22 Crisis
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Author :HotIce
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22 Crisis

Two big creatures were standing at the spot where Lu An killed the crawler. They stood straight just like a human, but their bulging muscles and the size of their bodies were abnormal for a human.

The size of this creature was about triple of Lu An's thigh. At the two creature's sight, he could not help but remember about hulk. These two creatures were a smaller version of the hulk.

Roar! Roar!

As the subordinate and the Boss scanned their new opponents, the two Crusher opened their mouths and released out a deafening roar. Right after the roar, the two creatures charged toward them.

Halfway, the two Crusher leaped forward as they raised their big arms. The sudden leap caught the duo off guard, but they still managed to react in time. Lu An rolled the right while Tang Shaoyang took a side step to the left.

They now separated from Crusher in the middle. However, Lu An no longer panicked as before despite knowing his chance of winning against Crusher was nil. He immediately allocated the newly gained attribute to Agility.

"Boss! I will lure one of them away from you! After you kill the other one, please come to me!" Lu An shouted.

Afterward, he picked the glass table next to him and threw it toward the closest Crusher.


The glass table broke into pieces upon hitting the Crusher's big body. It left no scratch on Crusher's dark skin, but Lu An managed to attract its attention as it turned toward him. Lu An did not stop as he took the chair and threw it toward the same Crusher.

After he threw the chair, without looking back, Lu An ran madly. Yes, without Tang Shaoyang's plan, he made the plan by himself. Attracting one of the Crushers and buying time for Boss to kill the other one. It was the plan.

"Fortunately, I focused my attribute on Agility…" Lu An murmured as he ran with all his might.

Lu An's trick was working as the Crusher immediately chased after him. Each of its steps caused a vibration to the floor, but Lu An who had been in constant near-death experience already overcame his fear.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang was surprised that the scaredy-cat Lu An would volunteer himself as bait. But then he was also satisfied with his subordinate's performance, at least, that boy improved a lot.

Putting aside the thoughts regarding Lu An, Tang Shaoyang revolved the battle-ax in his hand and readied himself to battle against the Stage 3 Zombie, Crusher.

"Come, big boy!"

Right after his words, Crusher charged forward. With its big body, Crusher was considerably fast, but it was still too slow for Tang Shaoyang. Stepping to the right, the fist missed, and Tang Shaoyang immediately swung his battle-ax toward Crusher's waist.

"Let's see, how strong your body is!?"

The battle-ax split through the air and smoothly hit Crusher's waist. Crusher's waist was cut open as dark blood ran down from the cut. But the battle-ax only managed to pierce a few centimeters deep.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised at how tough Crusher was. Even though Crushed was hit by the big Destroyer, it still remained on its spot.

And then, a big fist hit Tang Shaoyang's waist. Crusher did not just wait while its waist was cut, it sent another punch and Tang Shaoyang's body flew while holding the heavy Destroyer.


His body crashed to the wall. An acute pain transmitted from his waist, Tang Shaoyang immediately stood up and groaned, "Uarghh! It's very painful!"

He looked up and noticed Crusher was in the air. It leaped and intended to crush him with his big arms. Tang Shaoyang without hesitation rolled his body forward, avoiding the crusher.


The floor was destroyed and the dust rose, but still failed to cover the three meters tall Crusher. Tang Shaoyang witnessed how the creature destroyed the floor with just one leap.

"Ah, shit! I have been fighting against the weakling, causing me to be overconfident and dull my senses a little bit!" Tang Shaoyang realized his mistake, causing him to get hit at his waist. The burning, painful sensation on his waist was still strong.

If not the case, there was no way he would get hit by such a simple counter. Tang Shaoyang readied himself once again, with his guard at the maximum.


As soon as Crusher realized that it hit an empty floor, it turned around charged at Tang Shaoyang. Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang focused his attention at Crusher's waist as he intended to target the cut.

However, Tang Shaoyang noticed the cut was healed a little as blood stopped coming out of the cut. Not only the Crushed had overwhelming strength, but it also had high Vitality.

Just as he was about to move, Heero noticed its body released a black gas. The black gas covered Crusher's body, then it jumped out to the air. At the same time, the black gas made the shape of a hammer.

As soon as the hammer shape formed, the hammer slammed down with frightening speed. Once again, Tang Shaoyang was caught off guard, but he managed to raise his battle-ax to block the incoming hammer.


As soon as the hammer-shaped black gas clashed against the battle-ax's steel shaft, Tang Shaoyang's hand went numb in that instant. His body visibly trembled from the impact as suffocating breath followed up.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The floor where Tang Shaoyang stood cracking upon the impact. The weight and the force behind the hammer were so strong, it almost made his feet go weak. Even after the clash, the force was not lessened even a little.


Tang Shaoyang immediately retreated and the hammer-shaped black gas slammed to the floor, causing a booming sound that filled the lobby.

This time, Tang Shaoyang was no longer careless as before as he made over ten meters distance between him and Crusher. As the dust dissipated, Crusher's figure revealed. It stood straight with its bulky body.

Then it turned toward Tang Shaoyang once again. Its hollow gaze stared at Tang Shaoyang for a moment before it chased after Tang Shaoyang again.

This time, it was Crusher's arms that were covered in black gas. In just one look, Tang Shaoyang realized this might be the Strengthened Fist skill.

"Don't take the fist head-on…" Tang Shaoyang reminded himself as he charged toward Crusher. When the two met, Crusher immediately shot his strengthened fist which was two times bigger.

Tang Shaoyang wanted to jump to dodge the fist and slashed his battle-ax to Crusher's head. However, he immediately canceled his motion as he moved sideways.

"I can't risk it with jumping…" In the air, he could not dodge Crusher's strengthened fist. It was dangerous if he failed to knock Crusher in one slash.

After he dodged the fist, Tang Shaoyang swung Destroyer at the Crusher's thigh. A big cut was opened as the battle-ax hit the thigh. This time, Tang Shaoyang was playing safe as he immediately retreated after landing a blow.

"Heh… My advantage is my speed and my fast reaction… I have to use my advantage..."

The Crusher turned around and charged at Tang Shaoyang again. It was the same movement as before and he easily dodged the incoming fist and slashed his battle-ax at the same spot, deepening the cut he had made earlier.

Again, after landing the blow, he retreated into a safe distance. Tang Shaoyang kept doing and did not know how long it was, but Crusher collapsed with its body covered by dark blood. Its left arm was completely cut from its body while its right arm dangled with only its skin that connected to the body.

Crusher was no longer moving, but its hollow gaze stayed at him. As Crusher could no longer move, Tang Shaoyang came closer.

"Hah… I am sorry, but I am the winner!"


Tang Shaoyang swung his battle-ax toward Crusher's neck. The first strike failed to cut its neck, then he continued with the second and third strike. In the fifth strike, Crusher's head completely separated from its body as blood spurted out from its neck.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

"Wow! I got two levels from killing this bastard!" As he leveled up, the exhaustion from the battle was washed away. He immediately allocated the attribute points to Strength and Vitality.

"Now, where's the other one?" Tang Shaoyang turned around and…


Just like a soccer ball, Lu An's body was flying and passing him by a few centimeters away from his face. Lu An's body only stopped after he crashed at one of the pillars.

Tang Shaoyang followed the trajectory and saw Lu An's body fell weakly. It was unknown whether Lu An was still breathing or not.


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