

Anna smiled, at least she didn't feel out of place like she thought she would. Well that was until everyone gathered at the table and everything was extremely quiet.

Anna didn't think she would ever feel this intimidated but Bai Sheng's father made breathing hard for her.

"Bai Sheng, I can see you have been well"

Bai Sheng fought the urge to roll his eyes, you haven't seen your son for ten years and that is the first thing you say?

"I have" he said, turning his head he saw his brother's gaze on Anna and felt annoyed. His older brother, LinChe, the first son of the Zhang family was Bai Sheng's worst enemy. He had bullied Bai Sheng ever since he was younger and never showed him any support. Not like any of them did.

"So, you are Bai Sheng's fiancé?" Lin Che asked looking at Anna with interest.

After finally being noticed, Anna remained calm and smiled "Yes, that's me"

Bai Sheng's father, Zhang Cheng An's expression softened.

"At least one of my sons are finally sensible enough to think of settling down" he said while glaring at his older sons.

Ling An coughed awkwardly and looked away while Bai Sheng felt like pouncing on his brother who kept staring at Anna.

"Mr Lin Che with all due respect, I feel that its rude to stare....."

Lin Che was startled when Anna spoke to him, he didn't think she was actually going to speak. His face turned red in embarrassment "Sorry.....I didn't mean to be rude"

Bai Sheng stared at Anna in surprise, he didn't think she would actually say something about his brother's stare but of course, his girl was always unpredictable.

Cheng An laughed heartily staring at Anna.

"You see that boys, she is so much better than those pretentious girls you bring here"

Ling An groaned in frustration, was this a gathering just to insult and criticize them?

Angel laughed as well, the expression on her brothers' faces were priceless.

The atmosphere slowly became lively while everyone took turns to ask Anna a few questions about herself.

Anna remained calm, answering their questions while her insides were jumping like crazy 'I'm in the midst of royals!!!'

After lunch, Anna had already become part of the family. She was happy that they liked her and were all nice to her but a part of her kept asking why they weren't this nice to Bai Sheng when he was younger.

Bai Sheng and his father decided to talk privately so Angel decided that she wanted to give Anna a tour around.

After reluctantly parting with his beloved Bai Sheng followed his father to his study to hear what he had to say.

"I am sorry...." Cheng An said shocking Bai Sheng. He just apologized! Just like that?!!!

"I realized that I was narrow minded those many years ago, I shouldn't done what I did or taken your childhood away from you just because of your disabilities. I am sorry for almost ruining your life and I am also proud of the man you have become today"

Bai Sheng stared at his father as if registering everything he just said in his brain.


"You don't have to forgive me immediately Bai Sheng....."

"No I....I have your blessings for my marriage right?"

Cheng An laughed "Of course" He hugged his son and apologized again.

Bai Sheng felt happy, maybe too happy. He thought it would be really hard to forgive his family but.....during lunch he noticed that all of them had changed, even his annoying brother.


Reluctant to leave, Anna was dragged out of the estate by Bai Sheng and he immediately drove off.

"I knew mom was going to brain wash you.....look at yourself"

Anna pouted staring out the window looking at the castle that was slowly disappearing from her sight.

She couldn't help bit castle....

"Do you really want to go back that much?" Bai Sheng laughed seeing her ridiculous expression.

"Bai Sheng?"


Anna turned her head to look at him "Remember that saying, home is where the heart is?"

Bai Sheng smiled and nodded. Anna sighed for the nth time before looking out the window again "I just left my heart....."


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