9 Survivors
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Author :HotIce
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9 Survivors

[ You are leaving the territory (Mansion)! ]

The robotic resounded in his mind as soon as Tang Shaoyang left the mansion. He paused steps and looked back at the big and luxurious mansion.

"So this mansion belongs to me right now…" he muttered in a low voice.

"So Mini-game is a game to fight for the territory?" Tang Shaoyang concluded after a moment of silence. He was not sure about the purpose of the mini-game, but he was sure he got this territory after he killed the keeper of the mansion, Swiffer.

"So what about this territory? Is there any use for the territory?" Tang Shaoyang asked the robotic voice. However, he had to be disappointed as usual. The robotic voice won't respond to his inquiry.

Tang Shaoyang understood the territory meant. It just what this territory for? The role of this territory in this game like world, what is it for? This was what he wanted to know.

He could only let out a sigh as there were only little to no clues regarding that. He checked the screen status, but could not find territory there.

Tang Shaoyang shook his head and continued his journey. Even though the robotic voice told him the mansion belonged to him. He did not hesitate to leave the mansion, he wanted to get a better territory than this mansion.

Bringing a big Destroyer on his shoulder and two backpacks on his back, Tang Shaoyang walked by following the high-way.

*** ***

Three days since Tang Shaoyang departed from the mansion and the thrilling battle against the Swiffer. He now had only one backpack on his back, indicating he had a limited supply on him.

However, Tang Shaoyang was not worried as he already near to his destination, a day walk then he would reach his destination, a place where Tang Empire's main palace would be built.

He was not concerned with the supply, but he was more worried about something else, the survivors. Tang Shaoyang could not find a single survivor even after three days journey. Zombies were the only species he encountered.

He lost the count of how many zombies he had killed during the way. His level raised by three levels just from killing the zombies. It was a completely one-sided slaughter for him which was good for him.

It was also fortunate there was no evolved zombie just like Swiffer. It was a trip with less risk compared to the experience of the mini-game. However, he was still concerned about the survivors.

It was not that he was a saint who wanted to save them, but without the survivors, his trip would be a waste. How could he build an empire without the people?

Tang Shaoyang's mood was somewhat low as he walked through the residential district. The reason he could easily kill the zombies was Destroyer, with one swing, at least three to six zombies would die.

He swung Destroyer as he walked and he looked right and left, searching if there were any survivors. However, he had to be disappointed as he could not find a living human.

Wung! Wung! Wung!

"Sh*t, this must be because of you guys!" Tang Shaoyang vented his frustration out to the zombies.

"Finally, I get a chance to establish an empire and an emperor, but you sh*tty zombies ruined my plan…"

Tang Shaoyang madly slaughtered the zombies, when the last wave of the zombies decapitated by Destroyer. The robotic voice resounded.

[ You leveled up! ]

[ You gained two attribute points ]

He allocated the attribute points to Vitality and Strength as usual. Then he frowned once again, Tang Shaoyang chose this route because he thought there would be many zombies he could kill. However, now he had killed all the zombies around here, it was too little for a big district like this.

Tang Shaoyang entered one of the houses but it was empty. He entered another house and also empty. Not only he could not find survivors, he now could not find the zombies as well

After that, he looked around the district and after fifteen minutes of searching. Tang Shaoyang found where the zombies were. The crowd of zombies gathered outside of the district and they seemed to be walking in the same direction.

It seemed there was something that attracted the zombies. He did not attack the zombies but he looked at the surroundings. He could not find something particular or special or strange.

Tang Shaoyang did a quick scan once again, he was afraid there was an evolved zombie other stronger creature around. After making sure there was nothing suspicious and dangerous around, he entered the nearest house and put the backpack there.

He did not want his supply covered in the green liquid. So he put the backpack here temporarily. Moreover, he could move without worry his back would get torn down by the zombies.

He put the backpack down and came out once again. Tang Shaoyang approached the crowd of zombies while bringing the big Destroyer on his shoulder.

The distance between the zombies and him was about a hundred meters. He walked at a steady pace and when the distance between him and the zombies shortened to twenty meters, he stopped his steps and let loose the Destroyer to the asphalt road.


It caused a quite loud noise and attracted the zombies' attention. The zombies looked back and saw Tang Shaoyang. With a moment of pause, the zombies swarmed toward Tang Shaoyang.

With a big grin, Tang Shaoyang picked Destroyed with his two hands and charged toward the zombies.


He swung Destroyer toward the zombies' heads. Based on his last two days' experiences, even the zombie got the body split into two, it would not die. Even when he aimed at the neck, sometimes there were a few zombies survived.

Tang Shaoyang knew that he needed to kill the zombies to get stronger, so he did not want to waste even one zombie. So during the last two days of fighting the zombies, he formed a habit to hit the zombies at their heads.


The six foremost zombies had their heads split apart in one swung. With Tang Shaoyang current strength and Destroyer, it was pretty easy to kill the zombies. He was now no longer afraid of getting surrounded by the zombies. The Destroyer would help him to clear the zombies easily.

Wung! Wung! Wung!

Tang Shaoyang swung Destroyer here and there as he advanced. No zombies could hinder his steps as he advanced to the center of these zombies. He was curious about the thing that attracted the zombies to gather here.

The zombies' decayed bodies splattered everywhere as Tang Shaoyang advanced and soon, he heard what he wanted the most.

"Don't let the zombies enter the building! HOLD UP! HOLD UP!"

"Left Flank! Don't let loose your defense! MAN UP! MAN UP!"

He heard a human's voice, the thing he wanted to hear and meet the most, the survivors.

"Hahahaha… Your Emperor is going to save you, hold up!" Tang Shaoyang picked his pace as he madly swung Destroyer.

Wung! Wung! Weng! Weng!

The Destroyer pierced the air and caused even more loud sound. A few moments later, Tang Shaoyang finally saw the survivors. There were dozens of people guarded the entrance of a long building. They built a barricade with chairs and tables while hitting the zombies from behind the barricade.

These people had various kinds of weapons in their hands. A few of them held an emergency ax, a baseball stick, he even saw a few women held pans.

Not only Tang Shaoyang saw the group, but the group also saw Tang Shaoyang. A person wore a dark blue raincoat, a black full-face helmet, and a strange spear with ax blade. Tang Shaoyang's appearance was eye-catching and the group immediately noticed him.

They were shocked by the incoming a strange guy. However, they saw the man in a dark blue raincoat was helping them to clear the zombies. They saw the man in a dark blue raincoat was in a killing spree.

In one swing of the strange spears, at least ten zombies' heads split apart.

A man who seemed to be the leader of the group immediately gave out his order, "Cover the flank! Cover the flank!"

He could tell the man in a dark blue raincoat was helping them by taking the zombies ahead of them. With the help of the man in a blue raincoat, the pressure was lessened and he realized they only took care of the flank to clear the zombies.

Tang Shaoyang madly swung Destroyer to the zombies. He was making sure there were no zombies pass him. He would protect the people who would be his subjects in the future.

The slaughter continued, with Tang Shaoyang's presence, there were only a few zombies who headed toward the group. Most of the zombies were attracted by Tang Shaoyang. It relieved and shocked the group at the same time.

They were relieved as they only had to face a little zombie. They were shocked by the man in dark blue raincoat's prowess. It could be said the man in dark blue raincoat single-handedly wiped out the zombies.

The battle continued for another two hours. The road that was filled with zombies now void of the zombies. The zombies were dead with their decayed bodies splattered around.

Amidst the decayed zombies' bodies, there was a man stood with a deep red strange spear on his shoulder. The group could not see the face as the helmet covered the man's face.


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