5 Mini-Game: Kill or Get Killed
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Author :HotIce
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5 Mini-Game: Kill or Get Killed

Tang Shaoyang left Youyouliucun District. The place where he grew up, bringing a greater ambition with him.

"Hmm, I have decided to establish an empire. First, territory, Shanghai is my first choice of course. It will be hard to clean all of these zombies though."

Yes, Shanghai was the city with the largest population. To capture Shanghai, Tang Shaoyang had to clean his territory from these zombies. It would be tough, but it was not impossible.

Moreover, going to another city would be more troublesome as he had to pass the sea of zombies. Shanghai was a good choice already. He only needed to take it slowly, SH city would be his.

"First, I have to set up my Palace. Ah… I know the good building for my palace, a five-star hotel in Pudong. It's a little far, but I can save people who survive on the way. They would be the people of Tang Empire."

Tang Shaoyang decided the first plan to set up his Tang Empire.

"But that place is crowded, there would many zombies there. I have to prepare the supply…"

Tang Shaoyang stopped to a shop that sold many kinds of clothes and bags. He entered the shop, took seven sets of clothes and two big backpacks with him.

"The next stop is a convenience store…"

Youyouliucun District was devoid of life, only a man walked through the zombies' remnant. There was a nearby convenience store at the opposite of Youyouliucun District. Heero was heading to that convenience store before he would go to Pudong.

Quick, Tang Shaoyang reached the end of Youyouliucun District and a medium-sized convenience store came into his sight. There were many zombies loitering around the convenience store.

There were at least a hundred zombies around the convenience store. Tang Shaoyang pulled his two steel pipes from his back.

"Hmm, killing zombies is a must. I have to get more level and become stronger to be a real emperor."

Respect, it was one of the most important things that an Emperor should have. Being respected by his people, being stronger was one of the ways to get respected by his people. There was no one going to respect a weak Emperor.

Tang Shaoyang rushed toward the crowd of zombies with two steel pipes in his hand.

As Tang Shaoyang's running footsteps sounded, the zombies turned around. With their slow speed, the zombies began swarming toward Tang Shaoyang.

Splat! Splat! Splat!

With a swing, Tang Shaoyang crushed the zombie's head with ease. 33 strength attributes showed it was not a mere number. He cleaned zombies around the convenience store at a frightening speed.

The zombie's brain juice splattered everywhere along with the green liquid. Soon, the zombies around the convenience store piled up with their heads crushed.

Tang Shaoyang was not in a hurry to enter the convenience store, but he wanted to clean the zombies around first. Just like his former title, he was called Berserk not without reason.

After half an hour, the robotic voice resounded in Tang Shaoyang's head.

[ You have leveled up! ]

[ You gained 2 Attribute Points ]

Tang Shaoyang allocated the attribute point one to strength and another one to vitality. The fatigue he felt also being washed away and he was back in his peak condition.

Afterward, he went to kill more zombies. At first, it looked like the zombies were only about a hundred. But soon he found the zombies seemed to be endless.

He retreated to a safe distance for a moment and then scanned the surroundings. He found the zombies from the other districts also came toward his direction.

"Hmm, zombies seem to be sensitive to sound. These zombies were attracted by the sound I created as I am fighting against the zombies around the convenience store."

Tang Shaoyang concluded. As for communication, he could not find a sign of these zombies were communicating with each other. This was the only conclusion he could think.

Even the loud noise attracted the zombies in the other districts, Tang Shaoyang did not plan to lower the noise he caused. Instead, he wanted all zombies to come to him. Even he wanted to create more noise.

And then, another round of crazy zombie's slaughter started. More and more zombie's bodies without heads piled around the convenience store. Tang Shaoyang continue the crazy fight of his for another five hours.

After five hours of a bloody fight, the zombies stopped coming. No, to be more exact, the zombies were piling down on the street and all of them no longer move.

Tang Shaoyang's body was bathed in the green liquid. He washed his body for nothing as the stinks liquid all over his body now.

"Sigh, I have to wash again… also, I need a raincoat…" Tang Shaoyang let out a sigh upon the sight of his body covered in the green liquid.

Even though he still could hold the stink smell permeated from the zombie's blood, it was still unpleasant.

Tang Shaoyang went back to Youyouliucun District. Fifteen minutes later, he was back to the convenience store with two new backpacks and wet hair.

With no zombies around, Tang Shaoyang entered the convenience store. He picked the chocolate bar, biscuit, bread, mineral water, various kinds of energy drinks, and lastly, he took ten raincoats.

He put on a raincoat and covered the two backpacks with a raincoat as well. After everything was prepared, Tang Shaoyang went out of the convenience store.

When he reached outside, Tang Shaoyang found bikes beside the convenience store.

"Riding bikes is way faster to reach my destination, but…" He shook his head immediately.

Tang Shaoyang ruled out the option of riding bikes. Not only he wanted to reach his destination, but he also wanted to level up along the way. Riding bikes could be faster rather than walking, but he wanted to kill zombies and find survivors along the way.

"But I will take this!" He took the helm from the bikes. It was a full-face helmet, it could shield his head from the stink green liquid.

Wearing a dark blue raincoat, wearing a black full-face helmet, bringing two big backpacks, and holding two steel pipes. Tang Shaoyang departed to the highway.

Yes, to reach the five-star hotel, he only had to follow the highway and he would reach his destination within a few days.

The highway was not that far from Youyouliucun District, it was supposed to be fifteen minutes by walking. However, as Tang Shaoyang had to kill the zombies along the way, it took him an hour to reach the highway.

The raincoat and the helmet proved their worth in the first battle. The black helmet and the dark blue raincoat turned into green when Tang Shaoyang reached the highway.

The highway was pretty empty, no chaos as such a car crushed each other and there was only a little zombie on the highway. It was understandable as the zombies appeared at midnight, there was only a little traffic at midnight.

In the end, Tang Shaoyang decided to take the normal road and followed the highway. He could only kill a little zombie and would not be able to find any survivors of he chose the highway.

Tang Shaoyang came down and followed the highway. Below the highway, there were many zombies walking around aimlessly. This was what Tang Shaoyang looking for.

He walked below the highway and slaughtered every zombie he found on the way. As he walked further, he encountered more zombies.

After an hour of walking, the robotic voice sounded once again after a few hours.

[ You have leveled up! ]

[ You gained 2 Attributes Points ]

The same as before, he allocated to one Strength and one Vitality. After another hour of walking, Tang Shaoyang stopped. It was already noon, he stopped at the nearest house to have lunch.

Three pieces of bread and a bottle of mineral water. It was his lunch menu. He washed his hand and enjoyed the simple lunch. After finishing the three pieces of bread, Tang Shaoyang continued his trip.

Three pieces of bread were not enough to fill his empty belly. He ate the chocolate bars along the way. As he walked further, Tang Shaoyang only met with zombies. He had not found a single survivor yet.

Tang Shaoyang frowned, he just could not believe that all people turned zombies. But the fact showed him the truth, he could not find a single survivor.

Even until sunset, Tang Shaoyang still could not find a single survivor, but only zombies along the way. He even raised his leveled up to three levels.

As it was already evening, Tang Shaoyang decided to stop. He stopped right before a big mansion. It was rare to find a big mansion below the highway.

In the end, Tang Shaoyang decided to stay one night in this big mansion. It was fortunate that power outage not happened, so Tang Shaoyang did not have to spend a night in the dark.

He entered the big mansion. He had been fighting all-day since midnight until now. Even though each time he leveled would bring him back to his peak condition, but he was still weary from fighting non-stop. He needed a good rest.

But, the robotic voice seemed to did not like to let Tang Shaoyang got a good rest. As soon as he entered the big mansion, it sounded with an unexpected notification.

[ You have entered an inhabitant territory! ]

[ You have triggered a mini-game! ]

[ Mini-Game: Kill or Get Killed ]

[ Task: Please kill the territory's keeper to finish the mini-game. Note: During the game, you can't get out of the building! Good Luck, Gamer Tang Shaoyang! ]


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