6 Swiffer
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Author :HotIce
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6 Swiffer

The atmosphere turned eerie and cold wind blew into Tang Shaoyang's face. The hair on his back stood up and he felt it was as if someone was watching over him.

He immediately drew the butcher knife and a long steel pipe out. he scanned the surrounding, the dimmed big hall, there was a stair led to the second floor a few meters ahead of him, there was a piano on the right, sofa and table on the left, and there were a few landscape paintings on the wall as well.

The hall was dimmed as only a few wall lamps turned on, giving out of an eerie atmosphere. Tang Shaoyang raised his guard as he processed the information he received from the robotic voice.

The robotic voice said he just entered an inhabitant territory and triggered a mini-game. That meant he just entered someone's territory, but he did not understand about the mini-game.

Even though he did not understand what mini-game was, but he understood what he needed to do. It was to kill the owner of this territory. The robotic voice said clearly, "killed or get killed''.

Along with the task that the robotic voice said, he understood that he must kill the territory lord or he would get killed by the owner of this territory.

"Sh*tty robotic voice, I want to rest, not fighting…" Tang Shaoyang cursed. He was so tired after killing the zombies all day, he wanted to have a good sleep.

However, he did not get a night of good sleep, instead, he must fight an unknown creature. Tang Shaoyang scanned the surroundings vigilantly. He was searching for the one called keeper of this mansion.

As the air inside the mansion turned colder and eerier, he still could not find anything. There was not even a zombie inside this mansion. But he was sure of one thing, the thing called keeper was watching over him.

The reason was simple, he could feel it. The feeling of being watched was getting stronger and stronger. However, what frustrated Tang Shaoyang, he could not find the thing that watched over him.

It was not that afraid of the keeper, but something unknown was scarier and more dangerous. There was no voice could be heard, but somehow he could feel that thing was getting closer to him.

His guts were told hi to move, but he also did not dare to move carelessly. Sweat covered his forehead and he felt his back damp with sweat as well.

"Where are you, B*stard!? Where are you, B*tch!?"

He moved his eyes to the second floor, but there was nothing there. He looked at the top of the cabinet, under the table, he looked at every corner, but he still could not find the creature he should kill.

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his eyebrows. He was very sure and believed in his instinct. It saved his life a few times, so he believed in the instinct he had.

"Just where that bas*ard…" Tang Shaoyang stopped as his eyes went wide. He realized something and then, slowly, he raised his head and looked up.

Badump! Badump! Badump!

Tang Shaoyang's heartbeat was beating furiously. He felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

Right on the top, on the ceiling, there was a creature watching him. It was like a lizard, it had its limb on the ceiling, but it did not fall.

The creature was about two meters long, its four limbs were longer than a normal adult, and it had a long hair covered its face. Tang Shaoyang found there was a similarity between this creature and a zombie.

Tang Shaoyang activated his only skill, Basic Detection. A screen popped out before his face. The screen showed the creature's attribute.


[Swiffer] [Stage 2 Zombie]

Level: 15

Strength: 35

Agility: 52

Vitality: 34

Magic Power: 0

Skill: [Claw Strike]


Tang Shaoyang's eyes went wide when he saw the agility of this monster. It had 52 in Agility, thrice as his while he was superior in strength. However, even he had superior strength, it would be useless if he could not land a hit at the monster.

He stared at the monster, he was a bit nervous now. If not the reminder for the robotic voice that he could not run away from the mansion, Tang Shaoyang would definitely run away from this monster.

It was not that he was afraid, but he had to admit he was weaker than the monster. Rather than fighting an impossible fight, he would get himself stronger and came back again later.

However, he could not run away, he had to face this monster. Killed or get killed, he was in this situation, killed or get killed. He had to kill it if he wanted to come out of this mansion.


Tang Shaoyang saw the monster pounced toward him from the top. He immediately rolled forward and avoided the monster. When he stood up, he saw the monster already dashed toward him with its four limbs.


Swiffer slammed its long arm toward Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang immediately raised his steel pipe. He hit the long arm away, but the long claws of the monster other hand shot toward his face.


Thanks to his experience in fighting those years, it saved him. He avoided the long claw by rolling down to the right. After rolling down, he stepped back a few meters and then looked up.

He saw the monster did not chase after him but staring at him with its scary look. There was a difference between the normal zombie and the zombie he faced now.

This Swiffer looked alive, its eyes did not lose its light. A clear red eyes with a deformed look. The normal zombie had their eyes turned gray which differentiated the normal zombie and Swiffer.

He stared at the Swiffer, the Swiffer also stared at him. A staring contest for a moment.

Tang Shaoyang was thinking a way to kill the Swiffer while it was unknown whether the Swiffer also had the same thought.

Before he could not even think of a way to kill Swiffer, he saw Swiffer rushed to him. With its four limbs, it extremely fast to catch up. In a few seconds, Swiffer already in front of Tang Shaoyang.

It brandished its long arm toward him. This time, Tang Shaoyang did not block the hand. He stepped back and avoided the incoming arm. However, he made a mistake, he should not have retreated back.

Just as he thought he was safe, he saw the monster lunged over him with its two arms forward. He could not even raise his steel pipe to block, the two arms slammed into his chest.


Tang Shaoyang's body flew into the air and hit the wall.


He released out a pained groan as an acute pain assaulted his chest. It was fortunate Swiffer did not pierce his body with its long claws. He would be dead for sure if that claws pierced his chest.

Enduring the pain, he moved away from the wall. If he stayed longer, he would be dead for sure as Swiffer lunged over him with its long claws forward.


The wall cracked as the long claws pierced through the wall. He did not dare to imagine what would happen to him if that long claws pierced his chest.


He just could not think of a way to kill this Swiffer. He held no advantage except for his strength. Its agile movement was the most troublesome. His body could not react at the Swiffer's fast movement.

"First, I have to slow its movement, if this keeps going, I will get killed by this monster! I don't want to die now, I haven't established my Empire yet."

"But how…?"

Tang Shaoyang was frustrated, but he was helpless at the same time. He began scanning the surrounding. He was looking for a place or thing that could slow Swiffer's movement.

Entering a small room was not an option or he might die if he fought against this monster in a small room.

However, he could not think of a way to fight the Swiffer. Tang Shaoyang's gaze never left the Swiffer as he was in deep thought. He saw the Swiffer took some time to pull its claw from the wall.

Looking at this, Tang Shaoyang got an idea. The risk was high, but it's worth a try. It was better than dead without fighting back. He was Berserk Tang…

"No, I am the first emperor of the Tang Empire, Origin Emperor, Tang Shaoyang! I will not die here and now, I will kill that bast*rd monster and establish my empire!"

With that said, he ran to the opposite of the Swiffer. He had his back on the wall while the Swiffer managed to pull its long claw from the wall.

It turned around and its head moved around, looking for its prey. The Swiffer found the prey was on the opposite side. It immediately rushed toward Tang Shaoyang with an extremely fast movement. It was even faster than before.


In five meters away from Tang Shaoyang, it lunged toward him with his claw forward. Tang Shaoyang was shocked with the speed it mustered. He could not think the Swiffer could get even faster than before.


The Swiffer lunged over Tang Shaoyang, its big body covered Tang Shaoyang.


Screen Status


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Age: 26

Affiliation: None

Level: 11

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 48

Agility: 18

Vitality: 21

Stamina: 20

Magic Power: 11

Sense: 6

Skill: Basic Detection



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