30 I Need A Guy Like You!
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Author :HotIce
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30 I Need A Guy Like You!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lu Wen pulled the trigger in panic, he pulled three times. With such a short distance, normally, Tang Shaoyang won't be able to dodge. However, his hand was still holding the big guy, he put forward the dead body, shielding him from the bullets.

At the same time, Lu Wen was falling backward after pulling the trigger. One bullet missed and two bullets pierced the bulky guy's belly. Tang Shaoyang threw the bulky guy toward the falling Lu Wen as he charged forward.

Lu Wen had lost his grips upon the gun as he fell. He frantically tried to reach the gun once more with his trembling hand, but a body fell to him.


He growled in pain as the bulky guy was almost twice in size compared to his body. Despite the pain, Lu Wen tried to push away the big but failed. Instead, he felt someone grab his left foot, and pull him from the big guy's body.

Lu Wen was saved from the big guy's body, but he met a devil in return. The devil was grinning at him, showing the white teeth. The pain he felt on his body instantly vanished as fear and terror bulbed out inside him.

He made a turn, intending to run away from the devil. However, the grip on his left foot was just too strong. His effort to run went waste as he could not break free from the grip.

"Where are you going, Young Master Lu!?" The Devil's playful voice entered the terrified Lu Wen's ears.

"No! Don't kill me! I am sorry, Brother Tang! I regret it! Please don't kill me! Don't kill me, please~" Lu Wen frantically begged for his life. The earlier scene truly terrified him. He himself never killed someone, so far, he was using the gun given to him by his uncle to scare these people.

"Hehehe… What's wrong Young Master Lu? As a Man, I have to keep with my words! I promised that the next time we met, it would be the day of your death anniversary! I am merely fulfilling my promise!" Tang Shaoyang snickered as he picked the gun that was not far from him.

It only made Lu Wen even more frightened, he frantically tried to get away from Tang Shaoyang and kept yelling in fear, "Don't kill me! My Uncle is Lu Gang. He is the boss of SH City's underworld!"

Lu Wen stopped wailing all of sudden, fear was washed away from his face. It was because of one name, Lu Gang. He realized that the devil in front of him was his uncle's subordinate.

"Hah! Bastard! My uncle will surely hunt you if you kill me! Hahahaha! Kill me! Kill me!" Suddenly, Lu Wen was mad laughing, no longer afraid of the devil before him.

"Hoho… Then I will send you to your uncle's place so you can tell your uncle that I am the one who killed you!" Not only Tang Shaoyang was afraid of the threat, but he also pulled the trigger.


The laugh suddenly stopped as a hole formed on Lu Wen's head. He died with a crazed look on his face.

After killing Lu Wen, Tang Shaoyang's smile disappeared. He let out a sigh and muttered in a low voice, "I have avenged you!" He was speaking about his ex-girlfriend which committed suicide after the incident.

Taking a deep breath, he turned around. Wan Jingyi and Wei Xi looked at Tang Shaoyang in fright. The man they thought was a good guy turned out to be a crazed killer. Yes, Tang Shaoyang's image was similar to a crazed killer to them.

The Mao brothers hugged each other in terror. Cold sweats poured down from their faces and when they noticed Tang Shaoyang turned around, they immediately looked away. Both Brothers did not dare to meet with Tang Shaoyang's eyes.

As for Li Na, she was sitting on the floor with a flabbergasted look on her face. She blinked her eyes a few times, trying to understand what actually happened. The course of events was just too fast, she did not know the reason for the fight, to begin with.

When her eyes met with Tang Shaoyang's eyes, the girl flinched with slight fear. Li Na's gaze wavered but she did not look away. She faced Tang Shaoyang's calm eyes despite what happened just now.

"Don't you want to pick your mother and sister? What are you doing down there?" Tang Shaoyang opened his mouth and turned around to retrieve the battle-ax.

"Why? Why did you kill Dong Ping and Gu Wen?" Out of nowhere, Wei Xi braced himself and yelled at Tang Shaoyang, questioning his action. He did not include Su Cheng, Lu Wen, or even the two fierce guys in question.

"Isn't it obvious? Those two guys are Lu Wen's men. Why would I spare them?" Tang Shaoyang shrugged casually, he did not feel guilty in the slightest even after killing six men. It was shown with his action and casual expression.

"But they don't deserve to be killed even if they are Lu Wen's men right?" Wei Xi disagreed with Tang Shaoyang's action.

"Hmm? How do you decide whether they deserve to be killed or not? In my eyes, they all deserved to be killed because they are this animal's subordinate! Save your words, Man! No matter what you will say, it will not change my mind even if it is repeated again!"

Having said that, Tang Shaoyang entered the house. The house design was not that different from the mansion he stayed with Lu An. As soon as he entered, he was greeted with a spacious hall with a big chandelier hung in the center.

The gunshot earlier seemed to be attracting the people inside, he saw there were eight people on the second floor. They stood next to the steel rail, looking at him. There was one little girl while the rest was an adult; three women and four men.

The seven adults were looking at him worriedly as he brought a battle-ax in his right hand and a gun in his left hand while the little girl seemed to be curious. Li Na who followed him immediately rushed to the second floor. She rushed toward a middle-aged lady who held the little girl's hand.

She hugged the middle-aged lady while Tang Shaoyang followed her behind. He scanned the four men who were varied in age. The youngest seemed to be his early twenties while the oldest in his early forties.

At this time, Wei Xi and Wan Jingyi also entered the big house. A man that looked in his thirties asked the couple, "Wei Xi! What's wrong? Who's this guy?"

Wei Xi merely shook his head as he cast a complex look at Tang Shaoyang.

"Li Na! Lead me to Lu Wen's room!" Tang Shaoyang ordered Li Na. That guy must be saving something precious in his room. There might be another gun in his room which might be handy on a certain occasion.

Li Na immediately stood and nodded her head. She led him to a hallway while the middle-aged lady and the little girl followed in tow. The little girl was half curious and half afraid as she looked at the big battle-ax.

On the way, the middle-aged lady tried to persuade Li Na not to go to Lu Wen's room. But Li Na shook her head and convinced his mom to follow her. She did not tell her mom that Lu Wen was no longer in this world.

It did not take a long time before they arrived in front of a door. This was supposed to be Lu Wen's room. Just as Li Na wanted to open the door, Tang Shaoyang prevented her.

"Don't open the door yet!"

Li Na's hand stopped halfway when she heard that. With a confused look, she looked at Tang Shaoyang.

Tang Shaoyang merely shook his head and stood in front of the door, he said, "It's better not to bring your mom and your sister inside!"

"Why?" Li Na was getting even more confused. However, she heeded Tang Shaoyang's words and asked her mom and sister to stay out.

"Heh, you will find out soon!" Having said that, he opened the door.

Li Na was shocked at the sight of the room. Inside, three naked girls tied on the bed, and their mouths were stuffed with clothes. What shocked her more was the fact she recognized the three naked girls.

They were the same as her, the survivors who took shelter under Lu Wen's wing. However, she heard the three women were killed by the zombies when they tried to look for food under Lu Wen's order. She did not expect to see three were still alive.

"Keke… If you check the other guys' room, you will find more women…"

Tang Shaoyang ignored the women as he searched Lu Wen's room. Except for reserve food, he did not find anything else.

*** ***

After the series of events that happened in the shelter, the rest of the survivors decided to follow Tang Shaoyang. Amongst the survivors, there was one useful guy. Thanks to this guy, they did not need to walk.

It was quite far, the shelter to Tang Shaoyang's territory. They were using cars that could be found on the road and managed to reach the territory before the sun set. Not only that, but Tang Shaoyang also brought the food with him.

When they reached Tang Shaoyang's territory, the people who followed him were shocked. Tang Shaoyang said his shelter was safe and much more comfortable, but they did not expect the shelter he talked about was Changshou Hotel.

Li Na's little sister, Li Yue looked at the hotel in awe, "Big brother, this place is yours?"

"Yes, from today onwards, you will stay here!" Tang Shaoyang replied in a soft tone.

Currently, Li Yue was sitting on Tang Shaoyang's shoulder. The fact that Tang Shaoyang was fond of children, surprised the young married couple, Wan Jingyi and Wei Xi.

They had witnessed Tang Shaoyang's brutality, so it was a surprise to them that despite his brutality nature, he was also fond of children.

When they entered the hotel, Tang Shaoyang noticed Lu An already back. He did not go back alone, he brought six men with him.

He raised his thumb and praised, "Good job!"

After that, he gathered the people in the lobby and declared in a loud voice, "Listen! I am the leader in this place! If you want to stay here, you have to follow…"

Tang Shaoyang could not finish his words as one of the survivors, a man about 22 raised his hand and cut him, "Objection! A leader is supposed to be chosen by the people. It's not for you to decide! We have twenty-seven people here, let's do a vote instead!"

"Hehe… I know there must be a guy like you and I really need a guy like you!" Tang Shaoyang grinned at the man who voiced his objection.


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