Dark Star Survivor
5 Mindse
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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5 Mindse

After a while, Zoey moved on to the next piece of information that Pfortner had left for her. This one seemed to be related to her destination.

"Going to another universe can be tricky. We had originally looked into this option to save our universe from the enemy, but the cost was too high. However, sending one lone human through the Divide is simple enough when you use the energy from a supernova.

One thing you should know is that there are different tiers of universes. Our universe was a Tier 4, the lowest tier. Different universe tiers operate on completely different principles, and will be completely different from what you are used to. Sadly, I only know the theory and can't predict what you will encounter.

I was able to contact an Administrator from that universe and gain passage through the Divide for you. They will reach out to you when you arrive and should be able to assist with acclimatization. Just remember to be careful when dealing with them, be careful who you trust. I did strike a bargain with the Administrator on your behalf, so they should be meeting you once you arrive.

That's all I was able to do for you. Good luck on your voyage.

On behalf of the Gatekeepers, and our universe, Godspeed Zoey."

Zoey pondered the info she had read. Multiple universe tiers, and hers had been a Tier 4, the lowest… Higher tier universes worked on different principles… Pfortner had mentioned that her transformation was beyond anything in the known universe and that it may have originated elsewhere… Maybe it had come from a higher tier universe? She could only guess at this point.

A sudden realization startled her. What about the enemy? Had they come from another universe? What if they had been some form of attack from a higher tier? Could it be possible? A sobering thought if there was any truth to it. Zoey had noticed that her mindset had changed when it came to the enemy. Back on Gaia she had almost given up, she regarded the enemy as an afterthought. They had taken everything she cared for, but she no longer remembered the faces and places they had destroyed.

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Now, her mind had been jolted back awake by Pfortner's intervention. He had forced her to recall when she had friends and family. The emotions and feelings that she had long though gone were slowly coming back. She still couldn't recall her old memories, and likely never would, but it was a step in towards recovery. Maybe she could one day create new memories, make new friends...

As for the enemy, she had felt that Pfortner regarded them with hate. He had to know something about them he had not mentioned. Maybe his database would have some information on what they were or where they came from...


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