Dark Star Survivor
6 History of Gaia
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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6 History of Gaia

Pfortner did indeed leave behind his database for her. When she opened it, Zoey was stunned by the sheer amount of data it contained. She had lived her entire life on Gaia, but the humans that called Gaia home had barely begun to explore their own solar system. There was one colony on Serda, one of Gaia's twin moons, but that was the extent of their expansion. As far as they knew, they were the only sentient creatures in the galaxy.

The data that Pfortner left behind showed different though. Aside from the humans of Gaia, there had been millions of sentient species in the universe, some that had been far more advanced than the humans. The fact that humans had never encountered another sentient species showed how massive the universe truly was.

As Zoey read through the data she made some amazing discoveries. The entire universe had been under attack from the enemy for over 15,000 years! Additionally, she had spent over 250 years on Gaia alone, as the last human alive! She had no concept of time during that period, so knowing how long she had been there truly shocked her. From the time the enemy entered into the solar system to the point which she was the last human left only spanned 50 years. Adding on her time alive, the human race had only managed to resist for 300 years. Compared to some of the other races in the universe, it was barely worth mentioning.

One thing still made her wonder. How had Gaia become the last planet to be taken? Out of all the galaxies in the universe, and out of all the systems in that galaxy, Gaia was the last to fall. A little searching showed it may have been completely random. The database had a map of the universe that showed the spread of the enemy as they had consumed everything in their path. The pattern truly had no rhyme or reason. From a single origin point in a distant corner of the universe the enemy had spread and consumed everything in their path. Gaia just happened to be in one of the galaxies furthest away from the origin point of the enemy.

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Zoey could feel sadness in her heart as she watched the dark spread of the enemy across the virtual representation of the universe. The humans of Gaia had realized that something was wrong long before the enemy reached their home galaxy. Once they realized the thing consuming entire galaxies was not stopping, they had embarked on a feverish militarization of their entire planet.

Zoey had been born into a world where the entire planet had been split into different factions. The faction Zoey was born into was the military faction. They were focused on survival. Every resource they got their hands on went into researching weapons and fortifying their cities. Every youth including Zoey was raised in a harsh training environment that taught them how to survive and fight.

Then there was the group that felt the threat coming for Gaia was insurmountable, and therefore there was no reason to bother resisting. This eventually formed into a religion claiming that god was bringing judgement day to Gaia. Needless to say they were considered dead weight by the military faction and the two groups were utterly opposed to each other.

The third faction was mostly made up of the rich elite of the world and their families. They spent their time and considerable fortunes in search of enjoyment and bliss. Perhaps this was a coping method to deal with the incoming threat.

The three factions did not get along well with each other and their strife had lasted until the very moment the enemy had stepped foot on Gaia.

But by then it was too late.

Hasty apologies and promises of riches did not gain the favor of the military faction when the rich families came looking for protection. The religious factions howed no resistance, and even held gatherings that made it easier for the enemy to slaughter them. The military faction had prepared long and hard, but all their weapons and soldiers could not stop the enemy. All their preparations had been in vain.

And so Gaia fell. Zoey the only survivor thanks to an enigmatic transformation that she couldn't even control.


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