27 Tang Empire
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Author :HotIce
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27 Tang Empire

Tang Shaoyang was surprised by the sudden boost of his attributes. However, upon the sight of the skill he got from [Spirit Integration] with Karan, a bitter smile flashed across his face.

This meant Karan did not use any of his skills in the battle earlier. This also meant he, without doubt, would lose if Karan used his skill earlier. But Karan did not use his skill, meaning the fight was a draw not because he was strong, but the draw was under Karan's mercy.

"Haha, I don't use my skill because you also don't use your skill! It's not fair if I use my skill, right?" Suddenly Karan's voice resounded in his head. Not only that, but Karan also spoke fluently.

"Hah, you have skill so it's fair for you to use a skill. It's just that I am still weak…"

"No, you have me now, Tang! You are strong with me. But your mana was too low to maintain this condition!" Karan cut it off with confident words as he commented on something that Tang Shaoyang lacked.

"Mana?" Tang Shaoyang blurted out as he did not know what Karan talked about, "Wait… You can speak fluently now?"

"Haha, that's how I spoke when I was alive! I miss that day…" Karan's voice stopped halfway before he continued, "Hmm, mana is your magic power. With your current Magic Power, You can only maintain this condition for five minutes!"

Tang Shaoyang nodded his head understandingly, he finally found the use of Magic Power which he deemed useless before.

"Then, should I allocate more points to my Magic Power?" Tang Shaoyang stood up as he contemplated the attribute distribution.

Now he had a class and [Spirit Integration] with Karan boosted his Strength and Vitality. To maintain this condition, he needed sufficient Magic Power.

He turned off the [Spirit Integration] and his skin returned normal. However, Karan was no longer speaking to him since he turned off the [Spirit Integration]. He was contemplating while heading back to his Smart Territory.

Lu An approached his Boss, he wanted to know what happened just now. But he refrained himself from asking as he saw Tang Shaoyang's serious look. Boss seemed to be thinking something important and he did not want to disturb Tang Shaoyang.

The duo was heading back to the Changshou Hotel quietly. As soon as they entered the hotel, Origin's voice resounded, "Congratulations, Master~ You have succeeded in establishing a contract with your first spirit!"

"Mnn…" Then Tang Shaoyang turned around and said, "Lu An, today we will not go hunting the zombie. We have to move the supplies, tomorrow we have an important task! I will join later!"

After he sent his order out, Tang Shaoyang headed to the elevator. Yes, tomorrow he and Lu An had an important task. It was to gather the survivors, giving them shelter for his empire establishment.

Before he could take the survivors back with him, he had to be prepared. Moving the supplies to Smart Territory was one of his preparations so there would no stupid people dared to take the food as they wish.

But there was one thing that he had to do before saving the survivors. It was to establish his empire systematically.


Tang Shaoyang reached the highest floor, the twenty-fifth floor. As the owner of the smart territory, it was natural for taking the best spot. The whole floor was his room, aside from his room, there was a control room on this floor.

The control room could be used to modify and oversee the whole smart territory. Yes, the building could be modified in an instant and Tang Shaoyang had modified the Changshou Hotel to his idea. Of course, modifying the base needed GC Coin.

He walked out of the elevator and he was greeted with the spacious living room. Tang Shaoyang walked to the right, where the control room was located. As he entered the room, he was greeted by many screens.

This place was more like an advanced CCTV room in the movie, each of the screens showed every corner of the Smart Territory.

"Origin!" Tang Shaoyang called out. Right after that, the screens vanished and changed into a bigger one.

[ Establishing a group ]

[ Please enter the group's name ]

"Tang Empire!" Tang Shaoyang had prepared the name, using his own name to establish his empire.

[ Tang Empire has been established ]


[Tang Empire]

Leader: Tang Shaoyang

Territory: Twenty-fifth-floor Building and a Mansion

Member: 1


The information about his empire showed up on the screen, but then a puzzled look appeared on his face, "Mansion?"

"Ah, that mansion…" Tang Shaoyang remembered his first mini-game.

"Congratulations, Master~ You have successfully taken the first step to achieving your dream!" Origin did not forget to congratulate his Master.

"Hmm, about the territory, how to expand my territory? Or I just capture it normally?" He just established the empire in the system, but he already asked about expanding his territory.

"No, you have to use GC Coin to expand your territory. You can buy the two other two buildings with GC Coin, then the building will be equipped with a modification system like this building. You can even change the building into a real castle if you want to!"

Tang Shaoyang was pleasantly surprised. He had tasted how convenient the modification system was, he could design the room and building as he wanted to. The problem was GC Coin, expanding his empire would take a lot of GC Coin.

Another problem was if he did not immediately claim the surrounding territories. It could be claimed by the others who had a smart territory nearby if they had more GC Coins than him.

Even without Origin explaining to him, he already understood this. GC Coin was like money, you could almost buy everything with money. Now GC Coin replaced money, with GC Coin, one could get everything, including Talent and Class.

"Master, you don't have to worry about that. Now you have established the Tang Empire, if the people of the Tang Empire gains GC Coin, the empire will also get ten percent of the member's earnings. Moreover, we can impose taxes on our people. You don't have to worry about GC Coin!"

"Rather than worrying about that, Master, you have to look for people that are good in the Government and Military. Even though I am a smart AI, I don't have the data or knowledge about these!"

Origin expressed its concern. Tang Shaoyang had established the empire officially, but he did not have enough manpower to govern his empire. He was just a thug before and Lu An was a high school boy in his third year, none of them knew about the administration and military.

If the number of the survivors were still less than three hundred, Tang Shaoyang could still manage that. However, he wanted to make a big empire, so he needed a professional to help him.

"Indeed, we still lack manpower, but starting tomorrow, I and Lu An will be going to search for the survivors. We can choose the people we need from the survivors later. After all, they still have to work for me, working in administration or military, they can decide by themselves! I won't take a wastrel with me!"

Tang Shaoyang also realized this issue, but the issue could be solved with his action tomorrow.

"Hmm… I can also earn GC Coin through the mini-game as well. Even though it's risky, it's worth the risk…" Tang Shaoyang left the room while muttering in a low voice.

*** ***

The next morning, Lu An and Tang Shaoyang left the base. They went out to look for the survivors, Tang Shaoyang took the route to Central Park while Lu An took the opposite route.

Tang Shaoyang searched through the big road, checking every building and house on the way. However, he did not encounter a mini-game or even a single survivor but zombies.

It had been six hours, the sun had reached the peak, and he was in a district, north to the base. The search was pretty boring, but this was not enough to make him give.

Sitting in front of a house, Tang Shaoyang took the food out of the backpack. He wanted to eat his lunch. However, before he could eat his meal, he heard a shout.

"Help! Help! Help!"

The shout was mixed with man and woman voices. Tang Shaoyang's eyes lit up, he immediately stood and rushed to the voice.


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