Dark Star Survivor
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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The wind was cold that night.

A lone figure stood on a barren hill, emerald eyes looking at the sky as the wind whistled across the barren fields around her.

She couldn't remember the last time she saw the twinkle of stars in that vast expanse of black.

Those stars that once lit up the night sky, were now for forever dark.

They had been each consumed, one by one, until only one remained.

She turned her head to where the sun was in the sky.

Only half of the once bright star remained, it's light almost completely gone.

The dim glow could barely illuminate the ground where she stood.

Across the surface she could see black veins sprawled like some obscene disease, reducing the star's former splendor to a dull red glow.

It was only a matter of time before the last star would be consumed like the others were, plunging everything into darkness.

Who was responsible?

They did not have a name.

They once did, but none remain who remember.

She is the only one left, and to her they are simply the enemy.

The enemy was responsible for the missing stars, and the extinction of every living thing that once bathed in their light.

Soon, they would be back for her as well.

She did not remember how long she has fought them.

Countless times they came, and each time she was victorious.

But what does victory matter if there is nothing to fight for?

She no longer remembered the faces of the people she once fought to protect.

But she still fought, driven by a single instinct.


Across the plains she heard a sound.

The enemy was coming for her again.

She lowered her eyes to the dark field stretching before her.

There they were, stretching horizon to horizon like a black tide sweeping towards her with one purpose; extermination.

Looking closer, you would see creatures that surpass every nightmare.

Twisted flesh and bone conjoined in such a manner that made the mind quake.

Hollow eye sockets in faces twisted by unimaginable horror.

They moved with uncanny grace and speed across the ground, yet eerily silent.

The lone figure watched their approach, her emerald eyes showed no emotion.

She could already feel her survival instinct awakening once again.

Her conscious mind slowly began sinking into darkness as the enemy drew closer.

She knew that she would wake up after it was over, and not a single enemy would survive.


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