Dark Star Survivor
4 Evolution
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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4 Evolution

Zoey didn't quite know what to do. In just a short while, she had been removed from her dead home planet and sent on her way to another universe with little explanation. She had all but given up, but now she could feel the faint blossom of hope taking shape in her heart. The memories of the desolation of Gaia, her home, would forever remain in her memories, but she had been given another chance. She could only move forward.

Zoey gathered her thoughts and moved to the bed Pfortner had placed for her. Even though it was virtual, she could feel the texture of the fabric as though it were real. She sat on the bed and tried to remember the last time she had slept. She went unconscious a lot, but actually sleeping… She did not remember the last time. She did feel tired, a fatigue of the mind caused by the endless cycle of survival and despair she had went through. Maybe a short rest wouldn't hurt… She lay down on the bed, and for the first time in a long time, she slept.

Zoey woke up feeling like she slept an eternity. Her mind was refreshed and clear, no longer clouded like before. Her virtual self was no longer transparent, feeling more like actual skin. Looking at the display still hovering nearby she could still see her physical body suspended in the stasis tank. She was about to get up and walk to the display for a closer look when it suddenly floated through the air and stopped in front of her face! Was it being controlled somehow? Or did it follow some other control… Curious, she focused on the display and thought about it moving further away. Sure enough, it silently glided away from her! A few minutes of experimenting later, she had discovered the display could also change in size as well as move around the space as she willed it. Very convenient!

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Once she was done playing with the display, she brought it back to her and took a closer look at the interface. While it was still showing the camera view of her stasis tank, it also had a familiar interface that reminded her of the old electronic systems she had once used on Gaia. Interestingly, she was also able to manipulate the interface with her mind. On the display she found a status that seemed to show information from the stasis tank.







Zoey understood that this must have been set in progress by Pfortner. Looking through the interface she found a blinking notification. She opened it and her display was filled with several pieces of information prepared for her by Pfortner. Zoey felt thankful in her heart for his efforts. She opened the first one she found and began to read.

"Zoey, by the time you find this I will be long gone. I put this info together so you would have a better idea of what your situation is. First, take a look at this."

A video file started playing as Zoey watched. On the screen she could see the familiar desolate landscape of Gaia, only this time she was a spectator. The video was the last fight that Zoey had fought on Gaia when she transformed. The thing is, Zoey was never awake during her transformations, so she had no idea what happened during the event. She watched the entire video, eyes wide in amazement. She never even knew that she could transform like that, or summon 2 molten swords, or a gun that seemed to fire like a nova satellite. In the last days of desperate fighting, they had still been using conventional high energy laser weapons and ballistic weaponry. The transformation she witnessed herself go through was amazing, but she had never seen nor heard of before in the history of Gaia.

After the video finished, she continued reading.

"This transformation is truly a marvel. I'm not sure if you are aware of what is happening, but all the knowledge in my database, which is not inconsiderable, was not able to explain the origin or method of operation for the transformation. I can only conclude that its origins are beyond the boundaries of knowledge in our universe. The side effects of this transformation are quite numerous, but surprisingly, they are not harmful to you.

Your body has been modified on a molecular level to operate more efficiently. Unneeded organs have been removed, efficiency has been increased, and overall you will experience a heightened senses and strength. Along with all that you will also have better control of any changes your body goes through. Recovery rates will be higher and your immune system has been considerably strengthened. Your body had basically gone into low power survival mode, eliminating the need to eat entirely and surviving by energy fusion. How this is possible in a human body I will never know. However, once I started the repair process, your body started shutting down that process. Once you reach your destination you will need to eat to survive, although, not as much as before.

How much these changes with affect your body in the long term is difficult to predict. I have programmed the stasis tank to not hinder the this process and have additionally set the virtual space to gradually adjust your virtual senses to match your actual body's capabilities. This will allow you to gradually become familiar with your new capabilities.

You can find the full controls for the virtual space in the interface. Feel free to modify it as you wish since you will be in here for the trip. Speaking of that, I'm not sure how long you will be in transit. Movement between universes can be tricky, so there is no way of measuring the time required. I know this is a lot to take in, so take your time."

He was right, it was a lot to take in. Zoey spent some time mulling over the information while she watched the video of her transformation again. Coming to grips with it was the first step. She did not know where she would end up in the new universe, but the changes to her body would allow her to adapt easier.

At least, that's what she hoped...


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