33 My Wife Is A Beautiful General - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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33 My Wife Is A Beautiful General - Part 1

A group of six women, wearing military uniforms were surrounded by eight Stage 2 Zombie Crawlers. Yes, the soldiers were women and his eyes were focusing on a woman with black hair reaching her shoulder.

He was entrapped by the beauty, added with her asset that jiggled around when she moved, a thought appeared, 'I have to make her as my woman!'

These thoughts appeared not because of the beauty that woman possessed, but because this woman would be extremely useful in establishing a military system for his Empire. The military was the utmost importance in an empire, the one who held the military power, then that person controlled the empire. At least it was what Tang Shaoyang's thought.

Because of this, he did not want to delegate the military power to the people he did not trust. However, it was totally different if it was his woman who took charge of the military power. At least, he could put his trust in his woman.

That was why he was having trouble in establishing the military system in the last few days. Amongst the survivors, he could only trust the young Lu An. The boy, however, was too young to lead a big force.

Moreover, it was rare to find a woman in the military. So his idea of getting his woman to take a charge for his empire's military almost could not be realized. But it was different as he got a jackpot today.

"But how to get her as my woman? It's not like she wants to be my woman…" Tang Shaoyang watched the scene from the rooftop of a three floors building. Each of them holding an assault rifle, but they swung it to fight the zombies.

"It seems they ran out of bullets…" Here, Tang Shaoyang's face brightened as he thought of something, "Heh, saving damsel in distress might be a good plan,"

"I have to enter the fight at the right moment…" He watched from the rooftop as he looked for a chance to enter the stage.

The girls were persistent, but most of them were doing a dodge from the Crawlers' attack. The rifle's muzzle did no damage on Crawler at all. As the fight continued, the girls were beginning to run out of their breath.

Then, Tang Shaoyang noticed one of the girls was about to get hit by the Crawler's terrifying claw. The girl Tang Shaoyang fancied also noticed as she immediately pushed her comrade. The girl managed to avoid the claw, but the captain was about to get hit by the claw.

"This is my time to shine!" Tang Shaoyang raised his battle-ax and threw it toward the crawler. The battle-ax split through the air and hit the Crawler's back.


The impact caused the fight to halt for a moment. As soon as Tang Shaoyang threw the battle-ax, he immediately jumped down off the building. He landed next to one of the Crawlers, grabbing the Crawler's neck, he threw the crawler off.

Afterward, he ran to pick the Destroyer and then, he noticed the other girls were in a daze as they looked at him, "What are you doing? Move, you idiots!"

Only after the scolding, did the girls begin moving. They immediately regrouped around Tang Shaoyang, circling their captain who fell after receiving the claw strike.

"Urgh! The time is off…" Even so, Tang Shaoyang did not try to save the woman. He focused his gaze on the Crawlers and began the slaughter. It took him a little time before he killed the remaining seven Crawlers.

As he beheaded the last Crawler's head, he noticed the girls were looking at him with a shock. The Crawlers that cornered them were slaughtered with ease, of course, it startled them.

"What are you doing? Really? Are you guys really from the military? Your leader is in critical condition and here, you are in a daze like a dumbo!" Tang Shaoyang scolded them once again as he approached the woman who was lying down on the road.

The woman suffered a horrible wound, three lines of cuts from her chest to belly, tearing apart her military clothes and white smooth skin. Looking at the wounds, he furrowed his brows as the other five women rushed, surrounding the unconscious woman.

"Captain!" The five women called out simultaneously.

"Why are you crying? Don't you know about the first aid?" Tang Shaoyang was truly speechless. Instead of saving their captains, these women were crying. He wondered if he could rely on the captain to establish the military system for his empire.

"We lost our supplies while we were escaping from the zombie's pursuit!" One woman with short hair replied while tears filled her eyes.

"Urgh! Treat the wounds with what you got first! I will get my car and we will bring her to my shelter in a while!" After that, Tang Shaoyang left the group.

*** ***

It took them half an hour to reach the shelter. Tang Shaoyang immediately carried out the injured woman. As they entered the main base, the group caught the survivors' attention.

It was natural as the women were wearing military uniforms. Tang Shaoyang approached the desk, where Li Na tasked for. Yes, after one crazy night, he put Li Na as clerk, helping Origin register the survivors.

Tang Shaoyang gestured to Li Na with his head, "Take care of these people and treat them some food as well while at it!"

Li Na's eyes were moving back and forth between Tang Shaoyang and the unconscious girl. However, upon noticing the wound at the unconscious girl's chest, she immediately nodded her head furiously.

Tang Shaoyang brought the unconscious girl to his room through his private elevator. The other women wanted to follow, but they retreated under his intimidating gaze.

When he reached the room, he placed the woman on his bed. He intended to give the woman a potion he got from the treasure chest. His hand however stopped halfway as he was hesitating.

Even though he gave the woman his precious potion, it did not guarantee the woman would follow him after she woke up. If the woman left, it was just a waste of his precious potion.

It was not like he had a hobby to force someone to be his woman.

"Ah, actually, it's a good idea. If I **** her, there's a chance she will follow me…"

"No… No… No… I can't do that. I am an emperor, how can an emperor do something like that…"

"I detest a guy that forces himself to a woman! How can I be someone I detest the most! I can't…"

As Tang Shaoyang was struggling with his inner heart, he noticed the woman on the bed made a pained expression. It seemed she could feel the pain despite losing her consciousness.

"It seems I still have a little bit of conscience…" Tang Shaoyang let out a sigh as he took out his potion. He took out a vial that was as big as his thumb from his pocket. The red liquid filled the vial and poured the filling into the woman's mouth.

After that, Tang Shaoyang left the room. He wanted to meet the other soldiers. As soon as he left the room, Origin's voice resounded in the room, "Master, if you can't make your decision, I will do it!"

*** ***

Half an hour later, Tang Shaoyang gathered the other five women in the canteen. He gathered in one table and heard the complete story about the military group.

This group was a scout team sent by the military base from the neighborhood city, SZ city. They were sent here to make contact with the military base from SH city.

On the way to the military base at SH city, their military jeep was attacked by a group of organized Stage 2 and Stage 3 Zombies. Yes, aside from the Crawlers, Crusher also attacked the jeep.

Crusher attacked the car, crushing their jeep. But all of them survived from the ambush, however, the crawlers who had an advantage in the speeds chased after them. That was what happened to the group.

"What about our captain? Is she okay?" A woman with a darker skin amongst the five women voiced her concern that bothered her. Her name was Yun Siyun.

"I have given her a potion, she should be fine. Only need a little rest then she would be okay!" Tang Shaoyang answered with a nod.

"Can we visit her now?" A girl with short hair that only covered her ears, Wu Xiaoqing asked.

"No! You have to wait until she wakes up!" Tang Shaoyang refused the request without hesitation.

"What? How can we let…" The five women stood up angrily, but he stopped them with a gesture of his hand.

Tang Shaoyang raised his hand as Origin sent him the good news, "The woman is awake, Master! However, she is in critical condition, you have to help her now! Only you are the one who can help her!"

He was shocked to hear this. He had given the woman a potion, she should be fine after a couple of hours of rest just like Lu An.

"Wait here! Your Captain just woke up, but her condition is not stable yet!" After saying that, Tang Shaoyang rushed back to his room.


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