2 Level Up
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Author :HotIce
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2 Level Up

The zombie's face was rotten, there was a hole in its nose, its left eye popped out of its socket, and Maggots were wriggling in its mouth. The zombie was quite disgusting even for Tang Shaoyang.

The zombie approached Tang Shaoyang. Its movement was so slow, it was about the same about of kids walking speed. When the zombie arrived before Tang Shaoyang, it brandished its rotten claw toward him.

For an experienced Tang Shaoyang, it was quite easy to dodge the attack. He moved to the left and avoided the rotten claw.


The zombie hit Tang Shaoyang's wooden bed and the bed was broken into two. It was moved so slow, but it had a big strength. Tang Shaoyang himself shocked that the zombie could break his wooden bed.

After failing the first attack, the zombie turned to Tang Shaoyang again. Slowly, it approached Tang Shaoyang.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang was looking for his pipe. After coming back from the battle, he went to bed and now he forgot where he placed his pipe. As the zombie drew near, finally Tang Shaoyang found his pipe.

The pipe was beside the bed. He could not see it earlier with the zombie blocked his view. The pipe was right behind the zombie.


The zombie once again swung its arm toward Tang Shaoyang. At the same time, Tang Shaoyang rolled forward and easily dodges the zombie's hand. As he rolled down, his hand reached to his pipe, the biggest one.

He picked up the pipe and distanced himself away from the zombie.

"Hmm, let's see. In the movie, one has to destroy the head to kill the zombies."

Without waiting for the zombie to approach him, Tang Shaoyang moved forward. Zombie's movement somewhat slow, but its reaction was fast.

The zombie swung its hand forward, but zombie slow movement was its biggest weakness. Tang Shaoyang easily dodged the hand as he moved to the right.

From the zombie's left side, Tang Shaoyang swung the pipe to the zombie's head back.


There was no way the slow zombie could avoid Tang Shaoyang's pipe. The zombie fell forward hard. Tang Shaoyang also retreated, he was afraid of the zombie's head would burst and have its blood splashed to him.

Even though he did not know if the zombie's blood could infect him or not, but Tang Shaoyang still avoided it. He did not want to die young, there were still many things he wanted to do.

Tang Shaoyang distanced himself from the zombie, but the zombie's head was quite hard. It did not get destroyed even was hit by a steel pipe.


The zombie struggled to get up after falling down hard. Tang Shaoyang advanced forward and swung his steel pipe to zombie's head once again.

"One hit is not enough, then I will hit you again!"


The zombie's head was really hard, even after receiving two hits from the steel pipe, it still complete. However, from the place where he hit, green liquid flowed down.

"Two hits were not enough, then three. Three hits are not enough, then four hits…"

Tang Shaoyang kept hitting the zombie's head until the head was destroyed beyond recognition.


The green liquid splashed onto his clothes. Tang Shaoyang immediately removed his clothes and threw them away. After removing his clothes, his fine body was exposed. His body was full of scars.

Tang Shaoyang checked if the blood reached his body. He did not find the green liquid on his body, Tang Shaoyang relieved. However, next, he realized something weird to his body. The wound he got from last night's fight was gone.

Yes, the wound on his body and hand vanished. Moreover, now he just realized his body was lighter than before.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brows as he was pondering things that happened here. A strange robotic voice, a zombie appeared out of nowhere, and all his wounds were healed. Everything was surreal for him to believe.

"Am I in my dream?"

Tang Shaoyang could not help but come with a rather absurd conclusion. Everything was surreal, but he felt the sensation was so real to be a dream.

In confusion, Tang Shaoyang turned around and approached the wall.


Tang Shaoyang hit the wall with his own head.


He let out a pained groan as he rubbed his forehead. If he was in a dream, he should have woken up by now. But it turned out this was not a dream, the headless zombie was still there.

"Hmm, so the robotic voice and zombie thing are real."

Tang Shaoyang held his chin and walked toward the bed's head. He pulled the drawer and took a plain white shirt.

"It said the game started, but what game? What's the game's purpose? And where did this zombie come from?"

Tang Shaoyang fell into deep thought. Puzzled after puzzled appeared in his mind.

"I am not a fan of the game, but in each game, there's must be a way to finish the game. But…" The more he thought about it, the more confused he became.

Tang Shaoyang liked to watch a movie, but he was not a fan of the game. Last time he played the game, it was Playstation One. He played a soccer game.

Since he dropped the school and entered the underworld. Tang Shaoyang never played a game anymore.


Tang Shaoyang scratched his hair in frustration.

"In the movie, the virus is the cause of the people turns into a zombie. However, this zombie is not caused by a virus, it just appeared out of nowhere."

Tang Shaoyang was living alone. That was why he came into this conclusion.

"If zombies really appeared out of nowhere just like in my place, then what about…"

Here Tang Shaoyang rose up and dashed out of his house. He was the ruler of Youyouliucun District and he lived at the end of the district. When he opened the door, there were many zombies walking around the street.

As Tang Shaoyang went out, the zombies stopped moving and turned their heads toward him.

"Oh, shit. There are too many zombies here. They are slow, but their strength could not be underestimated. If I am surrounded, I am done for."

Fighting against zombies was different than fighting the people. Even he was getting hit by a fist, stick, pipe, or even blade, he would not die instantly as long as he avoided the vital point. However, if it was a zombie, he had to extra be careful.

One hit from a zombie might turn him into a zombie as well. It was not different than death itself. Moreover, one hit from his pipe would not be able to kill a zombie. He at least needed five to seven hits to kill one zombie.

The best choice was to escape and find a good weapon to kill this zombie. However, Tang Shaoyang did not escape, he chose to fight these zombies.

"I have to save my people and kill these damn intruders (zombies)."

He scanned the surrounding. The nearest zombie was 10 meters away from him.

"You will be the first prey of this Berserk Tang!"

Tang Shaoyang rushed toward the nearest zombie while the zombies who were aware of his presence also swarmed toward him.

Considering the zombie's slow movement, he had five to ten seconds to finish a zombie so he would not get surrounded by the zombies.

Tang Shaoyang easily dodges the zombie claw and ran behind the zombie.


He hit the zombie's head with all his might. Without any resistance, the zombie fell. Tang Shaoyang immediately swung his steel pipe again.

Bugh! Bugh!


This time, Tang Shaoyang crushed the zombie's head with three hits. He was delighted with such a result. But it was not the time to get happy, he still needed to take clean his territory from these filthy zombies to rescue his people.

He scanned the surrounding once again and found the nearest zombie was three meters away. Tang Shaoyang charged forward.

Bugh! Bugh! Bugh!

Another three hits to finish off one zombie. After he killed the fifth zombie, Tang Shaoyang's movement became even more agile.

When he finished off the ninth zombie, the strange robotic voice resounded again in his mind.

"You have leveled up!"

"You gained 2 attribute points!"

"You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!"

Heero froze on the spot for a moment. The robotic voice distracted him, but he immediately moved away.

"Level up? Attribute point? Status screen? What is that?"

Tang Shaoyang muttered in confusion. However, next, he saw something even more unbelievable. A screen appeared and his name was on the screen, showing things that he could not understand.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Level: 2

Talent: none

Attribute Point: 2 [You could allocate the point to the attribute below!]

Strength: 13

Agility: 8

Vitality: 6

Stamina: 10

Magic Power: 1

Sense: 5

Skill: Basic Detection



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