Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
28 Death Of Ben And Meeting The Satans
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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28 Death Of Ben And Meeting The Satans

Life in the lucifer castle was a bit stale for our young dragon cultivator. Every day he roamed different parts of the castle with the help of the maid who was left in charge of him. He also managed to stabilize his cultivation three days after the breakthrough. But there was one inconvenience which was that whenever he started cultivating, there would be a scan of the room for every thirty minutes. This though was not detrimental to him; he would always be disturbed when he finally gets into a trance as if waking him up from sleep. This made cultivating in the castle impossible and he gave up cultivating after few days of trial and instead focus on his sword training waiting for him to be summoned for his devilization process.

When all this was happening, the news of death was released on his third day during his stay in the lucifer castle by Michael true to his promise saying that he was kept in a special cabin to treat his serious injuries from the battle and finally left his last breath on the third day after the fight making all the people who knew him depressed. Though everyone showed sad expression when the news of his death was released, this news showed a devastating effect on both his parents most and Xenovia being the next. Nothing more could be said for his parent's remorse knowing his death since they were his parents. But for Xenovia, he was the only friend she got and her junior disciple brother who had been under the tutelage of Griselda. More than that he was the one whom she was starting to show her womanly feelings towards. Griselda who also heard the news knew that he was going to the devils side and not really dead due to him knowing some confidential details and the higher-ups in the heaven banning him from becoming a follower of Church and if his relatives and friends did know about his decision, will face dire situations with their safety in compromise. She couldn't do anything but sigh for herself being powerless in this situation and went to Xenovia to comfort her fearing her mental stability. When she reached Xenovia's room she knocked but there was no response, so she asked directly from outside.

"Xenovia how are you doing?"

Seeing that there still was no response coming from her she directly opened the room's door and when she saw her beloved daughter's expression, her heart was broken and started cursing Ben for his decision and involuntarily blamed him for her daughter's condition. But a few seconds later seeing no change in Xenovia's expression, she started getting mad over her behavior.

"Xenovia listen to me. If you are brooding over Ben's death and blame yourself for it then you better buckle up yourself and do better in your jobs against the mission's given. Make yourself so strong that you never put any of your teammates in danger in the future. There was a new partner assigned to you who took her own initiative to become your partner. Her name is Irina Shidou whom you met in the selection for the holy sword. I expect a lot from you. If you can just collapse from this set back, then you better sit in the church and become a non-combat personal."

Saying thus, Griselda went back to her work. Though she knew that what she said was a bit cruel to her daughter, she had to do this for Xenovia's sake.

When Ben heard about the circumstances of his family and members of the church, he felt bad but given his circumstances he didn't have any choice. If situations had been any different, even he would not want to do these cruel things to his beloved ones. He just didn't want anything happening to them when news came out that he went from being a devote Church follower to a devil. He just grits his teeth regarding this matter and waited for him to be called. Luckily, he didn't have to wait beyond the time he was asked to wait and Grafiya promptly came to collect him for the ceremony on the seventh day.

"Ben-Sama, Lord asked me to get you to the place where the ceremony is going to take place. If you don't have any important things to do, I ask you to follow me."

"It's alright Grafiya-san, I am ready for the ceremony."

Then Grafiya opened a magic circle with the crest of Lucifer which he had seen a lot in the castle last week. Ben and Grafiya followed into the teleportation circle immediately and disappeared from that place.

When they next appeared, they were in a room in which there were seven or six people and a kid people waiting for him. He saw Sirzechs standing next to three, two men and one woman or a girl if he had to describe her exactly. He recognized these three people as they were Ajuka Beelzebub, Serefall Leviathan and Falbium Asmodeus. He knew that Serefall was portrayed as a high school girl and liked to wear a magical outfit in the show and was prepared for that but when he really her in flesh, he really couldn't accept the thought that a Great Satan and the Strongest Female Devil of her generation to be a high school and seeing her in a Magical Girl outfit made him want to puke out then and there itself but he controlled the feeling with his utmost effort.

"Red Dragon-Kun, I know the kind of thoughts running inside your mind, but it is a waste for a young man to fantasize about this cute, hot and sexy me because this life of mine is only for my cute little Sona-Tan."

When everyone in the room heard her, few the other Satans had their faces cramp in frustration and the other people in the room including Ben had a weird expression on them.

"Well enough nonsense. Ben-Kun, the three people besides me are Ajuka Beelzebub, Falbium Asmodeus and Serefall leviathan in order. The couple over there are my parents, my father Zeoticus Gremory and my mother Venelana Gremory. The little girl next to them is my ultra-cute and extremely kind little sister of mine Ria-Tan, Rias Gremory."

When everyone heard the description of Sirzechs regarding his sister, they had the same expression when during Serefall's explanation. But Ben managed to control his cramping face and greeted them since he would practically their vassal in the oncoming years.

"My greetings, Lord and Lady Gremory and my good day Young Lady Gremory."

"Nice meeting you Ben-Kun. I heard about you from my son and thought he praised you a lot more than necessary. But just from this greeting alone, I can say that he did an undermining performance in praising you."

"Ara, what cute and polite kid."


Different reaction was received from the Gremories. But he got the anticipated reaction from the chibi Rias. He was prepared to face her arrogant attitude, but he really didn't expect this much attitude from the ruin princess.

"Well if your sweet family time is over, we can proceed to the ceremony", said Ajuka Beelzebub from the side with a bit of impatience in his voice.

"Okay, Ajuka we will immediately start the ceremony. Now Ben-Kun before we begin the ceremony, I will ask you one last time if you are ready for this ceremony. Because once we start this ceremony, we cannot stop this even with all the strength of the those present here combined. So, think about it", said Sirzechs in a dire tone.

"It's okay lucifer-Sama, I am ready for this ritual. But if I may, lord Michael wanted to be present for this ceremony for my safety because of me being in contact with the holy power for a long time and body adapting to it he fears my safety. If you are okay with that, I will summon him with the magic circle he gave to me"

When the people heard his words, they were surprised and then scrunched up their brows in thought. The problem for them was not Michael being present for the ritual since angels cannot use the same but him being in their territory is a big thing.

"Ben-Kun if such things were there, you should have discussed with me first", said Sirzechs in a bad mood.

"why Sirzechs? It's just him coming to the underworld to see to his safety during the ritual. Not for an ambush. We also are having the talks regarding the matter so why not show our trust for that matter in this case and confirm our relationship."

This time the one talking is Falbium Asmodeus who was silent from the start.

"Okay, Falbium. I think what you said is also feasible", said Sirzechs and was agreed upon by everyone. Seeing that he turned to Ben and gave him permission to summon him.

Seeing that everyone agreed, Ben sighed in relief secretly as he was fretting over this on how to convince everyone. But now that there were no problems, he immediately fished out the summoning circle from his pocket and channeled his dragon power into the circle which gave out a flash of blinding light and a magic circle was formed in the air from which the silhouette of Michael appeared out of it.

"Greetings to all the devils present here. I thank you for the trust you have in me and for allowing me to oversee this ritual."


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