62 Zombie Apostle
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Author :HotIce
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62 Zombie Apostle

Yu Shun was in the third year of a prestigious private high school in SH city. A school for the rich and someone with status.

His father put him into that school so he could have his own connection to the influential family in SH City. That was his father's wish and Yu Shun also heard it was a prestigious school. He immediately agreed without hesitation.

However, little did the boy know that school was just the start of his hellish life. Full straight three years, he was bullied for three years straight.

At the start, he became a shuttle bread for his "friends", a son of a General and a son of Governor. The start of it was still bearable for the young Yu Shun, but later on, as more people joined the gang, the bullying was becoming worse and worse.

The reason? Because he was the lowest in rank. His family was rich but that wealth was nothing if had to compare with the others.

He was rich, having a high-end hotel in five cities. Rich enough to have his family comfortably live. But again, those properties were nothing if he had to compare to the others.

A punching bag for the son of the General, having to bring his 'friends' bags and even turning him into a seat for the governor's son. It was getting worse and worse.

He tried to escape from his hell. Yu Shun asked his father to transfer him to another school. However, everything was too late. His 'friends' had taken care of everything.

His father's company cooperated with his 'friends' family in many ways. On top of all that, his 'friends' family asked his father to make him be their son's friend.

At that point, the young Yu Shun did not know whether this was his 'friends' doing or not. He was scared, he was scared if he forcefully transferred out of the school, his family would be their target. He knew how crazy his 'friends', after all.

That time, his father only told him to befriend them even closer. Just like that, Yu Shun experienced a hellish school life. Three years, he had to face the bullying for three years.

The school? The school knew the bullying incident, but they did nothing. None of them stupid enough to stand out to face these young masters. The bright and lively turned to a gloomy boy under the bullying.

Fortunately, it was his secret crush who helped him pass these three years of hell. A young and new math teacher, she was bright and beautiful.

In his second year, he confessed and was accepted by the teacher. A hope, he began to see hope. He endured the bullying until he graduated. Yes, he thought he would be free from these 'friends' after graduation. He thought he had endured and it was time to start a new life.

However, that night, the Graduation Party that must be attended by the third year, it was the peak, the peak of his suffering.

Somehow, his 'friends' managed to find out his relationship with the math teacher. They drugged her and said to him.

"We are friends, right? You should share something this good with your friends, Yu Shun!"

The meek and coward Yu Shun could no longer endure it. He tried to fight, what he got was a beating. There was no way he could win against seven people who had a bigger frame than him.

The other teachers and the principal did nothing despite witnessing such a scene. No, not only that, they even provided the room for the kids to do the deed.

"No, please no!" He begged to his 'friends' but to no avail. His cry was enjoyable to them. The more he cried the wider their smile.

Maybe God was still watching over him and gave him a blessing. Out of nowhere, a robotic voice rang in his hand, and a zombie appeared. A strange course occurrence happened and the people who tried to hold him down were surprised by the zombies.

'My chance!' It was then, Yu Shun dashed to his lover. He did not know where this strength came from but he managed to carry his drugged lover. He brought his lover to the infirmary amidst the chaos in the ballroom.

While his breathing ragged, he put his drugged lover to the bed. Amidst the chaos, the boy lost his virginity to relieve his drugged lover. While he was about to push his lover, his girlfriend's face changed to someone who bullied him.


Yu Shun woke up from his nightmare with a sweated face. He breathed heavily as his eyes shook. The trauma, he had a deep trauma from what he experienced during his high school.

"What's wrong, Dear?" A gentle voice of a woman entered Yu Shun's ear.

The woman next to him was his lover, the math teacher he saved from his 'friends'. He looked toward her, looking at her delicate and beautiful face.

"Do you have a nightmare?" Luo Lan asked in a concerned tone.

"Mnn!" Yu Shun nodded his head.

Luo Lan pulled Yu Shun's head to her naked chest and rubbed his hair, "It's okay, Dear! You have killed them and they have gotten what they deserved, rot in the hell! It's okay~ It's okay~, "

"Mnn…" Yu Shun nodded his head.

Yes, he had killed everyone in the school, including the principal and the teachers, even all his 'friends' who were certainly becoming his main target.

As someone who spent his time playing the game, Yu Shun was quite fast in adapting to the new game-like world. He managed to raise his level and his revenge.

After his revenge, for some unknown reason, the whole school turned out to be a 'dungeon' just like in the game or mini-game the robotic voice said in his head. He somehow managed to clear the mini-game with only him and his girlfriend as survivors.

He got a treasure chest, the chest that changed his life completely. It was a scroll, an Advance Class Scroll, Zombie Apostle. This class was an amazing cheat in this apocalyptic world.

The class gave him a skill, a skill to control the zombies. Even though he could only control 10 zombies, for now, he used the skill efficiently. Days passed and the zombie under his control evolved into Zombie Lords, three of them.

Thanks to these three Zombie Lords, he could control a lot of zombies through the Zombie Lord. He went around with an army of zombies.

He tried to save his lover's family, but unfortunately, they were all killed. His family also suffered the same fate. So, the two now relied on each other to continue living.

Yu Shun and Luo Lan wandered around SH City to level up the Zombie Lords and the zombie armies. He tried to avoid killing the people and only aimed to kill the mutated beasts.

Despite suffering from awful bullying, Yu Shun still maintained his reason. All of it thanks to Luo Lan.

After a moment of silence, Yu Shun opened his mouth "We have to move now before this group of people comes for us!"

"Should we talk to them? We can explain everything, this is just a misunderstanding!" Luo Lan voiced out her thoughts.

"I am afraid!" Yu Shun's eyes wavered as he looked at his girlfriend's eyes.

"Their leader looks fierce and overbearing, I am afraid you…"

Yu Shun did not finish his words, but Luo Lan understood her boyfriend's concern.

"Then let's leave this place!" Luo Lan immediately agreed to his boyfriend's notion to retreat.

Yes, it was Yu Shun's zombie army that attacked the Fogged Ape Tribe. He never thought this Fogged Ape Tribe was related to any people.


Just as the couple was about to move out, a battle broke outside the building. Yu Shun's expression changed and said, "They are here!"


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