45 Summoning Spirit - Lvl 2
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Author :HotIce
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45 Summoning Spirit - Lvl 2

Tang Shaoyang furrowed his brows. The status screen certainly belonged to his new subordinate, Pride.

He did not know why, but it certainly changed. It was supposed to be Fogged Ape King, not Demonic Ape King.

In the column evolution, it stated the ape had a mutation evolution.

'Is it because of me? Or because the name I bestowed it? Or maybe because it's now my subordinate?'

Before the Fogged Ape Tribe was his enemy, so [Basic Detection] only gave him a general status screen of the ape. Now, it had become his subordinate hence it showed a detailed status screen.

Of course, it was just his random guess. It could be anything else, who knew?

Tang Shaoyang threw away the complicated thoughts and looked at the five meters tall weird ape.

"Good, I will now grant you the first task, "

"It's an honor to receive your order, Your Majesty!" Pride knelt with one his knee down.

Tang Shaoyang bewilderedly looked at Pride. The same for the other two, Zhang Mengyao and Lu An.

Zhang Mengyao and Lu An's reaction was a bit exaggerated. They jumped a few steps and looked at Pride with their eyes wide open.

Tang Shaoyang remained composed and looked at Pride with a new light.

"You can speak now?"

"Yes, Your Majesty! The moment you bestowed me a name, I also learned your language!" Pride answered in a stiff and rough voice.

"It's good! Very good, " Tang Shaoyang nodded happily and blurted out afterward, "So now I don't need to listen at your unpleasant growl anymore, "

Pride's eyes twitched a little, but it did not say anything.

"Please give me your order, Your Majesty!"

"Ah, right. I almost forgot about that. Your first job is to carry your previous king outside. I need the body for my skill, "

Tang Shaoyang pointed toward the beheaded body.

The order left Pride speechless. Such an order, his Lord ordered it as if it was an important matter. Nevertheless, Pride still carried the order. He ordered his subordinates to do the job of course.

"Oh, bring the other three bodies as well. I am going to show you my power!"

After that, he walked back to the main street. After harvesting the body, it was time to summon a new spirit.

Yes, the reason why Tang Shaoyang gathered the Fogged Ape's dead bodies was to use his skill [Spirit Summoning].

He wanted to try to summon the spirit using different offerings. When he summoned Karan, he used a lot of zombies. No, he had a great amount of Fogged Ape.

He thought the different offerings would summon a different spirit or maybe a stronger spirit. He wanted to test this out with the Fogged Ape as the offerings.

On the way, he remembered that he leveled by 3 levels. He had extra attribute points.

"Ah, there's also Skill Points. I wonder what's the use of the Skill Points?"

Tang Shaoyang opened his status screen.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Class: Spirit Contractor

Age: 26

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 48

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 6

Strength: 175

Agility: 57

Vitality: 108

Stamina: 53

Magic Power: 49

Sense: 8

Skill Point: 10

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Spirit Summoning - Lvl 1], [Spirit Contract - Lvl 1], [Spirit Integration - Lvl 1]

Contracted Spirit (1/3): [Karan - The Great Warrior]

Spirit Skill:

[Karan Skill]: [War Cry] [Wild Axes] [Earth Split]


Tang Shaoyang allocated three points into Strength and the remaining three points into Vitality.

After that, he pressed the Skill Point.

[Skill Point can be used to raise your skill level! Please use wisely and carefully, your skill determines your survivability!]

"How kind of you to remind me of that. That's pretty unusual of you, " Tang Shaoyang commented at the reminder.

It was rare for this robotic voice to remind him of something. But of course, as usual, there was no answer from the robotic voice.

"Hoho… Let's see…"

Tang Shaoyang pressed one of his skills, [Spirit Summoning - Lvl 1].

[Spirit Summoning - Lvl 1 (0/10)]

"So… 10 Skill Points to raise my skill to level 2,"

Then he looked at the other two skills. He checked the skill whether it was the same.

[Spirit Contract - Lvl 1 (0/10)]

[Spirit Integration - Lvl 1 (0/10)]

All skills needed the same amount of Skill Points to reach Level 2.

"I am going to use [Spirit Summoning], so I am going to level up this one, "

He used all Skill Points he had to [Spirit Summoning]. There was no particular phenomenon from raising a skill level.

Afterward, he pressed the skill he just leveled up. He was curious about how many Skill Points needed to raise his skill to level 3.

[Spirit Summoning - Lvl 2 (0/40)]

The skill points needed were quadrupled. It was quite a big leap, but not impossible.

"Four lands, I need to capture four occupied lands…"

A few minutes of walking, Tang Shaoyang, and the group reached the main street. While the trio came out of the fogged park easily, the group of apes stopped at the borderline.

"What are you doing? Come here, I need the bodies!" Tang Shaoyang urged his subordinates.

However, Pride and the other apes' response was quite unexpected. They were hesitating to come out of the Fogged Land.

"Our previous told us not to come out of the Fogged Land, " After a moment of hesitation, Pride spoke up.

"And that order is the one that caused your previous king's demise! Do you want to follow your previous king's steps or follow my steps!?"

Tang Shaoyang's words were right at the point. If for that rule, he might not win the battle. He somehow felt grateful to the Fogged Ape Tribe's previous king.

"We will follow your step, Your Majesty!" The apes knelt down and proclaimed in unison. Without a doubt, these apes had great discipline.

"All right, I don't need your words but your action! Come here and gather the bodies in one place!" He commanded the ape to gather their companion bodies which began to rot.

No longer hesitating, the Fogged Ape Tribe walked out of their territory. Pride led its people out.

Standing a step behind Tang Shaoyang, Pride commented in a pity, "What a pity, the meat already went bad, "

Tang Shaoyang was surprised to hear this. From the Pride's words, it seemed the Fogged Ape was cannibalism.

"Your tribe lacks food?" It was his duty to fill his people's belly. If he let his people starve, then he was failed as their lord.

"Thanks to Your Majesty we are no longer short of food. The supply is supposed to last only for two weeks. But you came and killed many of my kinds, we have plenty of food now, " Pride replied truthfully.

"But again, more food brings no harm!"

'Is it supposed to be sarcasm or you truly feel grateful to me?' That was what Tang Shaoyang wanted to ask, but he shook his head.

The Fogged Ape Tribe had moved all bodies into a place, forming a high mountain made of the Fogged Ape's corpses.

"Stay here, I will go alone. No matter what happened, just stay there and watch!" Tang Shaoyang commanded Pride.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Pride bowed its head, though it was still taller than his Lord.

Tang Shaoyang walked to the front of Fogged Ape and directed his opened palm to the mountain of corpses.

[Spirit Summoning]


A black tornado rose from below. The black tornado instantly engulfed the mountain corpses.

Rumble! Rumble!

Blue thunders were rumbling inside the black tornado as the sky around them darkened. It was completely different compared to when he summoned Karan.

The phenomenon lasted for ten minutes before the dark tornado died down and showed a figure beyond the black tornado.

"Thanks for the meal, " A hoarse voice escaped from the figure inside the dark tornado.

At the same time, the robotic voice resounded in Tang Shaoyang's head.

[You have summoned a high-level spirit, Zaneos the Demon Swordsman!]


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