Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
29 Start Of The Ritual And Complications
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Cultivation Style: Red Dragon Emperor
Author :srinivas_anuraag
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29 Start Of The Ritual And Complications

When everyone in the room heard him they all replied to him though they were not so kind of a tone but more like a business tone. Even after this Michael was not affected by their attitude since if it were a Maou visiting his heaven, he knew that the greeting would be in more of a drastic way compared to this.

"Since Michael has also arrived, let's begin the ritual", said Ajuka.

Before Ben arrived, everything was prepared for the ritual. Thus, they immediately got to work, and the four demon kings led the rest of them into an inner hidden chamber. There was a magic circle, no it would be better to call this a Magic Formation after seeing its size. There were pedestals at the four extremities of the magic formation and each with a colour representing each of the Satan's. Seeing all this Ben got perplexed.

'I thought there was going to be a king piece given to me and get it to merge with me. But that is not what is going on here. It feels like a huge ritual is going to take place. Better be cautious.'

Thinking so, Ben got away from his relaxed mood and got a little bit serious about this ritual.

Seeing that Ben got serious, all the present people who knew what was going to happen gave a nod to themselves in praise of his demeanour and an amusing smile was attached to their faces.

"Well then let's not waste any more time and get to it. Michael I would like you to stand with others who are not participating in this ritual and be ready for anything that goes wrong. And Ben, you come into the middle of the magic formation and sit down in that spot", said Ajuka Beelzebub.

"Before beginning, I would like to ask the procedure of this ritual if its okay with you Satans", asked Michael.

"Well, then it is not wrong to give a heads-up. We are going to infuse our Demonic power into the pedestals which are present around the formation. Which in turn converts our power into pure Demonic power and infuses that into Ben who is sitting in the formation. When the infusion is completed, we can move onto the next level in which we will give him the forbidden King piece to Ben and turn him into a demon."

With Ajuka's explanation, everyone was now familiar with the process but excluding Rias, everyone else knew that the process was not so simple. Thinking along the same Michael raised his doubts.

"But this ritual is not necessary for when a human is turned into a demon through reincarnating them with the usual Evil pieces. Though the king piece con tins a lot more power than the usual ones, I don't understand why to go all through the trouble to infuse him with the Demonic power and then give him the King piece?"

What Michael asked was what everyone had in their minds and were looking forward to the answer.

"The process is a lot more complicated. The new devils created using the reincarnation method are previous humans who are willing to go under the servitude of a High-Class devil using a normal Evil piece. But here we are using a King piece which even a normal high-class devil won't be able to handle in the usual situation and not mention, Ben here is already a Mid-Class supernatural being and going through the process. Thus, it requires this ritual to turn him into a devil than to reincarnate him as one. If that was as simple as giving him the King piece, Sirzechs here wouldn't have used his once in a century right to do the bidding according to his wishes to shut all the senior devil kings in the assembly."

With the long explanation of Ajuka Beelzebub, everyone came to know about the importance of this ritual and became a lot more serious than before. Ben was even sweating for the fear of his body not being able to accommodate the power and die.


Hearing Draig talk to him, Ben cooled down a little and faced for the oncoming ritual.

With all the explanations done, everyone moved to their positions. Satans to their pedestals, onlookers to the side and Ben into to the middle of the formation. When everything was ready, Satan started pouring their power into the pedestals and instantly the magic formation on it started glowing. Then the formation on the floor also got stated and the place where Ben was sitting got enveloped by purplish dark energy and completely immersed him I that.

Ben seeing the Demonic power coming in contact with him started absorbing it. He ran the Xiantian manual's circulation and started taming it while moving it inside his body towards his dantian. For an hour after the start of the ritual, everything was going as planned and everyone started to relax a bit. But that was when things go wrong. Ben when he moved the Demonic powers to his dantian, had collected all the power in a place far away from the QI, Dragon power and Holy power reservoirs such that there won't be any interactions between them. But he underestimated the nature of the Holy and Demonic powers. As soon a wisp of Demonic power leaked and touched the Holy power, it gave an intense reaction which turned his dantian space into a pandemonium. The two opposite powers raged and collided crossing all the distance between them. The resulting waves of shocks were so powerful that even the walls of dantian stated to go beyond its endurance levels. But the threat was not yet over because due to the intense collision, the remaining two QI and Dragon power also got involved and the clash between the respective powers got so wild that few cracks were seen on the walls of the dantian. Ben getting flustered tried to operate his control over them and mediate between the energies. But that was not happening and due to this, he experienced a backlash coughing up blood in the process. Seeing this Draig immediately projected his voice to the people outside.


Listening to what Draig said, all the Satans immediately stopped and turned towards Michael for expiation to which he truthfully answered.

While all this was going on outside, Ben was trying his best to stop the clash despite his lack of control when suddenly a voice rang inside his head.

*Clam down and take control of your QI first. Then move it towards the Dragon power. Then using your QI mix it with the Dragon power and bring a sizable amount of it in between the clash of the two powers.*

When he heard the voice Ben immediately got panicked and tried to find out whose voice it was. But later got calmed and controlled his instinct to do so and followed the steps of the voice.

Due to him having cultivated the QI all on his own, it was easy to tame it and bring under control. Then moved the QI from its reservoir to the Dragon power reservoir and tried to tame it. Though it was a bit difficult at the beginning, he achieved that with a bit of success and started pooling the Dragon power to a sizable amount. Though the voice said to form a sizable amount, in the end it did not give an accurate size and left him to his own. He pooled the Dragon power to what he considered as okay and moved it to the heated battleground. At first, there was no response but later due to the attribute of his QI, the Dragon power which was a bit lower on a tier that the other two, got to the same level. This helped in calming down both the Holy and Demonic powers. After a while when bot the powers got calmed down, something even more unexpected happened. The Holy and Demonic powers started to close onto the enhanced Dragon power and started to fuse with that pool of power.

As soon as this happened, Draig who was participating in the conversation regarding Ben's circumstances, let out a scream and went silent. This made everyone shudder and went towards the boy seated in the formation to check out on him only to find out something more unimaginable.



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