54 Battling Against The Horde - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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54 Battling Against The Horde - Part 1

"He is dead!"

"Hahaha…" Zhao Zhong laughed loudly when he heard that.

"What? Why are you laughing? Have you gone insane?" Cao Jingyi startled.

"Huh? Insane?" Zhao Zhong merely shook his head at Cao Jingyi's words.

Back then, Tang Shaoyang could even defeat dozens of men at once. Let alone now, with the level system and attribute, the walking dead bodies aka zombies would not be able to kill that man. It was what he believed.

Cao Jingyi did not understand Zhao Zhong's train of thought. She did not even care about his thoughts. What the matter was to save her and her husband from the horde.

"Let's leave now, Wei Xi!" She called out her husband's full name while pulling his hand.

However, Wei Xi did not budge from his spot. His eyes were glued to the zombie horde, "Wait, Dear! Let's wait a little longer!"

"What? What are you waiting for? Your death!" Cao Jingyi was pissed off by her husband who believed a certain ruthless thug.

In the first place, she never agreed to stay in the base since the start of the establishment. But she knew the base was the best place to live in. She followed her husband to stay, but now, she was not going to follow her crazy husband.

"Then I am going to leave! You stay here with your dead cold-blooded Boss!" She threw her husband away.

Of course, Wei Xi did not release his grips on his wife.

"Look, Dear! I am right about him!"

With a displeased frown, Cao Jingyi followed her husband's direction toward the zombie horde.

There, she saw zombies were flying around in pieces. A man kept swinging the huge battle-ax, killing dozens of zombies in one swing.

"Told you, he was not that easy to be killed!" Zhao Zhong boasted before Cao Jingyi.

The girl rolled her eyes at Zhao Zhong. She made no further comment on Tang Shaoyang as she was amazed by the sight.

"Should we help?" Wei Xi was worried. No matter how strong Tang Shaoyang was, he was alone while the horde was just too many. It was impossible to defeat the horde alone.

"Mnn…" Zhao Zhong nodded his head, "We should assist Boss, you two take the right-wing, I will be taking the left-wing!"

The three nodded and made their move to help Tang Shaoyang.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang was frustratingly swinging his battle-ax.

"Why don't you fight me, f*ckers! Stop and fight me, don't you f*cking ignore me!" He was pissed off.

No matter how much zombies were butchered, they were not bothered by him. As if he was air.

"Boss! We come to help!" Zhao Zhong shouted from behind.

Along with the voice, Tang Shaoyang noticed the change in the horde. They marched forward faster, trying to reach Zhao Zhong. In fact, the zombie horde was split into two, one to his right and one to his left.

He looked back and found the zombies were after Zhao Zhong and Wei Xi.

"Hold your ground!" He shouted to the two.

From the current situation, he could use the two to buy more time. Hence he commanded the two to hold on their ground.

Tang Shaoyang helped Zhao Zhong and Wei Xi, while Cao Jingyi supported them with her bow. She only shot stage 2 zombies after her husband and Zhao Zhong.

Soon the woman realized something fishy. It was the fact the zombies were ignoring Tang Shaoyang.

"It's unfair! What trick do you use? Why the zombies are not attacking you?" Cao Jingyi called out loudly.

"Like hell, I know? I also don't want to be ignored as well!" Tang Shaoyang retorted furiously.

Thanks to the reinforcement, the four people managed to slow the horde further.

Unknowingly, the four were pushed out of the bridge. But they managed to buy time for almost an hour.

At this time, Zhao Zhong, Wei Xi, and Cao Jing were at their limit. Their breath ragged as sweats flooded their back.

"All right, it's enough! You can go back and inform the defense force the horde is coming! I am going to stay to reduce their number further!"

Tang Shaoyang ordered the three to get back.

"But…" Zhao Zhong wanted to stay and fight alongside the Boss.

"Go back, now!" Tang Shaoyang insisted.

"Yes!" The three nodded and retreated.

As the three retreated, the zombie horde resumed with their normal speed. They were still ignoring Tang Shaoyang's presence.

Not long after the three rushed back, they met with Zhang Mengyao and her two subordinates, Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian.

Looking at the three in a sorry state and the missing Tang Shaoyang, Zhang Mengyao panicked.

"Where is he!?" She subconsciously raised her voice.

"Don't worry about him, he was good and still fighting the horde! He ordered us to get ready, the horde is coming!" Cao Jingyi reported to Zhang Mengyao.

Only then, the Female General was relieved. She nodded and immediately told the three to get a quick rest before ordering Fu Dandan and Dai Wenqian to inform the six main teams to get ready.

Zhang Mengyao herself stayed behind and rushed toward where Tang Shaoyang was.

Soon, she saw the man was fighting the horde alone. Not, it could not be described as fighting as only Tang Shaoyang who attacked the horde whilst the horde ignored him.

Zhang Mengyao rushed and pulled the bloody Tang Shaoyang. Yes, Tang Shaoyang's whole body was soaked by the zombies' blood.

"Enough! Don't waste your stamina on the small prey! Your power is needed to fight against stage 2 and stage 3 zombies!" The girl pulled her man with him.

Tang Shaoyang refused to follow at first, but he found she was right about that. Moreover, stage 1 zombies could be used by others to level up.

Tang Shaoyang and Zhang Mengyao retreated, letting the zombie horde advance unhindered.

"Everything is prepared! As long as we take care of stage 2 and stage 3 zombies, defeating the horde is not impossible!"

"Let's do that then!"

The pair rushed back to the defense they had been built. Putting the car into a line, it would be a perfect barrier to slow the zombie. Especially stage 1 zombie, it would take some time for them to climb up the car. By then, his people would kill them by the spear.

That was why Zhang Mengyao, especially the requested weapon, was a spear. They could poke the zombie from behind the car.

The flow of the battle was going as Zhang Mengyao had predicted. The horde split into four predicted roads at first, later the horde filled the other two main roads as well.

Strange enough, the horde that attacked them only consisted of stage 1 zombies. Despite being overwhelmed by the number of zombies, the Tang Empire managed to fend off the zombies well.

After five hours of continuous battle, all stage 1 zombies were cleared. Yes, no more zombies attacked them.

"We won!?" A man who was holding the spear with his trembling hands muttered unbelievably. He could not believe they would be able to defeat thousands of zombies with only hundreds of them.

Zhang Mengyao frowned. She felt something fishy. Because all the zombies that entered her road were only stage 1 zombies.

She exchanged a glance with Tang Shaoyang. The latter also felt fishy with the horde. Not only had he seen stage 2 and stage 3 zombies in the horde, but he had also killed a few of them as well. But where were they now?

While the pair confused, a scream resounded from the back.

The two looked back and saw a massive stage 2 zombies even stage 3 zombies came from their back.

The crawlers moved in the group, attacking the archer teams.


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