36 My Wife Is A Beautiful General - Part 4
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Author :HotIce
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36 My Wife Is A Beautiful General - Part 4

Chapter 36

"Wait… Wait… Wait…" Zhang Mengyao stopped Origin to speak further.

"Did you say that the country has fallen?" She was shocked to receive such news.

"Hmm… Most likely, but there might be a few strong military bases surviving from the attack, but the chance is minuscule. As for the government, I don't think they can survive from the ferocious zombies, right?" Origin answered with its usual robotic voice.

"You never told me about this?" On the other side, Tang Shaoyang complained.

"Telling or not, it does not affect your ambition, right Master?" Origin replied instantly.

"Mnn… But how did you manage to survive?" He asked the crucial point. If the zombies or the beasts that attacked the military base were stronger than the zombies that could be found on the street, then how did Mengyao and her team survive?

"At that time, I and my team were not on the base. We were taking a break and stayed in my compound…" Mengyao explained dejectedly. As a soldier, knowing your country had fallen certainly made you sad.

"Hahhhh…" Mengyao let out a long sigh and stood from the sofa, "Let me meet with my comrade first and continue our talk later…" If her country truly had fallen, then Tang Shaoyang's action was not betrayal.

That also meant she was no longer a soldier. Just like Origin told her, the world changed, and she had to think of a future for herself. Of course, now, one patch was opened in front of her, but it was not that easy to overcome the sorrow of losing her country.

"Okay~ Origin will guide you!" Tang Shaoyang allowed Mengyao to meet her comrades. Moreover, not only Mengyao, even he never expected that his country would easily fall like this. But based on what Origin told them, the game was designed like that so everyone had the same start and the same amount of freedom.

As soon as Mengyao left the room, Origin's voice resounded, "Master, you have to treat the Lady well. You might have captured her body, but not her heart yet! There's still a chance she will betray you in the future if you treat her poorly!"

"I know~ Also, what are you now? Love advisor?" Tang Shaoyang questioned Smart AI.

"I am not a love advisor, but I am worried about your well being. You have a dark past… Your girlfriends left you…"

"Alright, stop there…" Tang Shaoyang scolded. He even hated himself as he could not keep his own girlfriend, but he could do. They left him for money and the man had a deep background as well.

If he did something to Lu Wen, his forehead would be holed by Lu Gang. He was helpless despite how good he was at fighting, he could not beat a gun. Moreover, if he tried to do something to Lu Wen before, with Lu Gang's connection, he would be hunted for the rest of his life.

It was no different than death. At that time, what he could do except let her girlfriend go with another man. Of course, he had his own principle as well. When his girlfriend left him on her own volition, he would just let it pass.

But not when the man forced his way to his girlfriend, he would not stay still. If not for…

Tang Shaoyang shook his head, throwing away his past aside, he continued with a big grin, "This time is different. I have the power to hold my ground, the one who humiliates me shall be crushed!"

"But Origin, I also don't like being set up like last night! This should be the first and the last, understand?"

"Yes, Master!" Origin replied solemnly.

*** ***

Meanwhile, the special elevator opened, as soon as the door opened, Zhang Mengyao saw her comrades were waiting for her right in front of the elevator.

"Captain!" The five girls cried and they immediately hugged Zhang Mengyao. After that, they began checking Zhang Mengyao's condition and asked, "Are you okay?" "That guy did not do anything to you, right?" "What happened to you last night?"

The five girls let out a barrage of questions to their captain. The five girls' attention, giving warmth to her heart. But soon, her face blushed when the question entered her ears.

Even though meeting again with her comrades gave her certain happiness, it could not overcome the sorrow of losing her country. With a grave look etched on her face, she spoke, "Girls, there's something I want to tell you guys! It's serious!"

The serious tone and the heavy look on Mengyao's face calmed down her comrades. After saying that, Mengyao talked into the empty space, "Origin, can you lend me a private room?"

"You can talk with your comrade in the room I have prepared for them!" Origin's robotic voice surprised the other five girls.

"Who!???" The five girls cried simultaneously as they scanned their surroundings, trying to find where the voice came from.

"It's Origin, the Smart AI that controls this building!" Zhang Mengyao replied. On the way down, she had been asked many things from Origin. This time, she was truly convinced that the world changed and accepted the fact that her country had fallen.

There was no smart AI like Origin before the game started. Origin was proof that the world had changed, the screen status and level were just another proof. There was no reason she did not believe Origin's words.

They were back to the third floor and entered a room that provided six beds, three bunk beds. The room was clean and each room had a bathroom. Zhang Mengyao chose a random bed to sit and faced her comrade.

"Our country has fallen, we are no longer soldiers…" This was her purpose in meeting his comrade. Telling them this sorrowful news and about the game told to her by Origin.

On the way to meet her comrades, she had asked everything she wanted to know about the game. She believed the information given to her was true.

Origin's existence was proof of the world truly had changed. Added with the building that could be modified by using GC Coin. It convinced her that what Origin told her was the truth.

The country they loved had fallen and she felt it was the time for her comrade to choose a new path for them.

This was her purpose and told them the offer she received from Tang Shaoyang.

After half an hour, Zhang Mengyao came out of the room alone. Sobs could be heard as the door opened and the sobs vanished as soon as she closed the door.

After that, Zhang Mengyao went to the cafeteria. Her belly was empty and a little bit hungry, she ate despite having no appetite.

Just like when she was in the army, she had to fill her bellies even when she was on a battlefield. The energy was essential to a soldier.

As she ate slowly, she scanned the other survivors. Her beauty was certainly attracting the men, but thanks Origin's warning, none of them dared to get close to her.

Zhang Mengyao observed the elderly and the children who helped but also played in the kitchen. She saw a group of five people talking about yesterday's hunt.

They seemed happy despite the risk of losing their lives. There was not a little group like that in the cafeteria.

'If I accept the offer, these guys might be my subordinate…' Thought Zhang Mengyao as she slowly devoured her food.

'Ah!?' She looked at the elderly and the children around the kitchen and scanned the large cafeteria.

These people were her fellow countrymen, 'does it mean protecting them is the same for protecting my country?' Zhang Mengyao thought to herself.

Here, Zhang Mengyao began taking Tang Shaoyang's offer positively.

She finished the meal a few minutes later and delivered the dishes to the kitchen.

"Beautiful Sister! Let me wash your dish, this is our job!" Suddenly, a little boy tried to take the dishes from her hand.

Zhang Mengyao smiled and gave the dishes to the boy as she rubbed the boy's short hair.

After the meal, she strolled around the smart territory. She was still conflicted about whether accepting the offer or not.

She did not meet Tang Shaoyang until late noon. Staying in the lobby, she saw group after group brought something back.

Some groups brought supplies such as a raw ingredient and water. Some groups brought back survivors.

Zhang Mengyao noticed the groups were armed with a cold weapon and leather armor which could be bought in the General Shop.

She had visited the General Shop earlier so she was not surprised by the sight. Looking at these people, she realized it was just a matter of time before this shelter filled with survivors.

She realized why Tang Shaoyang asked her to set up a military system in this shelter. Chaos was bound to happen without a proper system, at least this shelter needed a proper security system to organize the survivors.

Looking at her fellow countrymen who were just brought back in a sorry state by a certain group, Zhang Mengyao realized her duty as a soldier was still not over yet.

"Origin, tell your master! I accept his offer!" Zhang Mengyao decided with a strong determination in her eyes.

"I know you will say that! Master is waiting for you in his room~"

*** ***

Standing before the familiar door, Zhang Mengyao's heart raced unknowingly as Tang Shaoyang's figure flashed in her mind.

Just as she wanted to knock the door, the door itself opened. Tang Shaoyang was waiting for her behind the door.

He approached the beauty in front of him and hugged her, "I know you will make the right choice, My Dear~"

Tang Shaoyang nose sniffed around her ears, smelling the natural aroma from the beauty's body.

"Beauty is truly different, you have a unique pleasant smell…" He whispered into her ears.

"Don't do it here, we are still outside…" Zhang Mengyao tried to struggle as she replied in a small voice.

"So we can do anything inside?" Tang Shaoyang asked with a smirk as the beauty became more honest.

Zhang Mengyao herself was stunned by her own reply. Her reply basically accepted Tang Shaoyang as her man.

"Hahaha… don't be shy, we can have our time later, My Beautiful General Wifey. Now, you need to be strong to be a General of my Empire. Follow me, let's see what talent you will get!"

Hugging the dazed Zhang Mengyao, Tang Shaoyang brought her to the elevator.


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