12 Decisions
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12 Decisions

The group back to the inn with a ton of food, it was supposed to be good news for the survivors. However, the survivors who stayed in the inn noticed that the atmosphere was a bit down and a slight tension atmosphere surrounded the group

They went back intact with no casualty and with an additional a lot of food, but why did the atmosphere turn out like this?

Then they noticed there was something different with how they walked back. Except for Wei Peng and eighteen years old youth, Lu An the other kept their distance from Tang Shaoyang.

That was weird as when they departed, everyone was close to Tang Shaoyang. It could be said that they were fawning over Tang Shaoyang.

However, why did they try to keep their distance from Tang Shaoyang now? What actually happened? Everyone who stayed in the inn was certainly curious.

What weird Lu An the only one who was exceptionally close to Tang Shaoyang. He was chatting… No, he was continuously talking to Tang Shaoyang despite getting a minimal response from Tang Shaoyang.

It was what they noticed just from their perspective. Of course, not only the people who stayed in the inn noticed the issue. Tang Shaoyang was also aware that these people began keeping a distance from him.

But he did not bother about it as he knew the reason. These guys did not approve of his brutality and after witnessing the slaughter, these people were scared of him. They kept their distance less they pissed him off and killed just like Lu Gang's group.

The group headed to the lobby under Tang Shao Yang's lead. As soon as they reached the lobby, Tang Shaoyang fell onto the couch and spoke to Lu An, "Get me hot water and towel!"

"Yes, Sir!" Lu An excitedly replied and he immediately ran away into the motel to get the hot water. Meanwhile, Wei Peng stood behind Tang Shaoyang and the lobby fell into a grim silence as the chatterbox Lu An went away.

After a moment of silence, Tang Shaoyang shook his head in disappointment. He thought he could recruit underlings out of these people, but now he had to change his plan.

"Why are you still here? Go share the food with the girls and the kids!" As he said that, Tang Shaoyang threw two empty backpacks to Wei Peng, "Fill up my bag while you at it!"

With that said, Wei Peng led the guys to allocate the supply. There were no words coming out of his mouth the survivors who stayed in the motel became even more confused. But as the words entered their ears, the survivors immediately followed the guys, leaving Tang Shaoyang alone in the lobby.

"No hope…" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice. Even after experiencing Lu Gang's tyranny, these guys still had not changed. These people still could not adapt to current changes.

"Boss, your towel and hot water!" After a moment, Lu An's excited voice resounded. He brought a basin filled with hot water and two towels on his shoulder. He placed the basin and the towel before Tang Shaoyang.

"Where are the others?" Asked Lu An as he scanned the surrounding.

"They are taking care of the food. You also go to help them!" Tang Shaoyang waved his hand at Lu An.

"Roger~" Then, Lu An turned around and headed out.

Amongst the group, only Lu An who was not scared of him. But Lu An also the weakest amongst the group, "Heh, no matter how weak this guy is, he can level up as long as he wants to kill the zombies. If he wants to follow me, I can help him a little with that…"

Tang Shaoyang muttered as his hand reached to the towel. He soaked the towel with hot water, then he took off his black shirt. On his right shoulder, there was a wound and the blood had dried up.

Yes, Tang Shaoyang did not leave unscathed as one of Lu Gang's underlings managed to land a bullet on him. However, the wound almost closed at this time.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised as it was too fast to heal from a gunshot. He had not even taken out the bullet yet, but the wound was almost closed. He got the towel and cleaned the wound.

After that, he reached the wound with his left hand. He opened the almost healed wound as his two fingers drilled a little into his flesh. He dug the bullet out of his flesh, as the bullet was not too deep. Using his two fingers was enough to take the bullet out.

During the process, Tang Shaoyang only frowned. He threw the bullet into the basin and cleaned the blood on his shoulder with the hot towel. Less than a minute, the bleeding stopped.

"So this is the work Vitality…" He was marveled with his body as he recalled Vitality's description. It was truly increasing the capability of healing, "Should I invest more into Vitality?"

*** ***

After the team's return, the atmosphere turned really weird. But Tang Shaoyang did not bother with it as he chose his own room to get a comfortable rest that day.

The next day, Tang Shaoyang and the survivors gathered in the lobby once again.

"I will continue my trip!" Tang Shaoyang announced his leave to the survivors. The survivors who gathered in the lobby were mostly men with a few women.

By now all survivors already knew yesterday's 'incident'. Tang Shaoyang could see that from the women's eyes, anxious and fearful were apparent as they did not dare to meet his eyes. He understood where the fear came from, Lu Gang.

After experiencing Lu Gang's tyranny, they were afraid that he would do the same thing. Ruling over them with force just like Lu Gang did before. These people did not want that to happen again.

Of course, he was different from Lu Gang. At least, he would treat his people fairly and he never abused his people. However, he would never tell it directly to these people that he was different from Lu Gang.

"If you want to follow me, then pack up. I will depart in an hour!" Tang Shaoyang added nonchalantly.

Since these people were afraid of him, then he would leave. At first, he wanted to take these people with him, but he changed his mind after seeing these people's reaction after yesterday's incident.

He would take them if they followed him willingly, but it would be hard now. He and these people had different views, they still could not adapt to the change. Killing or to be killed, it was his way to face the change as these people still preferred life before the world changed.

Silence followed after Tang Shaoyang's announcement, uncertainty filled everyone's eyes. Without a doubt, they needed someone like Tang Shaoyang. At the same time, they were also afraid of the power that Tang Shaoyang possessed.

"S,Sir Tang… W-Where do you want to go? Ar-Are you going to the shelter?" After some time, Wei Peng braced himself and asked nervously.

Wei Peng and the others thought the authorities had set up a shelter somewhere. He hoped Tang Shaoyang would bring them to this shelter. Living under authorities were much better than following a thug like Lu Gang or Tang Shaoyang.

Wei Peng also addressed Tang Shaoyang with more respect than yesterday. Less Tang Shaoyang would be pissed off if he treated him in a friendly manner.

"Tsk!" Tang Shaoyang clicked his tongue as he heard Wei Peng called him sir.

Wei Peng flinched in fear as the people who had witnessed Tang Shaoyang's brutality also flinched in fear.

"I am not going to any shelter, my destination is Pudong, RSH Pudong. I will take over RSH Pudong and build a shelter there," Tang Shaoyang told his plan.

Yes, his plan was to take over the luxurious hotel RSH Pudong. This hotel would be his castle, the first step to build his empire. It sounded stupid to take a long journey only to occupy the hotel that filled with zombies, but Tang Shaoyang found it was worth it.

Before the zombies appeared, he lived in a narrow room. Now the world changed as the zombies caused chaos everywhere. However, for him, this change was a chance, a chance to change his life.

Before, he never had a chance to stay at a luxurious hotel, but now he could do whatever he wanted to. The order had collapsed, then he would create a new order in this new world.

Moreover, the zombies were just too weak for him. A trip with big gain but no risk, why not? However, the people in the lobby gasped in shock.

Pudong was one of the crowdest places in SH city. What did it mean? It meant it was a place full of zombies. These people just felt secure as Tang Shaoyang cleaned the zombies around here, but now Tang Shaoyang wanted to take them to a place full of zombies.

An eerie silence filled the lobby as Wei Peng was unsure how to respond to this bold declaration. He wanted to refuse, but he was also afraid that Tang Shaoyang would be furious if he refused to follow.

At this time, the young Lu An stepped forward and said loudly, "Boss Tang, let me follow you!"

Amongst the survivors, only Lu An who did not change. He stayed the same even after witnessing Tang Shaoyang killed Lu Gang and his men.

"Good, get ready and prepare breakfast for me. I am going to wash up! We will depart after eating breakfast," Tang Shaoyang stood up from the couch as he gave out his order to the young Lu An.

Precisely an hour after the meeting in the lobby, Tang Shaoyang and Lu An left the motel under the gaze of the survivors. He did not bother to convince these people to follow him at all.

They walked toward the north, Central Park. RSH Pudong was located right behind the Central Park. To reach RSH Pudong, they had to pass through the 1,400,000 square meter Central Park.


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