Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
24 Descision And Path
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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24 Descision And Path

Startled awake, Ben looked around only to see the Acrhangels looking at him with all sorts of emotions. Micheal and Gabriel with a worried look, Raphael with a vexed expression and Uriel with a wry smile. Only then did he remember that he was in the seventh heaven and the Archangels were asking him about something.

"I apologise for my tardiness. If it is possible I would like to speak with Lord Michael for a moment".

"Ben if it's about the matter that you told me then you don't have to worry. These are fellow Archangels and also my close companions. So, you can confidently in them without any reservation".

Ben slight hesitated after listening to Micheal. He knew that the attitudes of Micheal and Gabriel and knew that they would not harm him. He could also trust Uriel to a certain extent but he was not so sure about Raphael. He was always the aggressive and unreasonable among the Archangels. But he felt that his intuition was telling him to just trust them and confide in them. At last following his guy feeling, he told what occurred in between him and system but of course he wouldn't tell them the important details.

The angels could immediately find out that Ben had left out some details but they also gave him respect for at least trying to be truthful even if it's partially and chise to ignote it.

"So, that is what happened. And now my major question is whether this will affect me becoming a devil?"

"Why would want to become a Devil, when using the same power you can become an angel. Though of not our class, you at least become a mid class angel with amount of holy power you possess?",asked Raphael.

"It's not that he doesn't want to, it's just that he can't. He knows the truth about the God. And I've also told you this during the meeting we had before Ben came here. What were you listening to Raphael?", asked Micheal.

Hearing that, Raphael couldn't help but cough and turn his head to cover his already red turned cheeks.

Seeing that the situation was under control, Micheal turned towards Ben and answered.

"This is indeed a peculiar problem Ben. Even we wouldn't know how the results turn out to be. So, I suggest you that when ever you are going to be reincarnated into a Devil, call me and I will also stop if the process cannot be done",saying that Micheal gave Ben a magic circle paper similar to the one Sirzechs gave him.

"You just have to insert the holy power in it and I will also come to you. Now that you have finished your business with the system, I will send you back to the hospital room you were in",saying that he was about to summon a teleportation circle only to stopped by Ben.

"Lord Michael if it is not preposterous, I would like to make a request".

"You have already done the preposterous thing by saying that you are going to reincarnate as a devil even after receiving the holy power. What else do you think will more preposterous than that?", said Raphael in a mocking way. He already tried to endure untill now but couldn't help add a few comments when he heard Ben making another request.

"Raphael, I want you to behave. You know that we, and even if the system's spirit itself accepts, the system's rules won't agree and not only would it punish him, but also us to promote this idea", said Gabriel.

"Yes, even I know that Gabriel, but it's just that it does not sink with me well", saying that Raphael flew off on his own.

"Don't mind him Ben, though he looks slightly rough on the surface, he really is one big softy in the inside. You can speak your mind".


Came a loud shout from a far a d every other angel present couldn't help but laugh towards the remark.

"Then I would like to request you make it so that I have died in this mission due to heavy injuries. Everyone except for Sister Griselda, and tell her to not tell anyone about me. Not even one person. I first thought that I would request you about this since I would become a Devil and did not want any trouble befall my parents. But now even if don't reincarnate as a Devil, I want to go obscure for a while, gain strength and only when I feel that revealing myself is not not a problem and I gave enough strength to protect my loved ones, I will reveal myself to them".

When Ben finished making his request, the angels could see a determination in his eyes burning fiercely thirsting for power. At first they wanted to persuade him. But after looking at his determination, they knew that it would be a kind of humiliation for not giving respect for his descision, thus promosing him.

Since he finished his business in heaven, Ben didn't see any meaning in staying here and this requested to be transported to the room. Bidding farewell, he disappeared from the room through the teleportation cirlce.

When Ben left, Raphael immediately came and asked.

"Are sure about this? If we cannot bring him to our camp, we can just get rid of him instead of sending him to the other faction".

"It's not that I, Sirzechs or Azezal didn't think about this. It's just that his appearance in this so called 'peace era', it's really an unusual occurrence. Even though he left out few details regarding his birth, when I came back I checked in the third heaven and found that his soul is not registered in here. I tried contacting other mythologies, but the answer was the same irrespective of which one I tried communicating. So, from those conclusion where fo you him to come from?"

"Do you mean that he is not from this world and from another one? That's impossible. There were no records of there being another world apart from ours and even if consider that there is one, it should not be possible for transmigration", thinking that Raphael felt it was ridiculous. But there was a fact in front of him and he couldn't refute him.

"So what do you want to do?"

"We just wait and see. Even if he told that system was forced to give some holy power to him by an entity, it still should not be possible without the system's consent. So, it's better to assume that even if God were to present now, even he would do the same. So we simply wait and see the reason why system chose to trust him".

After listening to what Micheal said, all the other Angels contemplated for a bit and came to the same conclusion and thus returning to their own places.

Back to where Ben was, he saw that Sister Griselda was still unconscious. So, he wrote a letter, explained his circumstances and told her to burn the letter after raeding. He told her not to inform of him being alive even to Xenovia and in lstead told her to motivate Xenovia in becoming string using him. He apologized for one the last time and took out the magic circle that Sirzechs gave him and stared at it for a while.


"No Draig. That's not the case. It's just that untill now, though I did a lot, only from here on will my path starts. So you can say that I am just excited.


"Yes Draig. And take care of me too. Whatever the situation might be I will become what I wanted to be".

Unknowingly, Ben's aura until now though, it had a regal feeling to it, it was just Draig's mixed in it. Not his own. But after making his descision, his disposition started changing slightly and his aura started to contain a silver of his own reagl aura in it.

Ben immediately activated the magic cirlce and got transported from the hospital room.


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