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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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1 Life as an Otaku

@@It was boring as hell for quiet sometime for Ben after he was up-to-date with all his LN and Manga but as he came to know about Chinese novels got hooked into it, he became addicted and somehow wanted to cultivate chi energy which the Wuxia novels are famous for.

He searched and researched high and low but, at last he found the method from a kind hearted sage from northern Asia. That sage belived Ben could achieve something extraordinary with the manual given to him and lead to the good of the world.Though the sage gambled in fately meeting, he belived Ben.

Though at last he got what he wanted, he was terribly disappointed by the fact after he found out that the natural chi flowing in the world got diminished to the point that it could not even help him in reaching 'third stage of with gathering' even after twenty years of continuous hard work.

The effort that he put into was so much that he himself could recite the entire manual inside-out even when he was asked after getting up from his sleep. He thoroughly understood the manual and it would not be exaggeration to tell that the theoretical knowledge of cultivating of his was par on the person that invented this method which was called 'Xiantian Emperor Manual'.

In his death bed, he destroyed the manual he had and he only had one thought that if there is really a concept called reincarnation then he wanted to get reincarnated into a world where he could cultivate the manual and then thought of the sage who said "WHEN SOMETHING IS WISHED STRONG ENOUGH WITH BELIEF AND ALSO ALIGNED ITSELF WITH POSITIVE WORKING OF WORLD, THEN, ALL POSSIBLE FORCE SWILL BLESS THE PERSON WITH WISH".With those thoughts he breathed his last. He didn't know wether that statement held true or something else but after what felt like a very long time he came to his senses and became excited with what he noticed and the possibilities held.



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