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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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8 Meeting

' It seems I have to be careful of my surroundings or else in the future I might in big trouble. First I have to ask my parents about the things if this world and check at what timeline I was born. It would truly be helpful I am in the same timeline as Rias Gremory, because she is one of the more easily approachable DEVIL than the other. Sona might be a choice but due to her nature of thinking things deeper, she might sniff out my secrets '.

Ben had already decided being a human throughout due their weak bodies, limited potential and also shorter life span. Though practicing cultivation might give him a longer life expectancy, as the saying goes, ' more solid the foundation, more durable the building '. Though he could also choose being an angel, he discarded the idea because when he thought of all the benefits and also versatility by the demonic power, he decided against the idea. Fallen angel might be a separate race, but their core still being an angel, that option also got ruled out. Though there also was an option of being a magician, the base is still human and it is said that magicians by seeing the demonic energy got inspired and created the mimic called ' Magic power '. So, still after all the thinking done and also not wanting to actively follow the same path of Issei Hyoudou, he being the red dragon emperor still ended up coming to same conclusion of a reincarnated devil.

' It seems the universe already decided that this generation Sekiryuutei will end up being a devil. Still I have to work hard and get stronger. Though I don't want to follow the plot line, I have get stronger for not seeing a depressed Rias Gremory if this world still goes according the plot '.

Thinking all that and shaking his head he ended the day by cultivating for few more hours and slept well in a long while. Though there was not much of considerable effect, the breakthrough to the third layer brought his physique and bone to matching level and a slight possibility of his fleshy body overpowering his bone weight. The next day, Ben immediately after finishing his breakfast left hi house for the first on his own aside from the time he accompanied his parents. Seeing this both the Kosaka couple were happy.

"Shizuka it seems all your worries about Ben becoming a shut-in is unnecessary. He just took a lot more time to open up due to his abnormal physical condition. You are just being paranoid. Believe in our son. And also due his strength, there is no worry of him being bullied either".

"What would you men know about a mother's heart and worry for their children? I was just a little worried about his socialization in the society. Still it is a good progress considering that he is willing to go out and make few friends".

Ben while all of this was going on he went to the park nearby and saw few kids playing with each other except for a girl who was alone and seated on a swing looking depressed. Ben thought he had seen her silhouette somewhere and approached the girl while looking curious. Because he was towards the back of the girl, he was not seen by her. He tapped on her shoulder as gently as possible and greeted her.

"Hey, what's wrong? And why are you not with everyone?"

As soon as he said that, the mentioned girl turned her head towards him and gave him a strange look was when Ben recognized her.

'Isn't she...'

Girl's POV

' As always the kids have started avoiding me the moment I came into the park because of the stumps growing from my back. What wrong have? Is it wrong for me consider them to be a precious part of me? I inherited those from my father who has a beautiful pitch black wings, but all these people consider me as a monster and casted me away from them. Oh well, I can see a boy coming from behind me. Though it is not possible for a normal human being, for me who is half human and half fallen angel it is not a new thing for my perception to be sharper than normal people. I guess even he will come and humiliate me as much as possible and then run of to other kids. All of them are the same. No one considers me as a friend and don't treat me better. It seems I will be alone for the rest of my life if it continues the same. Haaaaaa... '.

"Hey, what's wrong? And why are you not with everyone?"

There frozen intense reaction from the girl she always thought that no one will pay attention to her and just treated as a monster kid but this boy whom she didn't see Hindustan rounding suddenly comes and talks to her which bewildered har greatly.

" Don't worry about me you can go play with others. Anyway after knowing about me you will also abandon and not look after me even once so don't waste your time I don't want to feel anymore pain ".

" Hey, first don't discriminate people without knowing them. There are many who are different from common people. You will just have to wait for the right opportunity. Anyway my name is Benjamin Kosaka. I am 3 years old and my parents live near by the church. Though I like to play my video games in my room and read the comics I have but my parents parents were bothered about me not being able to socialize with other people so for their sake, I have come out for the first time except the times where I accompany my parents outside. By the way what is the thing which discriminates you from other people? ".

' For some reason he just talks to me as if he has experience the all waves of the life. Though I am somewhat relieved to know that at least there are few people that would like to talk with me and be my friends. But still I'll have to be on my gaurd and not trust him immediately '.

" I am not judging people arbitrarily. I have experienced things, after which all my friends who used to be closed and friendly just started discriminating, bullying and humiliating me saying that I was a monster. So, I would rather just not trust people than feel the pain once again. Though, if you still want to be my friend you have to promise me that when I tell you my secret you should not freak out if you don't abide those words then you can just stop bothering me ".

"Oh well then I'll just promise you that I'll not freak out and I be your friend through and through ".

' Though he says that all the people are same when there is nothing wrong in trying at least if I could make a friend and he if he doesn't abide by is promise I well just stay alone for the time being untill I can control my wings and retract them '.

" Well the name is Akeno Himejima. I am also 3 years old and I am half human and half fallen angel because of my father being a fallen angel and the thing which makes me considered as a monster is I am growing out wings. So, I have told you my secret and if you still don't abide by the promise then you can just leave me alone ".


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