38 Transformation
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Author :HotIce
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38 Transformation

Lu An frowned as he scanned the nine people that surrounded him. He recognized all of them. They were the people Tang Shaoyang kicked out of the shelter.

He remembered them because he was the one who was responsible for throwing them out. Boss never asked him to kill them, so he just threw them far away from the shelter.

He even found two faces that were supposed to be not part of this group. These two faces were the people he saved on the other day.

"Ren! Zhuang! Are you betraying the Tang Empire?" Lu An's cold voice reverberated through the quiet night. He was pretty much ignoring Qi Zhengsheng.

The guy called Ren and Zhuang smirked, "Haha… betraying the Tang Empire? Don't be ridiculous, boy! We are not and never will be part of that ridiculous empire!"

Zhuang added with a ridiculing tone, "I never thought that there's a modern man dreaming to be an Emperor…"

Along with Zhuang and Ren, the other guys were also laughing.

Lu An merely scanned the group coldly as his hand moved to the sword's handle. Qi Zhengsheng noticed Lu An's movement and spoke, "Calm down, boy! We are here to talk, not fight!"

"We have a plan and offer for you, boy! Join us and help me capture the Changshou Hotel! I am not like your current Boss who is daydreaming to be an Emperor!"

"As the Mayor's son, I will rebuild the city and return the peace just like before. However, in order to execute my plan, I need Changshou Hotel!"

Qi Zhengsheng had heard the wonder of Changshou Hotel from Zhuang and Ren. It could provide you a talent, a shop that sold gears to defeat zombies.

In fact, he had planned this long time ago. Taking back the Changshou Hotel to him. He gathered the people that were kicked out and persuaded the survivors to join his side.

He planned to take the Changshou Hotel with a number, but his plan failed as he only managed to persuade Zhuang and Ren. The other guys refused to join.

Then, he thought of another plan. It was his father. If he had his father with him, his father could take that Changshou Hotel from Tang Shaoyang as Mayor. He believed many people would support his father.

And so, he left Zhuang and Ren to keep a watch on Tang Shaoyang's movement. Later, he found that the government office was packed with zombies. No, Qi Zhengsheng, in fact, had not reached the main office, but the way to the government office, he was blocked by incalculable zombies.

Qi Zhengsheng immediately abandoned his plan to meet his father. No, in fact, he believed no one was alive beyond the sea of zombies, including his father.

He tried to get back to his home, hoping his father would still be alive. But it was the same, the way to reach the official compound was blocked by another sea of zombies.

Qi Zhengsheng gave up and revised his plan. It was to take Changshou Establishment by force. In order to do so, he needed the key in his plan, Lu An.

Yes, as Tang Shaoyang's trusted man, he believed that he could make use of Lu An to help them. So, he came to Lu An to invite this guy into his team.

"As you see, Tang Shaoyang will not let me lead the survivors. The current Tang Shaoyang is taking advantage of the chaos. He rebelled against our country for establishing an absurd empire! He is an outlaw and when the military comes, he would be dead for sure!"

"So, rather than following Tang Shaoyang, I invite you to join us! We take the shelter from the tyrant's hand and survive together until the aid from the military comes!"

Qi Zhengsheng took a few steps forward and offered his hand for a handshake. He thought the young Lu An was easily swayed by his words.

The threat under the military and a label of rebellion, Qi Zhengsheng thought Lu An would follow him.

Lu An merely looked at Qi Zhengsheng emotionlessly. No words came out of his mouth.

Qi Zhengsheng thought Lu An was hesitating. He thought he only needed to give the last push to get Lu An under his wings.

"I heard you are quite strong amongst the survivors! For your contributions to helping me, I will put good words into the military. It's not impossible for you to be recruited and given a high position later!"

"Let me tell you a secret, my father is on the way to the military base to seek reinforcement. It will not be long before the military comes here, make your choice, boy!"

Qi Zhengsheng smirked as he said the last push. The people who followed falling to his words because of this. The reason why Zhuang and Ren joined him was also the same.

They were still afraid of the military's presence. Never crossed in their minds that the military had fallen. Even Qi Zhengsheng also thought so as he believed his country's military power.

"Unfortunately…" Lu An muttered as he took a step forward.

Qi Zhengsheng was the closest one to Lu An, so he heard that.

"Unfortunately??" Qi Zhengsheng muttered as he was puzzled by Lu An's word. But then his eyes were wide open as harrowing pain transmitted from his chest.

He looked down, a bright red sword pierced his chest and Lu An was the one who stabbed him. He looked up and pointed his finger to Lu An, "You… You… How d-dare…"


Qi Zhengsheng vomited out mouthful blood as he staggered a few steps back before he collapsed, facing the sky. His eyes were still wide open as he was clearly shocked that he would die like this.

Lu An's action shocked the other eight people. Zhuang and Ren rushed forward to check Qi Zhengsheng's condition while the other six were distancing themselves from Lu An.

None of them expected the youth they surrounded would just kill one of them without talking.

"Lu An! Are you insane? He is the only mayor's son and his family is from the military background!" Zhuang yelled at Lu An.

Meanwhile, Ren was trying to five the first aid by stopping the blood. Yet his effort went naught as Level 4 Qi Zhengsheng already died, his heart was pierced by a sword.

"Keke…" Lu An cackled as he returned Zhuang's furious gaze with his cold gaze, "When you are ready to kill someone, you have to get ready to be killed as well!"

After staying those words out, Lu An rushed toward Zhuang and Ren, "I saved you from zombies' pursuit! Boss sheltered in a safe place and gave you something to eat! And you dare to betray us!"


Lu An's speed was just too fast for Zhuang and Ren. They could not react to his attack and the red sword sliced through their necks!


Just like a fountain, blood gushed out of Zhuang and Ren's bodies. Blood splashed around and rained down Lu An who was the closest to the bodies.

The six people who watched this scene trembled in fear. None of them expected the young Lu An would be this cruel, killing without batting eyes.

Then Lu An turned toward the other six people and spoke in a flat tone, "I won't let any hidden danger threaten the Tang Empire however small it is!"

"Guys, don't be afraid! He is alone, we can kill him!" One guy tried to encourage his friend. However, two of them did not listen to him as they immediately ran away.

Lu An did not let these people escape as he immediately chased after the two people.

Under the quiet night, screams resounded. Less than five minutes, the screams stopped. Amongst the nine people, Zhuang and Ren were the strongest in the group.

They got talent, their levels were the highest, and they armed themselves well. As for Qi Zhengsheng, he was the one with the lowest level. It was an easy fight for Level 27 Lu An.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]


Lu An vomited outright after he killed all nine people. He vomited his dinner until he felt his stomach was empty.

He never killed before, this was his first time. As soon as he looked at the grotesque scene, his belly churned up. His hand was trembling and his grips on his sword weakened, causing the sword to fall on the ground.

He fell with his two hands. Even after he vomited all his dinner, his stomach did not get any better. He killed humans who turned zombies, but a zombie and a living one were certainly different.

He closed his eyes and thought to himself, 'I have prepared myself for this day! They deserve to be killed! You can't be this weak, Lu An! Or you will be Boss's burden in the future!'

Lu An took a deep breath with his eyes still closed.

Inhale! Exhale! Inhale! Exhale!

He repeated the same action for some time which was calming his heart a little bit. He picked his sword and headed back to the shelter. Despite leveling up, he did not feel excited in the slightest. However, he knew had to overcome this if he wanted to be useful for his Boss.


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