Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
22 Request And System
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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22 Request And System

Sirzechs nodded head in response to Ben as if he expected it already.

"But Sirzechs, I have a request hope you can fulfill it".

"Speak. As long as it is within my control, I will try to complete your request".

"Then the first one is I would like my parents to not be aware of me being a devil. My family has been exorcists for generations. If they came to know that their son became a devil, then they would not be able to withstand the shock. The other is that I would like to learn magic".

After finishing he rose his head wanting to see Sirzechs response to his words.

"You wanting to learn magic is a simple matter. I can deal with that easily. But the matter regarding your parents is a little complicated. I guess you already do possess a solution if you are asking me about it".

"Yes, Sirzechs. I do possess one solution. If you are able to, I are able to, I want the only people who saw me i.e., you, Sister Griselda, Azezal, and Lord Michael to know my existence and let the other humans believe that I have met my demise during this operation. In this way I can be free regarding my parents".

Hearing this Sirzechs frowned. Though this would be optimal, he would rather have other way to deal this issue but even after thinking for a while he could not come up with a good idea.

"Are you sure? If you have some other method which is more optimal then we can use that method".

"No, Sirzechs. I would like to keep my parents in the dark for a while that I am alive. This for their safety and also when I reappear once again, they will be able to accept me even if I am a  devil more easily".

'What a sly kid. But u have to agree this is the only optimal way to deal with the situation right now', thought Sirzechs.

"Alright. I will let Micheal and Azezal know of our descision".

Just as Sirzechs was about to call Micheal, he got a call from a golden magic circle. Seeing that magic circle, Ben guessed that it had to be from Micheal. Sirzechs talked in a low voice such that even Ben was unable to hear and a while later finishing his conversation, he silently looked at Ben for a few seconds later he conveyed the message.

"Micheal says that he will meet take you to heaven. I don't know what you both discussed, but I don't want you jumping boats now. And as you are there, deal the matter regarding your parents by yourself in heaven side. I will talk to Azezal and tell him keep a lid on this matter. After your talk with the heaven side  is completed come back here and crush this magic circle".

Saying that he gave him a magic circle dran on the paper with a different symbol compared to the one shown on the magic circle used when Sirzechs appeared. Ben inferred that it ought to be Gremory symbol. By the time looked up he realised that Sirzechs was already gone and the barrier was lifted and the rest of the hospital members continues their duties as if nothing occurred.

Seeing the changes, Griselda knowing that all the faction leaders left, ran into the room to check up on Ben.

"Ben are you okay? What happened between you and faction leaders?",asked Griselda.

Ben when he saw that Griselda was the one coming in he felt a bit guilty because she was the one who took care of him for four years and she was also the one who fought for a chance in the holy sowrd selection. Even if all that was not considered, Ben himself thought her a s one of his family members. That itself is enough for him feel as if he made a mistake. He hesitated for a bit and contemplated for and cmae to a descision. He told about what happened before his birth and all else which he told to Micheal except the part if God being dead.

"Sister, I was told that I won't be able to join Heaven's side and I didn't want to go to Fallen Angels side. So, at last by Sirzechs suggestion, I joined the Devil faction. I know that you really treated me well all these years and have cared about me genuinely. You have also supported me. I thank you, but me doing this for your and my good. Please forgive me elder sister".

While saying all these, he was moving towards Griselda. Though she would have reacted fast enough, as she was in a shocked state and didn't notice that chop was coming towards her neck. Ben immediately put all his strength and controlled it in such a way that when the chip hut her, she will only be loose her consciousness.


Releasing a grunt, Griselda fell on the floor. Ben picked her up and placed her on the bed and changed into his clothes kept on the table and turned to the window where a golden glow flashed and came a beautiful woman who was so beautiful that one would think that her beauty was the amalgamation of all the best features a lady could have in this world world. Seeing her Ben was amazed and later he regained his bearing and observed that she also had daix pairs of wings similar to Michael's.

"You must Lady Gabriel. It's my honor to meet you", saying thus, Ben bowed to her.

"Oh my, you must be Ben then. It's also my pleasure to meet this generation's Red Dragon Emperor. And this must be that child Griselda. You didn't have to be so cruel to her".

"No, my lady. That's just for her own well being".

"Well what's been done is done. I am here to take you to seventh heaven where Micheal is currently waiting for you".

Then Ben was covered in golden glow and his vision was blurred. When he was able to see once again, he was in a pure white room emanating a golden brilliance. In there one could see that there was a huge tree that was giving off a divine glow and Micheal standing next to it and looking at it.

'So the true form of the system is a divine tree. I never thought that this would be the case'.

"So, I expect that this tree to be the system?", asked Ben.

"Oh, so you see it as a tree. That is really a surprise".

"What do you mean by that? Is it not a tree!"

"No, it's not that it is not. It is just that the system is everything and also nothing. So, it takes the form one thinks that it is the most divine and appears as such to the said person. For me and all other Angels it is God himself we see. For some it might be a rock, holy sowrd sometimes and some other for other people. So it is not if a fixed appearance. Only God, who created it, knows it's true appearance", said Micheal.

Hearing that surprised Ben.

He never expected it to be the case. He never that the system to be so mysterious.

"So, what would be the purpose of bringing me here Lords?", asked Ben.

"The system came back to the working condition a few minutes ago and communicated with is that it wanted to see you",saying that Micheal gave been a profound glance.

Even Ben didn't understand for what it would have summoned him here.

"So, what am I supposed to do now?", asked Ben.

"Just clear your mind and touch the system. In your case the trunk of the tree".

Ben nodding to the instructions cleared his mind and walked towards the tree and kept his hand on it's trunk.

For a while nothing happened and he shook his head in dissatisfaction. But suddenly there was an ancient voice resounding directly in his head.

*You truly are one peculiar child*


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