Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
21 Truth and Descision
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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21 Truth and Descision

Ben, the person in question was dazed and somewhat scared after seeing the three ultimate rulers of the Three Factions who can casually squeeze him death as he is of right now.

'Archangel Micheal as expected has the kind and warm aura which make any one feel closer to him but we can also see the fierce resolution under the warn simple of his. Sirzechs is quite the contrary to what I had expected him to be and has a never ever seen serious expression on his face. Azezal as expected has his trademark lazy and bored expression on his face. I can guess why Sirzechs and Azezal ate here but why Michael too?'

While all these thoughts were going inside Ben's head the three leaders felt odd. Looking at him they were able to identify taht he was in his self monologue but they couldn't help either and wanted some answers, so Micheal motioned towards Griselda and had her awkae him from his thoughts.

"Ben, the Faction leaders are waiting for you".

Hearing that Ben immediately knew that he committed a mistake and apologized.

"Excuse for my rudeness but I couldn't help but stare at you lords in awe for your power and respect you command in your respective factions".

Hearing that the three leaders had a bit of good impression on Ben and whatever slight bad impression was cleared and nodded towards him to continue talking.

"From the conversation earlier that held amongst you, I could infer that the Devil lord Sirzechs, Fallen Angel Azezal and Archangel Micheal has come. But please forgive me regarding this abrupt question. I can understand why the Governor General and Devil lord would visit me but why would Archangel would want to visit a low class, in-training exorcist?"

Hearing the question at first Micheal and Griselda had shocked expressions and when Griselda was about to scold him regarding his attitude Micheal gestured towards her and smiled slightly towards Ben and spoke.

"There is an important thing which I mean to ask you but it would have to be private. Is that okay with you?"

"Well whatever you want you can ask him here directly Micheal why all the sneak-peeks?", questioned Azezal.

"We have our important things and we can't expose those to other factions",said Micheal.

"Well I don't mind regarding the matter and can continue your discussion after we get the answer out of the boy", said Sirzechs and once again shifted his attention towards the boy.

Ben who heard that was sighed and knew that he had to answer the question.

"Well it seems though that I have broken through the mid class level being".

Griselda was shocked. But all the other leaders knew I about it already and continued.

"We already know about it Mr. Ben. What we want is the reason about the quality of increase in your aura",said Sirzechs.

Hearing that Ben stayed silent. This caused the leaders each to furrow their brows and after a while all of them sighed and just tactically avoided the topic since it was better to have someone powerful as Ben in their faction and so didn't want his secret to be exposed to the others.

"Okay if is not fine with you telling is about it then you better properly safeguard it since it will cause a pandemonium if it goes out kid. Well any way if you want to speak with Micheal, I am willing to step out. What about you Sirzechs? ", saying that Azazel stepped out of the room.


A sigh escaped from Sirzechs and also stepped out. Tactically understanding, Griselda also went out which left only Ben and Micheal inside who later further strengthened the barrier.

Before the situation could turn anymore awkward, Ben asked the reason.

"So, what is the reason lord Micheal?"

"Well first I would like to ask whether would you join the Church formally with all the acknowledgement of the angels?"

Ben hesitated for a while and later regained focus in his eyes and told Michael.

"Lord Micheal, it's not that I don't want to join. Infact my dad is a mid level exorcist and from my great grandfather's time on, my family services as exorcists. But unfortunately the system won't accept me".

"You! How do you know about it?", asked Micheal.

"Don't panic lord Micheal. I know about it and was rather surprised to see that I am still welcomed inside the Vatican knowing that I know the forbidden secret of the God. So now would be kind enough to tell me what you wanted to ask?"

Hearing that Micheal gave Ben a sort of look which suggested that he was thinking and when he made up his mind he told about the event the heaven faced around ten years ago.

"Roughly ten years ago, there was an entity which approached the system without any trouble and dragged the system into a tug war which the entity surprisingly won and caused the system to go into hibernation, while one particular longinus was robbed of it's destiny towards a certain person and was transferred to other person by that entity of it's choice . I expect you to know the answer and tell me how".

Hearing it Ben was intially shocked and contemplated for a while and answers Michael.

"So that's the reason", mumbled to himself and continued towards Micheal,

"Its me I guess the person who got the longinus. The other one whom I robbed of I don't know but I can tell for sure that it was not my doing. I just regained my consciousness while I was in my mother's womb which for sure confused me a lot since before I regained my consciousness, I was still on my death bed due to natural aging".

Ben hid the fact that he was from another world and had the knowledge about the events going on in this universe. Because if he revealed that, there was more of a possibility that he would be made prisoner and later he didn't know what would happen.

Hearing the fact from Ben had rocked Michael's brain and he stood still for a while seeming to look that he heard something absurd. Later he regained his composure and looked seriously at Ben and asked,

"But I don't think that you still have the possibility of knowing about the God".

"I really didn't know any thing about God or supernatural, I just had a screen in front me which had a message to me stating that 'The God is dead and there comes a calamity'. That's the only reason I know about the God and his replacement. It also explained about the sacred gears and supernatural stuff ".

"Seems like a lot of things happened and I don't know when the system will come back".

Suddenly, there was a communication circle besides Micheal's ear and he seemed to be talking to someone and after finishing his talk, he called for the Devil and the Fallen Angel waiting outside and had Ben explain the situation. Of course he excluded the part of statement being inactive.

"Hmm, that's wierd. It never happened in the history of this world and sure that there is no such entity capable of such feat. Not even in other mythologies.

I will have to discuss and also it would for the best if we progress the discussions we were having if there is going to be a calamity", said Azazel and immediately left the room to discuss about it with other higher ups in Gregory.

For which the other to also kind of came to the same descision and nodded to each other.

"Well then Ben, I will also have to discuss about this issue with other Archangels", saying such, Micheal also left knowing that he won't be able to bring Ben into his faction after knowing the truth and the system won't accept him, he also decisively left.

Now only Sirzechs and Ben were left. Seeing that neither of them were speaking Sirzechs broke the ice.

"Ben, I can call you that right?"

"Yes, Sirzechs. It would be my pleasure".

"Well then Ben, right now I will give you two choices. One, become a devil under my little sister's name. Two, you stay human but work under me with a contract".

Hearing that Ben was surprised at first and later asked, "I wonder why would you giving me the option my death Sirzechs".

"That is because you are an anomaly which could turn the events anyway you wish. I don't want such thing on my board. I rather like to be on control".

Though both options seemed to be okay, in reality it was not and he exactly knew what kind of contact it would be. Even though Ben felt that he was growing in power, he still felt he was weak and resolved himself to grow stronger in future and gave his descision to Sirzechs.

"I will choose to reincarnate as a devil, Sirzechs".


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