52 Ques
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Author :HotIce
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52 Ques

More than half of the people left the base when Tang Shaoyang said they could leave. As for his words that did not allow them to return, they were not stupid enough to believe his words.

If they left the base, the chance of the base survived from the zombie horde was almost zero.

Even three out of Zhang Mengyao's former subordinates were persuading their captain to leave with them.

"Let's leave the base while we can, Captain!" Pan Yanyu tried to pull her captain out of the building.

"Yes, let's leave the base. There's no hope for the base to survive from the horde! Let's leave, Captain!" Cheng Mei urged Zhang Mengyao.

However, Zhang Mengyao did not budge at her subordinate's persuasion. If she had to follow her rational thought, she would leave the base. But that man's figure flashed in her mind.

"No, I will stay! If you want to leave, I am not going to blame you! You can leave!" Zhang Mengyao smiled at her former team.

Her answer was firm and as her subordinate, they knew their Captain would not be going to change her decision.

"C-captain… I-I am sorry… I still have my family in W city, I can't be with you…" Tan Xiaoli was crying as she knew she was about to part with her captain.

"I understand! You can go and leave, " Zhang Mengyao hugged the cry-baby Tan Xiaoli.

After Tan Xiaoli, she hugged Pan Yanyu and Cheng Mei too. It was a farewell between them and this might be the last time they met.

After that, the trio left the base with their military uniforms. They also armed themselves with the gears they bought from the General Shop.

Leaving Zhang Mengyao, Dai Wenqian, and Fu Dandan.

"You don't have to risk your life for me, you know, " Zhang Mengyao turned around and smiled at the two girls.

Dai Wenqian sighed and replied, "You are the only family I have in this world. It's impossible to leave you here, "

"Don't be mistaken, Captain! I am staying because of him!" The cheerful Fu Dandan pointed her finger toward Lu An who was having a conversation with Tang Shaoyang.

Zhang Mengyao shook her head and smiled, "Ah, whatever your reasons are, but I am happy you want to stay with me. Let's move your ass and go work!"

After having their talk, Lu An left the base alone.

"Does he decide to leave too?" Zhang Mengyao asked in a concerned tone.

Lu An was the longest follower of his man. Lu An left the base might hurt him.

"No, I gave him a task!" Tang Shaoyang shook his head, "Origin! How many people stay?"

"1,037 people!" An immediate answer from Origin. Over 2,200 people left the base.

"How many people could fight?"

"257 people!"

"I-I can fight too…" Right after Origin's answer, a timid voice rang.

Everyone looked toward the voice. Li Na, the clerk was wearing leather armor, a longbow, a quiver, and a spear. Despite her nervousness and timidness, she braces herself to volunteer.

But it seemed her volunteer was not needed.

"Haha… Little girl, you are included in 257 people who could fight! Even if you don't volunteer yourself, you have to fight!" Origin's teasing voice rang in the lobby.

Hearing that, Li Na's face turned redder from embarrassment. She was doing something unnecessary.

Tang Shaoyang appreciated the girl's bravery. He placed his hand on her shoulder and said, "Then get ready to fight!"

"Yes!" Li Na answered firmly.

"M-me too… L-let me fight too!" A childish voice rang from Li Na's back.

Tang Shaoyang looked down and found Li Na's little sister, Li Yue stood straight and volunteered herself to fight. Even a six years old little girl was more courageous than an adult.

Tang Shaoyang squatted down and messed up Li Yue's hair, "Soldier Li Yue, you have your task! It's to prepare the feast for the soldier after the battle! If you leave your post, who's going to deliver the food?"

The little Li Yue had her eyes round black eyes widened. She just realized this issue. Just like Tang Shaoyang said, the little girl was a helper in the kitchen. She helped to deliver the food to the table. If she left to fight, then who was going to replace her?

Tang Shaoyang's grinning even wider, "Soldier Li Yue, your post is in the kitchen and you are going to be responsible for our supply, understand!?

The little girl stood straight and raised her little hand to her forehead.

She saluted Tang Shaoyang and answered loudly, "Understand, Boss!"

After that, she ran back to the elevator. Her destination was clear, the second floor, the canteen.

The show between Tang Shaoyang and Li Yue lightened the mood in the lobby.

"We can also fight!" A group of old men and old ladies came forward. They also wanted to join the fight.

The rational thought, Tang Shaoyang could use them as a meatshield to increase the odds. However, it was not him to use the people who trusted him as a meatshield. That was not him.

"Don't worry, Elder! You have your jobs later. As for now, let us fight for you!" Tang Shaoyang replied with his trademark grin.

Then, Tang Shaoyang asked Origin to say his words to 257 people to gather in the front of the building. Hundreds against thousands, from the number, the odds were against them. However, it was not impossible to win.

"So, what's the plan!?" Zhang Mengyao asked.

Yes, they needed a good strategy to win with their pitiful number.

Before Tang Shaoyang could voice out his idea, Zhang Mengyao continued, "From the main road to our base, the horde must pass these six roads!"

Out of nowhere, she took out a map. She pointed out the six roads, the closest road after crossing the bridge to reach the base.

"Let's split the people into eight teams, six main teams guard these six roads another two small teams guard these two roads!" Zhang Mengyao pointed out two roads with the smallest possibility of the zombies passing the road.

"We can use the abandoned cars to obstruct their path as well. The team should be armed with spears and bows…"

The plan would be perfect if their enemy was only Stage 1 Zombie, but that was not the case.

"We have two problems. We have a limited supply of arrows and stage 2 or even stage 3 zombies," Zhang Mengyao voiced her concerns.

"The arrows should not be a problem! The empire will fully supply the arrows! But stage 2 zombie…" Tang Shaoyang did not know how many people could contend with stage 2 zombies.

"Origin! How many people could contend against the stage 2 zombie? Your estimation!"

Origin had all the data, it should not be a problem for it to know about this issue.

"44 including you!" As usual, Origin gave an immediate answer.

Hearing the number, Tang Shaoyang was relieved, "That's enough, let's divide them into the six main teams!"

Tang Shaoyang headed outside where his people were waiting for him to fight.

Just as Zhang Mengyao planned, they divided the people into six main teams and two small teams.

"Get the defense ready!" Tang Shaoyang put Zhang Mengyao in charge as he headed toward a direction to the north.

"Where are you going?" Zhang Mengyao called out.

"I am going to buy time for you guys to prepare the defense!" Tang Shaoyang grinned at the girl.

"You…" Before Zhang Mengyao could finish her words, Tang Shaoyang kissed her. It was a breathless 30 seconds kiss.

"There's nothing that would happen to me! Your job is to protect our people, at least for now!"

Then, Tang Shaoyang left the entrapped girl behind and headed toward the bridge.

But then, when he reached the bridge, he was not alone. The couple, Wei Xi and Cao Jingyi, and also Zhao Zhong.

"I thought you were going to leave, " Tang Shaoyang spoke to Wei Xi.

"Hehe… My wife tried to persuade me, but this time, I am going to believe in my guts and follow you!" Wei Xi grinned, trying to copy Tang Shaoyang albeit a bit stiff.

"What about you?" The question was directed to Zhao Zhong.

"Haha… Me too… Berserk from Youyouliucun District, I want to witness his miracle again!" Zhao Zhong answered with a heartfelt laugh.

"Good, I shall grant your wish, not as Berserk from Youyouliucun District but an Emperor!" Having said that, Tang Shaoyang stepped forward to the bridge, toward the zombie horde.

The moment he stepped into the bridge, the robotic voice resounded in his head.


Quest to Conquest

Subject: The Empire of Tang

Objective: Clear the Zombie Horde/Defeat the Zombie Horde

Reward: Level +1, Skill Point +10, 1,000,000 Game Coin (All Participants/Tang Empire's subject)

Reward: Level +1 Smart Base, 10,000,000 Game Coin (Faction Reward)

Penalty for Failure: Level -5 (all participants) and Smart Base destroyed.


"More reasons to fight and stay!" Tang Shaoyang grinned ear to ear as he rushed to the zombie horde.


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