Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
20 Various Factions and Questioning
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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20 Various Factions and Questioning

When breaking through, though Ben knew that couldn't suppress his aura outburst and he since he didn't have any previous preparations, he left it like that. . This led to some supernatural beings detect his strength and unnatural aura. The first to detect was Sister Griselda since she was the nearest to him.

"What is this aura outburst? Where is it coming from?"

Saying that she immediately followed while her facial started distorting when she thought of the obvious possibility but kept on denying it.

"No, it can't be. There might be someone else in the same room or the companion of the slayed Fallen Angel. Yes, that must be it. This is not the level of outburst that Ben can give off even though he suddenly broke through the mid class level".

She immediately started increasing her pace and ran towards the room fearing that something unexpected might have happened to Ben.


While this was the scene in the hospital, in somewhere else two men, one young man who seemed to be in his early twenties, who had red hair and sharp facial features and deep red eyes in which once starred in to can send a chill into the spine of the said person, but his warm smile can even melt the heart of any cold person gave a very kind aura. The other person who was also a young man appearing to be in his early twenties with a green head and a mischievous smile and his eyes which seemed to possess intelligence gave off a very noble aura.

"Did you notice that?",asked the red head.

"Obviously. How could I miss such a simple thing. But what is interesting is that the person has just broke through the mid class level and possess the sura of Red Heavenly dragon in the outburst".

"Indeed that is what i found i also a bit puzzling. Do you think the Sekiryuutei has awakened?"

"It might be. But whenever a dragon awakens from its slumber it's the premonition of a disaster welcomed a new peace. I wonder how things will change from here on".

"Whatever the case might be, we have to get the Sekiryuutei of this generation into the Devil's faction. The red dragon emperor of the previous generations has always been on either the human side or the angel side. So, it would be better if we have the advantage for this generation and into our new devil faction".

"What will you do if he declines?"

"Even if it's against his will we have to pull him in even if it means to use drastic measures".

"You don't seem but you are quite the Devil Sirzechs".

"As if you are not one Ajhuka".

"Hahaha. So how will you do it?"

"If he comes willingly we can negotiate. But if it comes to worst, I will just have to sacrifice my Ria-tan's pieces. It might separate us for a while but it is necessary evil".

"Then you have to hurry up since we are not the only ones who can detect his presence".

"Yes, I will make my move immediately".

Saying that Sirzechs summoned a magic Circle and disappeared from the room.


In another place which gave of the holy vibe and two shillouttes from which it can be identified that one person was a woman and another person a man. But the thing which was odd is that both of them had six pairs of white swan wings.

"Have you sensed the aura Micheal?"

"Yes, Gabriel. You do not have to remind me. And do you know the interesting fact? The aura some what resembles the same aura which stole a sacred gear ten years ago and caused the system to go into hibernation. Though it still maintained its basic functions, it was still troublesome to deal with all the tasks. Luckily it seems the hibernation also seems to come to an end".

"So, what are you going to do now that you know where the aura is?"

"First let's meet him and then see what decision I have too take".

Saying that Michael the archangel flew down towards the place where he sensed the aura.


A man in loose yukata standing in a high class hotel with black hair and blonde color on the front portion of the hair alone with a cunning glint in his eyes was looking at the scenery outside while also looking back at the small child around nine to ten years lying on the bed drinking his Scotch was mumbling to himself.

'So, it seems the Red Dragon Emperor of this generation has reached the mid class level. That is faster than expected. But the White Dragon Emperor is still being a sissy. I guess I will have to make him stronger so that he can face his rival. But still according to Barquiel's report it should still be a few more years. I wonder what happened. But I think I should go and watch the fun'.

Saying that the man immediately transformed into a black Armani suit and teleported via a magic Circle.


In the void where there was no substance, a long snake shaped looking dragon slightly raised it eyes, looked in a certain direction and later continued it's sleep.


In another part of the void in the ever existing darkness, a huge beast in the shape of a dragon flickered it's eyes for a while as if sensing something and late returned to its own business.


When Griselda checked inside the room there was no one except Ben and she immediately started feeling something bad.

"Ben, what was the aura just now?"

'Crap. I forgot that Sister is still in the proximity'.

Thinking that Ben immediately retracted his aura and spoke as if nothing happened.

" Oh, if it's the aura you are asking then I guess it was Draig's when he helped me in healing. That might be the one you sensed right now".

"Yes, I sensed boosted gears aura, but not only that, I also sensed something pure and regal aura kind. What is it? Did someone come when you were alone and if not what is the reason. Don't you dare…."


While Griselda was talking abruptly Draig's voice resounded and then suddenly three magic circles, one red, the second golden and the third purple with three different emblems shone on the floor and three figures appeared. With the appearance of the figures the room was also sealed and everyone else in the hospital was put in some kind of illusion which made them look dazed.

"Oh my I didn't expect the Archangel  Michael and the Governor of Fallen Angels Azezal to also come here how unexpected", said the red devil Sirzechs

"You can say the same to you Sirzechs", said the golden angel Michael.

"Well don't bother about me, I have only come to watch the show that is going to be happening in a short while", the Fallen Angel Azezal.

Both Sirzechs and Micheal starred at Azazel who did not back down and also was casual about it made the both of them sigh in relief.

"Well happened here Griselda?", asked Micheal

Griselda who was originally standing and questioning Ben was dumbfounded when the leaders of the three factions came abruptly and started speaking. It wasn't untill Micheal spike that she came to her senses.

"My lord, this child here is called Ben and he is under the custody of my Church branch. He is also this generation's Red Dragon Emperor. He was recently teamed up with this generation's Durandall wielder and was assigned to slay a stray low level Fallen Angel named Skot, who went insane and was killing people indiscriminately. So, these two who were assigned here tackled the opponent and after a good struggle killed Skot. The child here had recuperations as you can see and was healing in here when the dragon inside the sacred gear tried helping in healing faster which led to the slight uncontrolled aura outburst".

"Well sorry kid for the inconveniences caused by Skot, and thank you for killing him. I thought that Shemhazai has already felt with him. I guess there is a lack of discipline in the Gregory. I will handle the problem from my side and make sure that no one comes after you. Still you could have lied better kid. It is okay with the level of this sister here, but for us leaders we can identify that the aura was not simply Draig helping you".

Hearing the argument both the Devil and Angel turned their gaze slightly towards the boy on the bed and proceeded to ask Azezal about it.

"What do you mean by taht governor general, it's just an aura outburst if the boosted gear is it not?", asked Sirzechs.

"Well even I find it odd that there is a slight change in the aura but still is it not the Red Dragon Emperor's aura?",asked Micheal.

"No, it's not wrong that you detected the change in the Red Dragon Emperor's aura Micheal, but it's not entirely the same. I who am researching the sacred gears have been collecting all sorts of relics and know that the Red Dragon Emperor's aura was kind of like more purer and had more of regal air in it".

Once more all the peolpe present in the room turned towards the boy and proceeded to ask him. Seeing the situation was turning bad, Griselda thought ways to help him but all ended up on failure. But the person in question was still in daze.


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