Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
17 Yet Another Main Character
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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17 Yet Another Main Character

When Ben went into the room he could see that there were around twenty to thirty children and also it seemed like the priest who spoke to them during the event was on the daice seemingly waiting for him and Griselda to come. As soon as they both entered, he started his speech.

"Children…. No I should start calling you warriors from now on. You must have observed that though there are few of you are here, only a selected few were sent to this room. That does not mean that the room consists of people who failed the event. No, that is not the case. You people are here because you were chosen by the highest tier of holy swords. You should aslo have observed that there are many copies of the same sword. Yes, there are many copies of the same holy sword. The people who got the same replica, could you just group up and arrange yourself in a line".

After that there a bit of chaos in the room checking for the swords, but ultimately it only took them about five minutes and there were ten lines including him, but he was the only one in his line so whether it could be considered as one or not.

"Warriors the ten groups namely indicate Excalibur six, Legbiter, Curtana, Joyeuse, Colada and Tizona and though not considered as a holy sword, it a legendary sword and chooses it's wielder for a generation or else there is no other way of using it, Ascalon, the dragon slaying sword. As you might have heard, after the war of three factions, the Excalibur got broken into seven pieces and each of the piece was later forged onto and independent sword. But the last sword went missing. So, we only have six I'm our possession. There is another sword called Durandall, which also chooses it's wielder during birth and the person was also confirmed so taht matter aside the selected you warriors hold the potential of wielding the originals of the replicas you hold. So strive harder to a wielde and train towards that goal".

Saying that the priest concluded his speech. The children from various churches including the catholic and protestean branches who were present in that room stared at each other of their own group and remembered their rivals faces.

'Oh boy I didn't expect the path to become wielders of the holy sword to become a tournament of sorts. Well I already have two answers though'

As both lines of Xenovia and Ben were next to each other and also standing at the top of the lines, Ben felt a gaze piercing on towards Xenovia which he also coincidentally felt. That was a gaze filled with fighting spirit coming from a girl with brownish yellow hair, brown gold eyes, Japanese face cut and golden skin complexion. Though he was startled a bit, later when he thoroughly recognised the face he did not know what to feel.

'It seems that Xenovia also sensed her gaze. Now I really believe that rather than it being a boon, it is a curse. Why do I meet all these main characters this early in the life?. First it was unexpectedly Akeno who awoke to her Sadistic side prematurely. Then it was expected but Xenovia really did give me a scare with were cold personality initially. Now comes this Japanese girl. Now that I wonder whether Issei is there in this reality it not'.

While his thoughts were slightly distracting a loud declaration woke him up.

"You! Xenovia Qarta, I heard that you gave off the strongest reaction from the crystal ball. But don't you get complacent and relax yourself. I will definitely surpass you and become the strongest holy sword wielder. Remember taht my name is Irina Shidou. And I mean to ask, though he is a chosen legendary swordsmen for Ascalon, he is not a holy sword wielder and you who is the most innately talented should not mix with these people lower than your level".

That was a major shocker to Ben. Though he knew that Irina was a bit bold with slightly worse attitude, he didn't expect to be this worse. Thus declaration raised a commotion but eventually got subsided as they were under the supervision of senior members.

"I appreciate your spirit Miss Irina but, if you have other declaration to made please do it outside since this is a place of importance. I also expect you to not look down on others just because you are a bit special. He is one of kibd inthe area if swordsmanship in his generation and I can tell with all honesty that there are little to no one in his age group who can win in swordsmanship. That is the main reason that he was nominated for this event. Even if it was not tge case, there were many such scenarios where weak triumphed the strong just through pure hardwork and determination. Just take the case of his eminence Vasco Strands, though he was sub par in his teen days, he became the strongest of the Church and still stands as one. So, it's not just Miss Irina here, it's a message to all present here 'Do not underestimate your enemy. Even if it is a rabbit you are hunting, do so with all your power'".

Hearing that all of them dumbfounded when they found out that a non holy sword weilder is the strongest swordsman of their generation except for Xenovia, fighting spirit started burning in their eyes.

"Ahem. So, now that this matter is cleared, I will proceed onto the next important matter for which you were called here. You all know that we raised you to be an exorcist or a hunter. Since, now that all of you got your replica's, you will sorties in two and sent off on missions to kill all the evil and filthy devils and fallen angels. There will be a point based system for the missions and the points will be given on the basis of the difficulty of the mission you choose. The duo team details will be told to you in your respective Churches and also the points. The missions will be on open display and anyone can choose any missions but only one at a time. You can accumulate the points and exchange it for be it either equipment, luxuries, techniques anything that Church can afford and withing our points limit. This point based system will also have a significance that only the top four point possesors from each holy sword group will have the opportunity to battle for the original. So, work hard and serve the mankind".

Stopping there, the priest went to Griselda along with Xenovia took them to talk in a seperate room. Immediately Irina came apologized.

"I am sorry what I have said, but I will not change my opinion on you being inferior to us by not being able to weild any holy sword. But just you wait, I will surpass you in the sword mastery category and that Xenovia in the aptitude category, gather the points faster than anyone for getting the original and reign the strongest as our generation. By the way mine is Excalibur Mimic".

Hearing all these though Ben was startled, he didn't show it on his face since he was not that close to her. He just simply nodded and wished her all the best. Saying after what she wanted to, she left without looking back towards her gaurdian incharge.

'My goodness this certainly will be a problem'.

Thinking that, Ben moved towards a corner in the room and waited for Griselda and Xenovia to come.


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