59 Together
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Author :HotIce
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59 Together

Just like Tang Shaoyang said, the battle was not over. The people who were early desperate to end the battle, now they spirited up to fight again.

Of course, Tang Shaoyang did not let all people follow him to fight again. Half of the surviving people, 57 people to be more exact had to stay. The base could not be left unguarded and they needed to rest as well.

So Tang Shaoyang only brought 50 people with him while leaving the rest to guard the bass. He also told them they could switch later on.

Li Na was amongst the 57 people left behind. She was unwilling to stay, but she could not disobey the order since she was not chosen.

Yes, the one who always stayed behind the counter, doing a clerk job for eight hours a day. The cowardly girl who braced herself to fight the zombies outside because of a man.

Somehow, she survived through the battle though all of that was thanks to Cao Jingyi. Li Na stayed with Cao Jingyi who saved her when they got ambushed. Until then, she followed everyone to fight with all she had.

However, the man she looked up never looked back at her. It made her frustrated.

Splash! Splash!

She washed her face and looked through the mirror. She was not a stunning beauty, but she was still a beauty yet the man never looked for her again since that night.

Yes, the man she looked up was Tang Shaoyang. Li Na sold her body for a safe job as the clerk. Thanks to that, she never worried about her grandmother and her sister being starved.

But then, since that night, Li Na could never forget the man. It was just supposed to be a one-night stand, but she could never forget about the man since then. The face of that man still lingered in her head.

[It's almost there! You have to be patient! He is still grieving as he lost many men in the battle so now he vents out his frustration to another zombie horde. Just be patient and soon the chance for you to strike will arrive!]

Origin's voice rang inside the bathroom.

"Hah… I know…" Despite her answer, she was still depressed.

[But are you sure about your choice? I am telling you. You will not be the only woman who will stay on his side, there will be more women in the future!]

"I know that, but as long I can occupy a small place in his heart, it's enough!" Surprisingly, the dejected Li Na turned energetic as she gave the AI firm answer.

Origin fell silent at the answer.

"Hello, are you still there?" Li Na's voice echoed in the bathroom.

[Anyway, you just need to be useful and you will catch his attention. In your case, you have passed the huge ordeal, he will see you in a new light! It's all I can help you, you do the rest!]

Origin had been helping the girl back then. Li Na decided to fight outside and raised her level. All of that under Origin's persuasion.

Origin saw a potential in her, the potential to be Tang Shaoyang's loyal follower hence it guided her.

"All right!" The girl nodded.

[Oh, right! You participated in the battle, then you should receive the reward, right?]

Li Na responded with a nod. Indeed, she received a notification after they defeated the zombie horde. A lot of sum Game Coin, 10 Skill Points, and a level.

[Then you should get rest soon and join the battle again! Reach Level 30 as soon as possible and get your class before it's too late!]

"Too late?"

[Yes! You are not the only one who received the reward. So, you should get enough rest and join the battle again! Reach Level 30 and get Advance Class! There are only ten limited Advance Classes! Master has taken one and Lu An has taken one, there only eight Advance Classes left! You have to hurry if you want to get the advance class.]

Even though Origin knew that one could only get the advance class under Tang Shaoyang's consent. It told her like that so the girl would be stimulated.

Sure enough, Li Na nodded her head and immediately went to rest after that.

*** ***

Meanwhile, on Tang Shaoyang side,

The zombie horde that took the Fogged Land was enormous. The zombie completely blocked the street to the park and the group had to stop their advance even though they were still far from their destination.

They stopped 500 meters away from the horde and gathered to discuss the plan.

"So, how are you going to fight them?" Tang Shaoyang asked Pride.

"How? We are going to crush them head-on! They are just walking flesh!" Pride's answer was simple, meeting the horde head-on.

Recalling the ape's size, this was the best way of the Fogged Tribe to fight. But not for his people.

"Then the Fogged Ape Tribe will be the vanguard and you guys support the Fogged Ape Tribe!" Tang Shaoyang made the plan, it was crude but it could work. He pointed toward Lu An, Zhang Mengyao, and the other 47 people.

The current Zhang Mengyao was down and she would not come back to the past of herself hence he made the plan.

"Split into five groups, you will move in the group! Lu An, Tao He, Zhang Mengyao, Zhao Zhong, and Qin Shoushan. You will be the leader group! Remember, we are not defending the base so your safety is a top priority, understand!?"

The pointed people nodded, but then Lu An raised his hand.

"What about you, Boss?"

"Me?" Tang Shaoyang pointed to himself and replied, "I will be leading the vanguard with Pride! Your priority is to level up, so don't force yourself in the battle. If you get overwhelmed or exhausted immediately retreat!"

The remaining 49 people nodded and they divided into five teams. Lu An Team with the least member, nine people while the other had ten people in the team.

Just as the group was about to launch the attack against the horde. Zhang Mengyao approached Tang Shaoyang secretly.

"I can't lead the people… I am afraid…"

Tang Shaoyang put his hand on her shoulder before she could finish her words.

"Mengyao, this won't do! If you turn like this, they died in vain! Let's say you give up your position? Who's going to replace you? Are you sure the new General would not repeat the same mistake?"

"Instead of blaming yourself, you should fight for them! You should live for them! Show them that they are not dead in vain!"

Zhang Mengyao lowered her head and she did not refute Tang Shaoyang's words. Her shoulders were trembling visibly.

Tang Shaoyang smiled and hugged her, "Good girl~. Don't suppress your feeling, pour it out! Vent it to the zombies! You can cry! Go angry and direct your anger at them!"

"Also, no matter what's your choice, you can always rely on me! However, I want you to stand together with me as we conquer the world together! That's my wish, but I am happy as well as long as you stay with me!"

After that Tang Shaoyang left the girl alone. He led the Fogged Ape Tribe and fought the second zombie horde.


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