Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
18 First Mission And First Blood
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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18 First Mission And First Blood

After waiting for a while both Griselda and Xenovia came out with Griselda with her usual kind smile and Xenovia with a thoughtful expression. The expression she put feel Ben bewildered because in his four years of time spent with Xenovia, the time she put a thoughtful expression were countable on one hand. Due this reason, she also had another name in the Church among her peers that was 'Muscle Brain'. True to that name the thing that Xenovia all does is overwhelm her opponents with massive difference in power. Only Ben was ever able to counter and that to in a similar fashion though he a skill type sword weilder. So, seeing that expression on her face he knew that the matter discussed in the room was of absolute importance to Xenovia in the least. He also conveyed the message Irina wanted to tell her and she just scoffed at the remark. Later after visiting his family along with both the beauties, they spent their time in Vatican and returned to their Church beforelong. After returning they went a round of sword fight against each other and then Griselda started talking to them regarding their duo team.

"Though there was a bit of pressure, I have managed to put you two as a duo team. At first there was a lot of resistance cing from the other members of the Church since Xenovia can be considered as a valuable asset that was groomed in this Church with a lot of effort. They considered Ben to be useless. Though I tried to reason with them saying that you are a remarkable swordsman and also the weilder of Ascalon, it didn't get any better since in a way Excalibur Destruction could said to be of higher tier than Ascalon. So, with no other choice I decided to tell them about your secret and only then they started to calm down and agreed. A fortnight from today you will be given the missions. There will be missions of varying difficulty and though I won't force you both, I advice you to pick a mission of normal difficulty and do a lot more missions of similar difficulty than concerntraring on improving the difficulty level, so that when you will be able to build up experience in battling and when doing a higher tier mission you will have a higher chance of surviving. Remember not to overdo. Though the Church calls you all warriors, you are just kids and I don't want to see you both end up dead".

It was a long lecture coming from Griselda but both Ben and Xenovia were able to grasp the sentiments of her and just smiled.

" Also Ben I will only allow you to use that power only when you think you are in mortal danger. Though you have a bit of control, it's still dangerous on your still developing body".

"Yes, Sister Griselda, I promise".

When Xenovia heard the talk, she shruddered for a second and then just continued bring stiff. Whenever she thinks of what happened that night, she just starts shruddering and if serious she just directly faints. She cautiously looked at Ben and then immediately turned her head. Though Ben was still talking to Griselda, he was able to perceive the slight movements by Xenovia and just smiled wryly.

'Its been a year and half since that night. Though Draig had almost recovered his power, I still wonder what would have happened if it weren't for him'.

Just like that he started reminiscing about the night only to be brought back by the voice of Draig.


"Anyway what ever don't blame yourself Ben and focus on the mission. Especially you Xenovia, don't just charge staright into the battle before adding your enemies. You will be fighting Devils and Fallen Angels though of same power but who are more experienced in fighting than you. This is not the sparring sessions we undergo everyday but a battle where your life and death is on line".

"Yes, Sister/Mother Griselda", answered both of them.

Two weeks later they were asked to pick a mission

Missions are usually divide into Beginner, Normal and Advanced missions. The mission which Ben and Xenovia chose was a normal difficulty mission where they had to slay a low level Fallen Angel called Skon, who apparently went insane and terrorise the people. They had to exorcise the Fallen Angel and bring back something as a proof of his identity which would be his feathers. That was because apparently the feathers from Fallen Angel differ from each other and are unique to them just as a normal human's thumb print. They immediately set on their to the town where the incident was taking place. Throughout the travel Xenovia looked a bit conflicted and when Ben asked about it she hesitated a bit and then told while gritting her teeth.

"Ben will you believe me that I am this generation's Durandall weilder and due to the importance of the information I was adviced not to mention it to anyone until I was deemed capable of protecting myself?".

"Oh, so that's what was weighing on your mind. If it was about it, I already know about it".

"How did you know! Did mother tell you about it?"

'I really can't tell you that I have read about in a light novel right'.

"No and if you just think about it about you being taken into the same room along with Sister by that priest, your once in a bluemoon pondering expression on your face after coming out, the story of Durandall weilder and your reaction towards the crystal ball then it is easily connectable".

"Damn was I that oblivious?"

Saying that she started biting her fingers.

'Thank goodness this girl's brain is as dense as a lead block. If not I would have had to rethink of another alternative'.

"But thank you for telling your secret and trusting me".

Hearing that Xenovia snorted and turned leaving him behind. If one were to concerntrate then one can easily see the blush on her cheeks.

After traveling for a few more days they reached their destination and checked into a hotel with each having their own rooms. At night they started strolling in the town with their swords trying to find the Fallen Angel. While they were moving towards an uninhibited area there came a strange laughter and a scream. Hearing that both of them dashed to the source at their full speed. When they reached the spot what greeted was a floor painted with red color giving off the odour of iron and a lots of what seemed like a human's innards. While they were concerntraring on the scene trying their hardest not to puke out their dinner and finding their target a voice from behind their backs resounded making them flinch on the spot.

"Young and tender flesh. It must be juicy to taste but there is a whiff of holy power coming from you both. It's seems like you are lambs for sacrifice sent by the Church. Then I won't be hesitating and dig into my meal".

Hearing that though both were scared but immediately got into their stance and back to back and maintained their vigilance at high alert and scanning the area. But how much ever they tried they were unable to find the speaker. Just then a slash with a holy power condensed sword came attacking towards Ben. He immediately deflected the attack and became even more vigilant. Ben was on high alert and then suddenly Draig's voice alerted him.


Hearing that immediately caught one of Xenovia's arm and injected his dragon power slightly and also disrupting the qi inside his brain which safely brought them out if the illusion and could see a shilloutte standing not far from them. He had pitch black wing which reminded than of crow's wings and a handsome face which had a hideous smile palced on it.

"It seems you were able to escape from my illusion. Not bad from an inexperienced little lambs from Church. But if you think that is enough then you are still better of sucking you mother's milk".

Immediately a slash came towards Xenovia. Though she tried diflecting it, she was overpowered and sent flying. Immediately that Fallen Angel followed suit and closed in Xenovia. Seeing that Ben too started running.

'Shit if reaches before me then Xenovia will be in danger'.

Thus concluding, he immediately activated the boosted gear.


Ben felt his power doubling and increased his speed and reached her before the Fallen Angel could do and slashed towards him.

An expression of displeasure appeared on Skon and he too slashed with his holy power condensed sword(hpcs) and started battling with Ben. While the fight was going on, the boosted gear continued boosting him and when reached his max, Ben immediately used his gift and transferred that power into his Ascalon and blasted it towards Skon which sent him flying.

While all this was happening a horrified expression appeared in Xenovia and her legs started to shake.

Ben immediately turned towards her and started comforting her in the hopes making her sober and helping him but of no use. Suddenly a hike opened in the left side of Ben by hpcs and blood started dripping out.

*Pierce* * Dripping*

"It seems that you have been hiding yours sacred gear. I don't know which one it is but to generate that much amount of strength, it must be a high tier one. If I give to my higher ups then it is possible that I will be forgiven and also given a promotion".

Not hearing the nonsense, immediately Ben revolved his intertwined qi for the first time in a while to its maximum and using the qi which gave of the sound of a loud popping noise in his cinciousness realm. Though he heard it, he was not able to check what happened and he concerntrate the power along with the accumulated boosts onto Ascalon and stabbed the Fallen Angel which passed through his heart and killed him on the spot.

This led to the hpcs dispersing and Ben wincing in pain. He did not delay and immediately moved the qi towards the wound and started regenerating the place. Using the innate Xiantian qi he had very good results and it started to at five times faster the speed of normal qi.

'I hope I will be able to survive this ordeal'.

That's what the last thought of Ben was and he immediately fell unconscious.


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