46 Teacher
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Author :HotIce
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46 Teacher

Two meters in height, wearing a tattered dark-gray robe, two meters long sword in his hand, and a straw hat that covered his face.

Demon Swordsman stood at the center of the dark tornado until the tornado went away. He moved his head, scanning the surroundings.

The head stopped when he spotted Tang Shaoyang.


Right after that, thick killing intent shrouded the area.

"Protect his Majesty!" Pride yelled as it pounced forward.

Lu An and Zhang Mengyao were suffocated by the killing intent. They subconsciously took two steps back.

Tang Shaoyang raised his hand, "It's okay!"

"Yeah, yeah. He's right, you guys don't need to worry, I will not harm someone who fed me. I am not that ungrateful, "

Zaneos the Demon Swordsman advanced as he spoke. Through the straw hat, red pupils gleamed, scanning Tang Shaoyang from top to the bottom.

"You are not that bad for someone at your level but…" The gleaming red eyes looked at Tang Shaoyang's eyes, "You are not enough to be my Master!"

Zaneos' words were very, he did not agree to establish a contract with Tang Shaoyang.

"How do you know I am not enough to be your Master, you don't know me yet!" Tang Shaoyang grinned at Zaneos.

The Demon Swordsman shook his head and pointed at his own eyes, "These eyes have seen countless people and creatures, you are someone who would be ignored, not worthy even to get a glance, "

Then, Zaneos raised his sword, "This sword has killed countless people and creatures, but you are not worthy for me to draw my sword! This swordsman can kill you with his fist!"

A swordsman did not use his sword to fight. If meant the swordsman did not put his opponent into his eyes.

Each of the Demon Swordsman's words was sharp. He was practically telling Tang Shaoyang that he did not put Tang Shaoyang as a worthy opponent.

Tang Shaoyang's grip on the Destroyer tightened. He wanted to swing his battle-ax at Zaneos. But he loosened the grip and let out a sigh.

"Hoho… Smart choice! Know when to advance and know when to retreat. I like you, boy!"

But then, Zaneos made an unexpected statement. With all his offensive words, he suddenly praised Tang Shaoyang.

"I said all of those were telling you that the current you are not worthy to be my Master! But it does not mean I don't want to establish a contract with you, "

Zaneos the Demon Swordsman stood in front of Tang Shaoyang.

"You have passed my first test by enduring my killing intent. Now the second test, I will give you time for you to grow. Grow strong enough and challenge me!"

"I am not asking the impossible to defeat me. Land a hit on me and you win! Three chances, you only have three chances!"

After that, an eerie silence followed. Zhang Mengyao, Lu An, and the apes looked at Tang Shaoyang, waiting for his response.

To their surprise, Tang Shaoyang grinned, "I accept the challenge, No I love the challenge!"

"But with one condition, teach me to fight properly! Train me to defeat you and I like the impossibility. We shall raise the standard!"

"Buahahahaha…" Zaneos laughed hard at the unexpected response. He felt very absurd, never crossed his mind that one day there was someone coming to him and asked him to train this someone to defeat himself.

Even Zhang Mengyao, Lu An, and Pride looked at Tang Shaoyang. They were surprised by his positive reaction.

Lu An was the most surprised one. Based on his Boss's temper, he would feel natural if the Boss suddenly hacked the summoned being with the battle-ax.

He was not expecting such a response from his Boss. Based on the words, Tang Shaoyang was admitting the summoned spirit's prowess.

"Are you insane? Do you think I will teach you how to defeat? I am…"

Before Zaneos could finish his words, Tang Shaoyang cut him off, "You will!"

Tang Shaoyang grinned confidently.

Sure enough, the Demon Swordsman fell silent. After a momentary silence, Zaneos opened his mouth, "Why are you so sure that I will accept this insane proposal?"

"Huhu… It's because you are a warrior, a swordsman! You are willing to be a spirit like this even after you died, there must be a reason behind it!"

Tang Shaoyang maintained his grin as he spoke while Zaneos did not refute him.

"That very reason is the battlefield. You want to feel the battlefield once again. You are missing the battlefield's ambiance!"

"Me! I am your long-awaiting chance, a chance for you to descend to the battlefield once again! Teach me and I will present you with a grand battlefield!"

"I am someone who will conquer the world. Follow me! I will grant you countless battlefields for you to enjoy!"

"Teach me to fight and defeat you, in return, I will grant your wish!"

Tang Shaoyang presented his hand to Zaneos the Demon Swordsman.

Zaneos fell silent, he looked at the human's palm blankly. Tang Shaoyang's guess was right on the spot.

The Demon Swordsman missed the battlefield. He was born to battle, not staying in the empty space just like what he did all this time.

He longed for a battlefield, the very reason he was willing to be a spirit like this.

Subconsciously, Zaneos reached the palm. Meaning he agreed with the proposal.

He did not know whether it was Tang Shaoyang's words or what. But there was something inside him that was telling him to reach the hand.

He reached the hand, agreeing to teach the human how to fight.

"But why me? Why do you want to learn from me?" Zaneos asked.

"No specific reason, but I know you are strong, you have rich experiences on the battlefield, so why not?" Tang Shaoyang grinned widely.

"As long as someone possesses something I don't have, I am willing to learn! Despite my crude look, I have a motto for myself, you know!?"

"Never stop learning, the day you stop learning, it's the day you stop growing!"

Zaneos looked at Tang Shaoyang in the eyes. The firm eyes the human showed him, making him shook. He did not why, but his inner self was telling him that he would not regret his choice.

"Good! There's no need for us to wait. Let's establish the contract now! I will give you unlimited chances to challenge me and I will train you as well!"

"In return, you present me with the countless battlefields and the grand battlefield you promised! That was the contract between us!"

Tang Shaoyang grinned and activated his skill.

[Spirit Contract]

After the contract was established, Zaneos the Swordsman's figure turned into dust and entered Tang Shaoyang's body.

Today, not only he gained a new battle spirit, but also a teacher.


Name: Tang Shaoyang

Class: Spirit Contractor

Age: 26

Affiliation: Tang Empire

Level: 48

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 6

Strength: 175

Agility: 57

Vitality: 108

Stamina: 53

Magic Power: 49

Sense: 9

Skill Point: 10

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Spirit Summoning - Lvl 2], [Spirit Contract - Lvl 1], [Spirit Integration - Lvl 1]

Contracted Spirit (2/3): [Karan - The Great Warrior] [Zaneos - The Demon Swordsman]



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