34 My Wife Is A Beautiful General - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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34 My Wife Is A Beautiful General - Part 2

Tang Shaoyang opened his eyelids slowly. After a few blinks, the sight cleared and the ceiling came into his sight. At the same time, last night wild memories were replayed once again.

A frown appeared on his forehead as anger boiled in his heart. Just as he wanted to call Origin out, there was a movement on his chest. He looked down and a beautiful woman slept soundly on his chest.

The beautiful woman was having a peaceful smile even after last night's incident. The woman was hugging him tightly as if he was a pillow.

Tang Shaoyang observed the beauty's face. She had long eyelashes, a pointy nose, and there was a small dimple on her cheeks. He caressed the beauty's back, her skin was silky smooth. Then, he noticed the smile on her face became even more apparent.

The beauty seemed to be pleased being caressed by him which was a surprise to him. He continued and the beauty snuggled even more to him. He stopped, then he noticed the beauty frowned for a moment before returning normal a few seconds later.

Tang Shaoyang let out a sigh at this sight. He felt guilty, but it only lasted for a moment. He tried to move the beauty's hand that hugged him tightly. However, he woke her up even before he could free himself from the hug.

The beauty's eyelashes trembled for a moment before the beauty opened her eyes. Her Tahitian pearl-like eyes met with his eyes. At that moment, the beauty's eyes enlarged in shock as she immediately released herself from Tang Shaoyang.

She looked down and found she was naked. The beauty turned her gaze back to Tang Shaoyang who she also found naked. Without needing to guess, the beauty knew what happened, and tears began swelling in her eyes.

"You! You… How can you do this to meee…" Her voice was shaky as she pointed her finger to Tang Shaoyang. She lowered her head, covering her body with the blanket. Then, she cried as she hid under the blanket.

"Origin!!! Explain to me!" Tang Shaoyang yelled loudly. He was weak to the woman's tears and he did not know what to do with the crying beauty in front of him. He wanted to console her, but he was in the wrong… No, it was Origin who set this up.

"Yes, Master! Do you need anything from me?" Origin innocently asked.

"Don't play dumb with me! Why do you set me up?" Tang Shaoyang was genuinely angry as he continued with his inquiry.

When the beauty heard the conversation, she stopped crying. She lowered the blanket slowly, taking a peek, wanting to know who he was talking to. She dumbfounded upon the sight as there was no one except for two of them in this room.

The guy also looked at the ceiling as he talked. She looked up and there was nothing up there. She was totally confused, but she kept trying to search for the robotic voice. Her eyes sharpened and began scanning the luxurious room.

Origin discovered its master was angry and told his intention for setting him up.

*** ***

Last night, when Origin reported the beauty had woken up and was in a critical condition, Tang Shaoyang immediately went to his room. However, as soon as he entered his room, a strong fragrant assaulted his nose.

He merely frowned at first, he entered the room with a confused thought. He wondered where the strong fragrant came from. In his fifth step, then he realized something amiss with his body.

His body was beginning to heat up. He felt something wrong, but he did not know what happened to his body. However, he realized what happened to him after seeing the beauty on his bed.

The beauty on the bed was wriggling madly, trying to take off her clothes. At this sight, he realized Origin was setting him up, his AI drugged him and the beauty on the bed. It was a strong drug at that as he immediately lost his reasons upon the sight of the beauty.

As for what happened next, it was a scene where a heated animal was doing a heated battle. As for how Origin did this, Tang Shaoyang did not know. Like where it got the aphrodisiac from.

*** ***

"This is the fastest way to conquer her, Master. I have to do this as we need her in our empire!" Origin answered honestly.

Even though its Master looked ruthless and cold on the outside, he was, in fact, not heartless on the inside. By its Master's nature, Origin knew he wouldn't do anything to the beauty. That was why it drugged its Master and the beauty.

"But Master, you don't have to feel guilty. That woman also enjoyed your body well!" Origin made an unexpected remark.

When Tang Shaoyang heard this, he recalled what happened last night. Even though he lost his reasons, it was temporary. It was as if he had woken up from a dream, his rationality returned after doing it for a quiet moment.

As if it could read his mind, Origin spoke, "Yes, after fifteen to twenty minutes, the aphrodisiac effect should be over. Yes, the same for the woman, she should be woken up from the aphrodisiac effect at the same time as you, Master!"

Tang Shaoyang was stunned as he recalled the battle lasted quite long. Maybe it was his longest record during his life. If the beauty woke up from the aphrodisiac effect, why did not she revolt?

At these thoughts, his head slowly turned toward the beauty who showed her eyes. At Origin's words, the beauty also seemed to be recalling last night's scene as well. Then, Tang Shaoyang noticed the beauty's black pupil enlarged in shock.

"So, even though you were doing intercourse under the drug effect, you were doing that under your own volition after the first fifteen minutes. The woman could just revolt, but she did not. It's clear she was doing that because she wanted you, Master!"

As soon as Origin finished its words, the beauty stood up from the bed. She shouted angrily, "You Damn Robot! Don't you dare to slander this lady! If not for your drug, I will not give my body easily!"

She stood straight as she pointed her finger toward the ceiling. Even though she said that furiously, her face was bright red. She did not admit what Origin claimed.

However, when Origin recounted last night's incident, last night's scene flashed in her mind. Indeed, just like Origin said, she had woken up. Again, Origin was right, even though she had woken up, she did not try revolt.

Having intercourse with the man next to her was as if being drugged, bringing heavenly ecstasy. Remembering last night's scene, her body shuddered voluntarily.

"Come out! I will break your leg for slandering this lady!" The beauty challenged Origin. However, the beauty did not realize that the blanket covering her body slid down, exposing her naked body to the man.

Tang Shaoyang was dumbfounded upon the sight that unfolded before his eyes. The little Tang Shaoyang stood up, baring its fang to the prey as his eyes glued on the beauty's hot body.

"Master, do you forget your talent?" Origin ignored the lady as it asked Tang Shaoyang.

'Talent?' he recalled his talent description.

[Divine Body (S-tier Talent). Granting an unlimited growth of Strength, Charisma of Emperor and Charm to conquer the beauties, and an upgraded P*nis with a compatible size, last longer, and guarantee to make all women pleased.]

Only then, Tang Shaoyang came to a realization why Origin said this was the fastest way to conquer the beauty before him. He glanced at the beauty who directed her anger to Origin.

After crying and hearing what Origin said, the beauty was no longer blaming him. A smirk appeared on Tang Shaoyang's face.

"Beauty!" he called.

The lady turned her head toward Tang Shaoyang, but she saw the man was pouncing toward her, pinning him down.

"What are…" She could not finish her words as Tang Shaoyang blocked her mouth with a kiss. At first, the beauty struggled lightly, but as the kiss went deeper and their tongues intertwined. The beauty stopped her struggle, she hugged the man tighter.

Last night sensation assaulted her body once again and she was beginning to lose her rationality. As her lust began to possess her body, she completely fell to Tang Shaoyang's game.

Then, she felt a foreign object enter her body. It was the moment her mind blanked as a wave of pleasure filled her body. This was the moment she began following Tang Shaoyang's movement.

Pleasant yet also sweet moans escaped from her mouth. With the moan, a new round of battle started again.


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