Dark Star Survivor
2 Trace of Hope
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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2 Trace of Hope

By the time Pfortner pulled himself together, the battle was over.

The girl was standing on her hill again, surrounded by countless enemy corpses.

She had survived again.

Pfortner grimaced. Why could she not just give up? Why did she have to draw this out?

Once she was gone he could finally rest. As long as she remained, he would be forced to stay and monitor her.

Pfortner stared dully into the distance as his mind sorted through the various options he had.

He glanced at a display nearby that was filled with a half-finished project that he had been researching for the gods at some point.

Like most others, this project had been abandoned after the gods had been… consumed by the enemy.

As Pfortner stared at the information, his expression began to change.

Suddenly, he moved to the display and began to madly arrange the data, his hands a blur as he worked.

Several feverish days later, he stepped away from the display, his eyes glowing with anticipation.

This would let him complete his task!

He smiled sadly. This would let him save his final charge. But it also meant he would reach his end as well.

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He glanced at the display showing her still standing alone on her hill, ever vigilant.

He knew how she had suffered when the enemy first reached Gaia.

She had been an ordinary person, but with Gaia under attack, everyone had taken up arms to defend their home.

But over time the humans grew increasingly desperate, even to the point of using weapons of mass destruction on their own planet.

But as they came to realize, the enemy could not be stopped.

Pfortner had seen the very moment the enemy had consumed the last human besides her in existence before her eyes.

That moment was coincidentally what led to the birth of the strange transformation that took over her when she fought the enemy.

He had no idea what emotions she had felt in that moment. Fear? Despair? Rage?

Pfortner had theorized that her emotions had been a catalyst that facilitated the transformation, but the info he had was too little.

Even after using his strongest instruments to record and analyze the transformation he was unable to replicate the effects.

At least she would have some insurance in the future. The place he was going to send her was older than their universe, and she would need every advantage.

He went back to the display and continued his work. Soon it would be ready and he would be able to rest.


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