Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
14 Sword Goddess of The Past and Slashing Princess of The Future
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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14 Sword Goddess of The Past and Slashing Princess of The Future

Ben was guided to the place Paladin mentioned.

"Mr Ben please wait here until our personnel will come in few minutes which would be your instructor will further decides about how you should be trained".

Saying that, he was left all alone in the room for about 15 minutes and then there came a women who was in her early twenties. She had golden blonde hair and oval face with a kind smile on her face. She also had a deep blue eyes which when started into can hypnotize a person. Ben seriously thought if she did to go into movies then she could become a leading actress in no time. While he was in his own thoughts, the lady started introducing herself.

"Good afternoon Mr Ben my name is Griselda Quarta, and I was put as an incharge of you. Actually I am a holy maiden of a church which is not too far from Vatican and I am also a warden for a girl. So, if you don't have any particular things to do, I want us to start our journey to my place where we could begin your training and also can test the compatibility with the holy power and holy swords".

Ben was actually feeling a bit perplexed because it's not even been 5 years since he was transmigrated into this universe but he already got acquainted with two main characters in the universe and it was also the one who was dubbed as the sword goddess to boot. Well he was also kind of happy thinking that he would get to train under Griselda and also have a chance of meeting the other main character who is under her. He had to admit it that she really was beautiful. Later Griselda took him to the place where his parents were waiting and told about all the arrangements she had done and planned for him. She also told his parents that they were happy to come and stay with her but his parents declined the offer by saying that it was better for Ben to stay with her without any disturbances coming from his family while undergoing the training. So in a seemingly uncharacteristic way, Ben parted ways with his parents and started following Get. It took them 2 days to reach the church which was apparently not a Church where people could visit and pray to the god. It was a Church which was particularly considered as a training base where people who are orphaned during their initial ages were brought into the church and then train for being an exorcist and other position. There was also a division in that particular Church where children about age 5 to 8 years old who were thought to have potential to wield the holy sword brought be trained.

'So it is indeed true that there are children who are gathered and thought to have potential to wield the holy swords and trained. Well that is not a bad deal for me considering that if I could become the wielder of Ascalon'.

When Ben was thinking along those lines, Griselda woke him up from his thoughts and started explaining all the rules and regulations inside the Church.

"Since from now on you are a subordinate under me in training, you will call me sister Griselda and the rules would be that you have to obey each and every one of the word which I will tell you if not...., I hope that you are a man of good standards Mr Ben".

Though while speaking Griselda had her characteristic kind smile on her face, for some reason Ben could see a death god illusion arising from her back and glaring at him.

"Is it me or is it just an illusion. I cannot swear that I saw grim reaper staring directly at me".

"No it's not just an illusion. It is actually true and there are lots of testimonies for that. Though mother Griselda is the holy maiden and was also dubbed as the Sword Goddess when she was actively doing her jobs as an exorcist, she can really be person whom you would never want to meet again after you have experienced what she can put you through when you are don't obey her. Even with all of this present, mother Griselda is one of the most kindest and benevolent person in this Church".

While when was thinking out loud, there came an answer in a sweet voice which apparently had no emotional in it, from behind him. When he turned to look towards without speaker he was startled, there was a girl who was garbed in Church clothes with blue hair and green tint on some portion of her hair and deep golden brown eyes which had a serious glint in them. He really was thinking whether he should be amazed, confused or perplexed.

'Man actually cursed or blessed to meet all these people during the short amount of time. I mean I am going to be a cultivator and probably a soon to be a devil so I have all the time in this world. But why my meeting all these people one after the other?'

The girl seeing that there was no response from Ben, thought that he was frozen from shock and started introducing herself.

"Though it's a bit late I am Xenovia Quarta, 5 years old under the care of mother. If you are worried about the mother whom I spoke of, then there is nothing to be confused because she is Griselda Quarta. When I was fought as baby mother to pity on me and took her under custody that's why I call her mother. But all other people are supposed to call her sister. So it's better you call her that. I heard that I would be getting a junior and he will also be training with me for a while. So, I hope that will have a good relationship as fellow disciples under mother".


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