57 Teamwork
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Author :HotIce
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57 Teamwork

The group of strange zombies walked to the front of the horde. The zombie in the suit did not like a zombie at all.

Its flesh was not rotted like the other zombies. It was normal flesh and it had an extremely pale white skin.

If not for [Basic Detection] told him this zombie was a Zombie Lord. He might think he was a living human.

And with the Zombie Lord appearance, everything became clear. The zombie horde moved based on the Zombie Lord's will. This pale white zombie must be the one who controlled the zombie horde from the back.

But the surprise did not stop here. The zombie lord suddenly spoke, "Hello, humans! I am the lord of the zombies, Dark Lord!"

The zombie in a suit introduced itself in a peculiar way.

Shock flashed on Lu An and the other faces. The zombies in their minds were the walking dead, but this one could communicate with them, fluent at that.

Tang Shaoyang merely frowned, the zombie was the same as telling him he was the culprit behind this zombie horde. He was the mastermind behind all of this. Rage boiled inside him, but he managed to hold it back.

"Let's stop this pointless battle! I have a good offer for you! Join me! Join the Dark Lord to conquer the world! Let's conquer the world together, humans and beasts!"

He raised his hand to offer to Tang Shaoyang and Pride. Asking them to join his conquest. From the look of it, Dark Lord had guessed the leader of the opposite party.

The frown on Tang Shaoyang's forehead deepened. To him, listening to the Zombie Lord was a pointless thing.

"That's it!?" Tang Shaoyang opened his mouth annoyedly.

"Haha… Humans, your vision is too narrow. How can you take a great conquest lightly," Dark Lord shook his head in regret.

But then, Tang Shaoyang suddenly smiled at Dark Lord, "So you want to be my subordinate then?"

He had one vassal, adding one more would increase the strength of his Empire. Anyway, he had apes as his subordinates, so mixing it with zombies was not a bad idea.

"Presumptuous!!!" The zombie lord raised his voice.

"How can this lord become the underling of humans! Humans! This your last chance! Follow me and become underlings! Let's conquer the world under the banner of the Great Dark Lord!"

The zombie raised both hands and praised himself in front of his enemy.

Somehow, Tang Shaoyang found similarities between him and the zombie lord's action.

While watching the zombie lord oration, he also did not remain still. He signaled his people through his palm. He kept opening and closing his palm, signaling them to get ready.

"Then there's no need to talk…" Tang Shaoyang rushed to the zombie group, dragging his big battle-ax.

The thirty meters distance shortened in a flash. The action surprised the zombie lord, but then the surprise only lasted for a moment before it was replaced with a smirk.

"I have waited for you to make a move like this, stupid human! If you die, then your defense will crumble on its own!" The zombie lord revealed his true purpose for showing himself up.

Before Tang Shaoyang could reach the zombie lord, four Zombie Warriors of Crusher type walked forward and blocked Tang Shaoyang. At the same time, six Zombie Warriors of Crawler type circled Tang Shaoyang.

In an instant, Tang Shaoyang was surrounded by ten Zombie Warriors. Even so, Tang Shaoyang was not flustered in the slightest. He returned the smirk with his trademark grin.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of booming sounds resounded, ten apes that were about the same size as Zombie Warrior of Crusher Type landed around Tang Shaoyang. Of course, Pride was the one who led his kind.

While the two groups were about to clash, Dark Lord noticed a blurred figure circling the group and headed toward him. Lu An activated [Dash] and rushes to the zombie lord. He was aiming at the leader while the Boss took care of the zombie warriors who guarded the lord.

The teamwork was working perfectly fine until the zombie lord found out. Dark Lord did not lose his condescending smile at all. Clearly, he was not afraid of Lu An.

"Huhu… Do you think this Great Dark Lord only has ten guards? Stupid humans!" The zombie lord giggled out as he motioned his right hand forward.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Three figures flashed out the horde. The three figures were Zombie Warrior of Crawler Type. The difference from the earlier six crawlers was their weapon. The three crawlers were holding six swords in each of their hands.

Lu An's path to reach was blocked and he was in danger. All three Zombie Warriors brandished their swords toward Lu An. But again, Lu An was not alone.

One figure flashed to his left and two figures flashed to his right. Zhang Mengyao appeared on Lu An's left. Wei Xi and Zhao Zhong on his right.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

With a shield in her right hand, Zhang Mengyao blocked all six swords. Wei Xi and Zhao Zhong faced the other zombie warrior while Lu An faced the one in front of him.

Like that, two groups were tied up in a battle.

"Huhu… While you guys are entangled by my warriors, I will slaughter your people!" Just as Dark Lord was about to order the horde to attack Tang Shaoyang's people, a figure appeared in front of him.

Tang Shaoyang and his battle-ax had arrived. The zombie lord was surprised for a moment, but then he sneered at Tang Shaoyang.

"Stupid Human! You are underestimating this Dark Lord!"

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Eight tentacles made of flesh burst out from the zombie lord's back. The tentacles rushed toward Tang Shaoyang.

Despite the surprise of the disgusting tentacles, Tang Shaoyang was still grinning at the zombie lord. [Spirit Integration] was activated, his skin already turned greeny, meaning he had integrated with Karan.

Before the flesh tentacles reached him, Tang Shaoyang opened his mouth wide.

[War Cry]


[War Cry activated, boosting your attributes by 20% for five minutes]

As soon as the ear-piercing cry came out of Tang Shaoyang's mouth, the Zombie Lord was paralyzed.

"Die you b*tch!"


He swung the Destroyer toward Dark Lord's neck. The huge blade sliced through the air and the flesh tentacles before it finally cut Dark Lord's neck.


The Zombie Lord's head flew to the air and blood splattered everywhere. Along with that, the tentacles dropped down to the ground.

"This is for my people!"

Tang Shaoyang slashed his battle-ax downward to the zombie lord's falling body.


The battle-ax cut through the body and split the body into two parts. As if he was not satisfied with this, he swung the battle-ax at the body again.

He cut the body into pieces, venting out all his fury to it. In this battle, he lost more than two hundred people.

The zombie lord died with his body turned into minced meat by Tang Shaoyang. As if he was not satisfied with this, he raised his head to the remaining horde.

The Zombie Lord died, the zombies went wild.

Tang Shaoyang pounced toward the horde.


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