35 My Wife Is A Beautiful General - Part 3
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Author :HotIce
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35 My Wife Is A Beautiful General - Part 3

"Hah… Hah… Hah…"

After another battle, Zhang Mengyao breathed heavily. She did not know what happened, but her body just could not refuse the man next to her. Her mind was shouting and yelling, telling her body to revolt, but it was futile.

She turned her head and met with the man's clear gaze, a passionate black pupil. As soon as she met with the gaze, her heartbeat thumped madly. She did not know why, but she felt affection for the man in front of her.

To the man who just took her chastity. The man she never met before, the man who she did not even know his name yet.

Zhang Mengyao blinked her eyes rapidly and thought to herself, 'Just what's wrong with me?'

Then, she noticed a smile forming on the man's face, a gentle smile that directed to her. Her heartbeat was beating uncontrollably and without she realized, a tinge blush appeared on her cheeks.

Tang Shaoyang got closer to the beauty and planted a kiss on her forehead and slapped her bouncy butt, "Wake up! Let's talk to the business after taking the bath! If you are still not satisfied, we can continue tonight,"

Having said that, Heero climbed up from his bed. Seeing the beauty's reaction after the new round, he was longer feeling guilty. Before he could get up, a hand pulled him down. He looked back and met with the beauty's gaze.

"What did you do to my body?" Zhang Mengyao believed the man did something to her body. If not, why would everything feel wrong like this? As if she was being hypnotized.

When the man kissed her and slapped her butt, not only she was not angry, she… liked it. She felt wrong with everything.

"Hehe… Don't worry, I did not do anything to your body. It's because I am special," After saying that, Tang Shaoyang headed to the bathroom. After two consecutive battles, he felt sticky all over his body.

Zhang Mengyao was in a daze as her gaze followed the naked man. She tried to digest the man's words, '... I am special? Heng, what's so special about you? You only have a good look, nice body, and…'

Zhang Mengyao was dumbfounded as she found her impressions about the man were absurdly good.

Half an hour later

Tang Shaoyang was sitting on the sofa with his bathrobe, enjoying his morning coffee. On the other side, Zhang Mengyao wore Tang Shaoyang's clothes. She did not know why, but she felt happy about wearing man's clothes.

"Zhang Mengyao… Zhang Mengyao… What a beautiful name!" Tang Shaoyang said in a low voice.

"So, Tang Shaoyang, what do you want to talk about with me?" Zhang Mengyao asked. Her voice was soft and she was no longer flustered as before.

"You are not going to ask how you end up with me here?" Tang Shaoyang was not in a hurry to get to the main topic.

"It's easy to guess. Let's not dawdle with this, where's my friend? And where are we?" Zhang Mengyao guessed that the man in front of him saved her and her comrades. As for how she was saved, she was still clueless until the man in front of him told everything.

"Don't worry, Dear~ Your comrades are safe. They are below, you can meet with them any time after we are over with our talk. As for where you are… You are in my base which will be the castle of my empire later! For now, this is a temporary base!" Tang Shaoyang explained slowly.

Zhang Mengyao was not used to how the man called her, but once again she did not dislike it, "Your castle? Empire?"

She was dumbfounded by what she heard. She gave the man in the front of her a second look, trying to determine whether he was insane or not.

"Are you okay? You are sane, right?" Surprisingly, Zhang Mengyao came closer and put her hand on Tang Shaoyang's forehead, "You are not sick either…"

Tang Shaoyang heard the beauty mumbled right before his face. Mengyao's action left him speechless, just as he wanted to speak, Origin spoke first.

"Lady! You can't be discourteous to Master! He is an Emperor of the Tang Empire, even though the empire is still small in territory, it's just a matter of time before Master conquers more lands!"

"Origin! You are not helping at all!" Tang Shaoyang noticed the confused look at Mengyao's face. It was clear, Origin's words only made her confused even more.

"Listen to me, my dear~ This is the plan…" Tang Shaoyang told his plan about establishing an empire. He pulled Mengyao to him and explained his plan, without a single left behind.

"And so, you will be part of my plan! I want you to establish a military system for my empire. You will be the general or commander, I don't know what it is, but you will be the one who leads my army, with me of course!"

As soon as he finished his words, Mengyao looked at him with a shocked look. Tang Shaoyang's plan basically was a rebellion to the counter she served.

"Are you insane? You are going to rebel? There's no way I will help you with your crazy plan!" Zhang Mengyao raised her voice. As a soldier who dedicated herself to protect her country, her reaction was normal.

"Rebel? He is not. Lady, this country has fallen. Not only this country, but the other countries also have fallen! The game is designed like that so everyone has the same start. All military bases have fallen, the same for the base where you come from, right?"

Origin was the one who spoke this time. Upon hearing that, Mengyao opened her eyes in shock and blurted out, "How do you know?"

Yes, Mengyao and her team headed to SH City, the larger military base, intending to ask help for the SH military base to take back their military base from a group of beasts that occupied the military base.

She thought a larger military base would survive from this disaster. That was why she and her team came to SH City.

"Easy, the game started by paralyzing the military of all countries. The stronger beasts and zombies will be spawned around the military base and government office with the purpose of giving back your freedom. So no one is affiliated to any country or even any organization out there!"

"Everyone has the same start and it's your choice whether you want to start a new country, empire, or organization. It will be your choice too if you want to be affiliated with the new country that is established during the first stage of the game or you can try to survive alone! The game gives you freedom for you to make choices!"

"Do you remember the words you heard when the game started? This is stage one: Survival for the Fittest! Do everything to survive, that's the purpose of stage one. However, you have to remember, this is just the first stage. There will be stage two, at that time, a stronger adversary will come for you! Not only you but it applies to the others who survived the first!"

"My Master has made his choices, it was establishing his empire. Not only that, I believe my Master is having a good start. He captured a smart territory where you are currently staying and he also has me, the Smart AI who will help him! Come join us, Lady!"

Origin let out a lengthy explanation in order to convince Zhang Mengyao. It had the same idea as his Master for letting a family member take charge of the military. Once, Zhang Mengyao regarded the empire as her home, then she would automatically work hard and had a less chance of betraying Tang Shaoyang.

Zhang Mengyao tried to comprehend every information she received from Origin. She was still clueless about the abrupt change that happened in the world.


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