7 Please, Die!
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Author :HotIce
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7 Please, Die!

Swiffer two arms pierced through the wall, it only missed a few cms away from Tang Shaoyang's cheek. He only managed to avoid it in the last moment as he was caught by surprise to Swiffer's speed that could get faster than before.

It was a close call, he almost got his head pierced by the Swiffer's terrible claws. However, the fight had not ended, the Swiffer was still alive. It opened its mouth, showing its jagged and irregular yet sharp teeth.

Tang Shaoyang immediate squatted down, barely dodged the Swiffer's bite. He rolled out of the Swiffer's range and held the butcher Knife with his two hands.

Taking the situation where the Swiffer had its arms stuck on the wall, he slashed the butcher knife toward Swiffer's neck.

Tang Shaoyang smirked as he thought he had won the battle. However, in the next moment of the butcher knife reached Swiffer's neck. Tang Shaoyang's smirk froze as the butcher knife bounced back.

Swiffer's neck was more like rubble that bounced his butcher knife back. As the Swiffer still tried to pull its hand out, Tang Shaoyang took this chance to cut Swiffer's neck once again.

The same as his first attempt, the butcher knife bounced back. The butcher knife only managed to cut Swiffer's messy hair.

Tang Shaoyang immediately retreated afterward. He distanced himself from the Swiffer as it almost managed to pull its two arms out of the wall. He wasted a chance to kill the Swiffer and encountered more trouble, the butcher knife could not cut Swiffer's neck.

If Butcher Knife failed to cut Swiffer's neck, then how was he supposed to kill Swiffer? He had a way to cope with Swiffer's extremely fast movement. Now he was troubled with how to kill the Swiffer.

The sharpest weapon he had, butcher knife could not cut Swiffer's neck. Tang Shaoyang was thinking of a way to kill the Swiffer as he made his way to the wall again.

Meanwhile, Swiffer already pulled its two arms from the wall and had its red eyes set on Tang Shaoyang. It rushed with even faster movement than before, but Tang Shaoyang had prepared for this.

He immediately rolled down and avoided the Swiffer's pounced. It had its two arms stuck on the wall again.

Tang Shaoyang rushed back and slashed his butcher knife toward the Swiffer's arms. He realized he could not cut Swiffer's neck, this time he aimed the arms to slow down its movement.

"I can't cut your neck, but I will cut your arms!"

He brandished the butcher knife with all his might. To Tang Shaoyang's surprise, the butcher knife went through and cut the Swiffer's right arm.


The green liquid spurted out from the arm. Without hesitation, Tang Shaoyang aimed his butcher knife to the Swiffer's other hand. With all his might, he brandished the butcher knife downward.


The green spurted out from Swiffer's other arm. It lost its two arms now, but it did not release any sound which meant it did not feel the pain.

Tang Shaoyang immediately retreated back, creating a safe distance from Swiffer. Just in case the Swiffer had another deadly move despite losing its two arms.

He distanced about 10 meters away from the Swiffer, then he saw the Swiffer still had its eyes on him. It wanted to rush toward him again but losing its two arms, it could not move as fast as before. Instead, Swiffer was limping its way toward him.

It was too slow compared to its beforehand movement. Looking at the Swiffer, Tang Shaoyang smirked. Swiffer was just like a quadruped animal losing its forelimbs. It kept falling forward as it tried to rush to Tang Shaoyang.

He rushed forward and ran around to the Swiffer's back. Swiffer's lame mobility could not follow Tang Shaoyang's agile movement. The situation took a sudden turn. Now, it was Swiffer's turn that failed to follow Tang Shaoyang's motion.

Tang Shaoyang turned around and hacked Swiffer's feet. He put all his might into his butcher knife and cut Swiffer's remaining limbs.

After cutting Swiffer remaining limbs, Tang Shaoyang retreated back. He was quite cautious and did not lower his guard down even the Swiffer had lost its four limbs.

Swiffer was an evolution of a normal zombie, it might have a secret weapon it had not used yet, like elongated its tongue and pulled him into its mouth or maybe it could grow its four limbs back.

He did not know, after all, it was a zombie, a creature he unfamiliar with. Losing its four limbs, Swiffer kept struggling on the floor. It was still trying to approach him despite having lost its four limbs.

Tang Shaoyang had a butcher knife in his right hand and a steel pipe in his left hand. He was prepared and pretty confident he could avoid Swiffer's surprise attack if it had one.

He kept retreating as the limbless Swiffer swagging its way toward him. It was similar to a worm, but Swiffer was clearly not used to walk without its limbs.

A few minutes had passed since Swiffer lost its limbs, but there was no sign its limbs would grow back or elongated its tongue out to reach him.

Tang Shaoyang relieved with this result, now he had to think of a way to kill this Swiffer now. He looked at the steel pipe in his hand and looked back to the struggled Swiffer's head.

He approached Swiffer vigilantly as he did not want to get caught off guard if the Swiffer had a surprise move. He came closer to slowly and cautiously when he reached two meters away from Swiffer, he stopped.

It moved to him slowly and there was no sudden move or secret move he worried about. It only wriggled on the floor, trying to reach him. This time, Tang Shaoyang truly relieved.

He put the steel pipe down and held the butcher knife in his two hands.


Without any hesitation, Tang Shaoyang slashed his butcher knife toward Swiffer's head. It was the same as before, the butcher knife bounced back. However, this time he did not stop, he kept slashing his butcher knife to Swiffer's head, but to no avail, the butcher knife only inflicted small damage on Swiffer.

A line of green liquid flowed down from its head, but that was it. Tang Shaoyang could not crush Swiffer's head. In short, he could not kill Swiffer with the butcher knife.

It still wriggled with energetically on the pool of green liquid. Losing its limbs did not make him lose its will to fight against Tang Shaoyang.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang frowned, thinking of a way to burst this zombie's head.

"If only I have a hammer or an ax, maybe I can crush this head…" speaking here, Tang Shaoyang had an idea.

He put the butcher knife on the floor and walked back where he put his steel pipe. He picked the steel pipe and approached the wriggling Swiffer.

Then, he began smashing Swiffer's head with the steel pipe in his hand.

Bugh! Bugh! Bugh!

It caused a strange sound, but Tang Shaoyang did not care. He kept smashing Swiffer's head with all his might. If Swiffer could sense the pain, it might release out a pained shriek.

Five minutes, he did not stop smashing Swiffer's head for five minutes. However, there was no sign it would die soon. It kept wriggling fiercely on the floor despite green liquid streamed down from its head.

"Just die already you bitch! Die! Die! Die!"

Ten minutes…

"F*ck, GO DIE ALREADY!!!!!!"

Fifteen minutes, Swiffer's head cracked, but it did not stop moving. It was still alive!

"SH*T, are you IMMORTALLLLL? Why don't you go die, BITCH!"

Tang Shaoyang's curses filled the big hall. Besides the strange noise caused by him from hitting Swiffer's head, Tang Shaoyang's annoyed voice echoed in the hall.

In the end, Tang Shaoyang's tone changed into begging. He was begging to the Swiffer, "Please, just go die already. I want to get a rest, go die, okay? You will not be tortured like this if you just go die."

He continued smashed Swiffer's head, a deformed look was getting smashed for dozen minutes, it turned even more unrecognizable as the green liquid covered all over its face.

However, Yang Shaoyang could see Swiffer's body still wriggled around.

Twenty minutes had passed since Tang Shaoyang started smashing Swiffer's head.

"Please, die please, please die already. It's good for both of us, you will be free from the torture and I will get a good sleep. So please go die, okay?"

Maybe Swiffer heard his plea or maybe Swiffer could not hold on anymore. Its motion became slower and slower. A few seconds later, it stopped wriggling. Losing its four limbs and getting his head smashed into pulp, Swiffer finally died tragically.

Along with the dead of Swiffer, a robotic voice rang in Tang Shaoyang's mind.

[ Congratulation! You have killed the keeper and finished Mini-Game: Killed or Get Killed! ]

[ You gained a reward, 1 Level 9 treasure chest, a territory (Mansion), +1 Level, and +1 Level for the first person who completed a Mini-Game! ]

[ You leveled up! ]

[ You gained 2 attribute points! ]

[ You leveled up! ]

[ You gained 2 attribute points! ]

[ You leveled up! ]

[ You gained 2 attribute points! ]

[ You leveled up! ]

[ You gained 2 attribute points! ]

A series of notifications from the robotic voice rang in his head. Tang Shaoyang ignored the robotic voice and searched for the nearest room. He entered the room and there was a medium-size bed.

He laid his body on the bed and got his body in a comfortable position. After that, he instantly fell asleep, with his sticky body which was covered by a green liquid. He did not care, but his priority was sleeping.

He did not worry if there was a person inside the mansion. This mansion was Swiffer's territory, the person who entered this place had to face that disgusting zombie to stay here. So he was sure there was no one except for him in this mansion.


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