37 Insigh
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Author :HotIce
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37 Insigh

When Zhang Mengyao entered the elevator, she only noticed this elevator could access more floors in the smart territory. All 25 floors include three basements.

But there was one thing that made her curious, Talent. Tang Shaoyang was talking about Talent earlier, so she asked.

"Talent, what Talent?" Zhang Mengyao asked curiously.

Tang Shaoyang touched her nose and replied, "You will know soon!"


The elevator opened and the spacious basement greeted both of them. Zhang Mengyao broke free from Tang Shaoyang's embrace and stepped out of the elevator.

She scanned the surroundings curiously but found nothing except two doors. A green door and a blue door.

Accompanied by Tang Shaoyang, Zhang Mengyao approached the door. Soon, she saw the writing on the door, the green door had "Talent" written on it and the blue door had "Advancement" written on it.

Just looking at this, Zhang Mengyao realized her destination was the blue door. She scanned the door, but only to find that it was similar to an ordinary door made of wood.

Tang Shaoyang opened the door and said, "Get in, Origin will assist you inside, "

He thought only the involved person could enter the room, but Origin said otherwise, "Master, you can enter too!"

"Can I?" Tang Shaoyang asked. His question was directed to Mengyao, not Origin. The talent was something personal, without the involved person's consent, he wouldn't follow her inside.

"Of course, you can~" Zhang Mengyao answered positively as she pulled Tang Shaoyang with her.

Once they entered the room, Origin began with its explanation. It was telling the same thing as it explained to Lu An, with a more polite tone of course.

"So, even if you have bad luck and got E-tiered Talent, you can gather 10 million GC Coins to draw the second chance. But there are some talents that are upgradeable, "

"You can upgrade a talent with Tome of Talent! Of course, just like I said before, not all talents are upgradeable. You will know if your talent is upgradeable or not after you have Tome of Talent, so don't be discouraged even if you got E-tiered Talent!"

Origin ended his explanation, this was the information it did not tell the others except for his Master and Lady.

"You don't tell Lu An about this!" Tang Shaoyang said in a frown.

Lu An recounted everything to him in the room of Talent. He was familiar with the process, but he himself did not know about this as Lu An told him nothing about this.

"Sorry, Master! I purposely hid this from Lu An. Even though he is your trusted subordinate, I can't trust him yet at that time, " Origin explained its reason.

"Who's Lu An?" Mengyao asked again. She had not met Lu An yet, the current Lu An was completely different from the beforehand Lu An. He was so busy hunting the zombies outside, spending only his little time in the smart territory.

"Hehe, you will know him later, he will work with you to build the Tang Empire's military system! Go, get your talent now!" Tang Shaoyang pushed the girl forward.

For a General, she needed to draw good talent. At least B-tiered Talent just like Lu An. If the General was weak, those punks would not follow her order.

Even though Zhang Mengyao still did not understand much about Talent. But from Tang Shaoyang's words, she could discern this talent was very important for her future.

Unknowingly, she started getting nervous as she got closer to the screen. Arriving before the screen, she did not immediately press the "Random Talent".

Zhang Mengyao was hesitating at first, then she remembered, she was here to continue her duty. Her duty to protect her fellow countrymen who still survived outside there.

She took a deep breath, calming her nervous mind and heart. A strong determination back to her eyes.

'No matter what Talent I will get, it won't change my duty! Regardless of the tier, I will complete my job as a soldier!'

Zhang Mengyao pressed the button and the room instantly blackened. It was only for a moment before words appeared on the wall, illuminating the dark room.

It lasted for thirty seconds before it stopped and a word presented before her eyes.

[Insight - A-tier Talent]

"Yeah!!!" Zhang Mengyao jumped out in excitement as soon as she got A-tier Talent.

Tang Shaoyang was surprised but also pleased as he saw the result. Even the Smart AI was surprised to see the first A-tier Talent from Random Talent.

"Lady is blessed with good luck~"

The result lasted for a minute before the room returned to its normal state. Tang Shaoyang dragged the excited girl out of the room.

"My Beautiful General, you can't act like that before your subordinates later. You have to maintain your image as a General!" Tang Shaoyang rebuked the girl who was still in her excitement.

"I know! I know! I only act like this before you!" The girl rolled her eyes and continued, "So, what's the use of this talent?"

"You can open your screen status to check. A general talent will boost your attributes while some rare and good talent will give you a skill!" Tang Shaoyang explained.

"By the way, what's your level?" He was curious to her level and asked l.

He heard she had killed many stage 1 zombies on the way, but did not know her level yet.

"Level 5!" Zhang Mengyao answered straightforwardly as she opened her status screen.


Name: Zhang Mengyao

Age: 25

Affiliation: None

Level: 5

Talent: Insight

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 27

Agility: 15

Vitality: 17

Stamina: 20

Magic Power: 10

Sense: 9

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Envisage]


"Wow, all my attributes except for Magic Power increased by four and I got a new skill too, [Envisage]" Zhang Mengyao told her growth after getting the talent.

As soon as she said that, the curious Zhang Mengyao activated her new skill.

Nothing happened at first, but then she heard Tang Shaoyang's voice, "Are you okay to tell that to me?"

Just as she wanted to reply, Tang Shaoyang repeated what he said earlier.

"Are you okay to tell that to me?" Tang Shaoyang asked.

It was as if she experienced Deja Vu. But she knew she was not experiencing Deja Vu. She tried to use [Envisage] once more, but she could not.

[You have to wait for 51 seconds before you can use [Envisage] again]

She got a notification instead. However, the notification convinced her that what happened to her was true. She could see the future for a few seconds.

"Hello? What's wrong with you?" Tang Shaoyang waved his hand at Zhang Mengyao's face as he found the girl was in a daze.

"I get a very powerful skill! And certainly, it's okay to share my attribute to you as you are the only person I can share with..." As she said that, her eyes fell to the next blue door.

"What about this one? Should I enter this room too?"

"No! You have to reach Level 30 first. This is an Advancement room, you will enter this room to get your class!" Tang Shaoyang shook his head and pulled her hand, "So, for now, we have to increase your level before we officially set the military system, "

"I know a good place to harvest, but before that, I will introduce Lu An to you first. We will move tomorrow to level up!" Tang Shaoyang pulled Zhang Mengyao to the elevator.

"Origin! Inform me if Lu An came back! That boy is hunting crazily lately…"

As the elevator closed, Tang Shaoyang's voice resounded from the elevator.

*** ***

Outside the territory

Lu An swiftly slashed his sword horizontally, killing three stage 1 zombies at once.

The three zombies were the last zombie from this batch. If one saw, there were many dead bodies scattered around him.

In the last week, he had been hunting crazily. He felt threatened with the presence of the other survivors.

Lu An did not want his Boss to kick him out, so he had been leveling up crazily in the last week. He knew his Boss, Tang Shaoyang did not need a useless man, he needed to be strong to be part of his Boss's plan.

"Screen Status!"


Name: Lu An

Age: 18

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 27

Talent: Agile

Attribute Point:

Strength: 21

Agility: 126

Vitality: 10

Stamina: 20

Magic Power: 3

Sense: 7

Skill: Basic Detection


Level 27, all his effort he put into hunting was paid off.

"Three more levels then I can get my class! But I lack Coin to get a Unique Class! I have to ask Boss's permission, I heard from Origin that mini-game rewarded a lot of coins!" Lu An muttered and looked up.

The bright moon was in his sight and he let out a sigh.

"I did not find any survivors, but I managed to find the ingredients for the kitchen! Let's end today's hunting..." Lu An muttered as he walked back to the shelter with a bulging backpack.

As he walked back, suddenly nine people charged out from a building and they surrounded Lu An.

"Yo… Yo… Yo… Look, who is this? Aren't you Lu An, that bastard thug's trusted man?" A voice resounded on a quiet night.

Lu An turned his head toward the voice and met with a familiar face. SH City Mayor's only son, Qi Zhengsheng. He was the guy who was used by Tang Shaoyang as an example to warn the other people.


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