51 Zombie Horde
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Author :HotIce
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51 Zombie Horde

Tang Shaoyang and the group checking the surroundings. Strangely, no zombie could be found around, not even the slow walking zombie.

They started entering the building, but all buildings were empty. No mini-game commenced either.

"This is weird, where did those zombies go?" Zhang Mengyao was also confused. At that time, there were dozens of stage 2 zombies ambushing them on this road.

They searched around, but it was futile. After half an hour of searching, they stopped and went back to the original spot.

"This is weird, where could possible zombies go?" Zhang Mengyao's former subordinate, Fu Dandan voiced her thoughts.

"Mnn… I was sure there are at least a dozen huge zombies and dozens of Stage 1 zombies too!" Zhang Mengyao's former subordinate, Tan Xiaoli nodded in response.

While they were still walking, all out of a sudden, Zhang Mengyao stopped. Fu Dandan was the first one to notice and ask, "What's wrong, Captain?"

"Don't you guys hear it?" She motioned her hand to the others not to make any noise.

Tang Shaoyang stopped next to Zhang Mengyao and tried to listen as well. But the same for the others too, they did not hear anything.

"Steps! A lot of steps, there!" Zhang Mengyao pointed toward the east.

Her finger was pointing at a two-story building. As the others are still clueless, she rushed toward that direction.

She entered the small pathway between the building to go the next road. Tang Shaoyang followed her closely with the others behind him.

After a minute of running, Tang Shaoyang heard it, the steps. Not only that, but he also felt a weak vibration on the ground. Without a doubt, either a massive number of people walking together or massive zombies who caused this.

As they were getting closer, the vibration was getting stronger as well.

Soon, the group found the source. It was a massive zombie horde. Yes, countless zombies filled the main road and they headed toward a direction, to the south.

Tang Shaoyang felt bad about this. If the zombie horde followed the main road, they would cross a river. After crossing the river, his main base was not far by then.

Looking at the lines of the horde, he immediately turned around and pulled Zhang Mengyao with him.

"Don't make any noise! We leave now!"

"Uh? Why? Shouldn't we investigate this dangerous horde first?" Zhang Mengyao's former subordinate, Dai Wenqian, questioned Tang Shaoyang's decision.

"There's no need if they followed the main road, they would cross the river. My guess is the horde heading toward our base. We have to get ready for that!"

Tang Shaoyang picked up his pace. As for why he had guessed that because the zombies were moving in a group like that.

Based on his experiences, the zombie was just a walking dead body. They did not have the intelligence to move in a group like that. Forming a horde and marching to one destination, there must be someone or something commanding the zombie.

He had to investigate that, but not now. The base was in danger if the horde reached the base and they were unprepared.

He could see stage 2 zombies mixed in the horde. He even saw a few stage 3 zombies. As for the number of zombies, it could easily reach a thousand.

However, as long as the people in the base worked together. The zombie horde was not a big problem. There were over three thousand people. Even though only half of it could join the fight, the zombie horde should not be a problem.

The others then realized the severity behind the horde. They indeed had to go back and warn the others about the incoming horde.

Soon, they hopped on the car and rushed back. When they reached the bridge, the zombie horde was still out of their sight. But they knew, from the slight vibration on the ground, the zombie horde was coming toward their direction.

They soon went back to the base. Tang Shaoyang could still see the crowd gathered at the counter. These people were registering for the work he posted.

Looking at the crowd, Tang Shaoyang was satisfied as many people wanted to be part of the Tang Empire.

"Emergency! Emergency! We have an urgent situation, I want your attention!" Lu An stepped into the crowd and shouted.

He hopped onto the counter and caught everyone's attention. Everyone knew Lu An was The Boss' right hand, so they put their ears to listen to what Lu An wanted to say.

"There's a zombie horde heading toward our base. I want all of you to raise your weapon and fight with us!" Lu An announced the incoming horde.

However, the enthusiastic response he expected did not come. Their response was silent until a random guy raised his hand and asked.

"How many? How many zombies in the horde?"

Lu An answered straight away, "Thousands, but it's supposed to be less than ten thousand!"

The answer terrified many people, including the guy who asked.

"Are you insane? You want us to fight thousands of zombies with our number?"

The other people reacted the same way to the emergency situation. They were terrified when they heard the number of zombies.

"Why should we fight them? Isn't it better to escape while we have time to run?"

"Yeah! Escape is a wise choice rather than fighting the horde. We can look for a new base again after that, "

"Then what? What are you going to do when another horde attacks your new base? Are you going to escape again? Keep escaping like rats?" Lu An's face contorted in anger.

His Boss and he saved them from the zombie and gave them a new home to live in. But when a situation like this arose, these people just thought for themselves.

Lu An had regarded this place as his home. So he was being sentimental when someone proposed to abandon his home.

"What do you say? Who do you call rats? Say it again if you dare!" The random guy was pissed off when Lu An called him a rat. Not only him, but the others were also pissed off.

Just as the people were about to riot at Lu An's provocation, a deep and loud voice rang out, "Leave! If you want to leave, leave now!"

Everyone turned toward the voice and found Tang Shaoyang stood there with the intimidating battle-ax.

The guy who had an argument with Lu An was terrified. Everyone knew how ruthless Tang Shaoyang was to who defied him.

"T-that's… not…" The man stuttered under Tang Shaoyang's cold eyes.

"Leave! Leave now before I change my mind! All of you can leave or fight against the horde with me! It's your choice and I won't force any of you to stay with me!"

Tang Shaoyang did not bother to listen to the guy's words. He cut him off in a loud voice, making sure everyone in the lobby heard him.

"Origin! Tell everyone in the base the emergency! Let them make their own choice, but once they leave this place, they can't return to this place anymore!"


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