Dark Star Survivor
7 Arrival
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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7 Arrival

As Zoey had little else to do on her trip, she spent most of her time browsing through Pfortner's database and training. Mostly she looked up things she had forgotten about her home, Gaia. The database seemed to have saved most of the media that had been a part of her home. Old movies and holo-vids, games and vid shows, all of them were in the database, though she could not remember any of it thanks to her memory loss.

Before the enemy had appeared, Gaia was a world of countless cultures and people. Humans had developed many forms of entertainment, and Zoey found solstice in revisiting the vid shows and games that were in the database. It seemed to help soothe the aching gap of missing memories that she would never get back.

Time passed swiftly. Zoey was able to keep track of how long she had been traveling thanks to the terminal she had. After a full year of travel the stasis tank had completed the repairs to her body. She opened the terminal to check the info.






It was as Pfortner had said. The tank had aided the changes to her body. Over the year she had traveled she had been testing the limits of her body as the virtual environment adjusted her stats to match her physical form. Combat arts, obstacle courses and even gravity training, Zoey had gradually become familiar with her new capabilities.

She was now several times stronger than she had been as a normal human. Her agility, strength and mental acuity had been improved to a remarkable degree. On Gaia she would be considered a superhuman of sorts. She could easily navigate through obstacle courses in a few minutes when a normal human would take an hour.

Her reaction time and speed had also improved by leaps and bounds. She had tested herself by simulating a military soldier and a ballistic firearm, and she was actually able to react and dodge the bullets as long as she was able to see the moment it was fired. Calculating the trajectory of the bullet allowed her to minimize the distance to move in order to dodge it.

In order to train herself, Zoey had simulated entire scenarios where she was hunted by squads of soldiers. Through this training she discovered that three enemies simultaneously attacking her with ballistic weapons was her limit. She could minimize damage and avoid most hits, but any more than three guns shooting at her and she would be overwhelmed.

In hand to hand combat though, she was improving. She could beat the simulation eight times out of ten in one on one fights, and she was still learning. She still had a long ways to go though. Even though she had military training, she had been an engineer by trade. Aside from staying physically fit, combat training was never really much of a focus for her. Of course, during the last few years on Gaia, when the humans were pushed to the point of using weapons of mass destruction on their own world, everyone had to fight at some point, even the engineers.

Needless to say, in the time she spent in transit, she also tried figuring out ways to bring out her transformation, but was unsuccessful. She had eventually figured out that the virtual simulation did not have the required data to replicate it, and since she also had no experience with activating the transformation, it was impossible to simulate it.

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On Gaia, she had always gone unconscious when the transformation activated, and she recalled nothing of when she was out. She theorized that the transformation was triggered by an instinctual reaction to the threat of the enemy. Her unconsciousness was an unfortunate side effect, but maybe she would uncover the method to utilize it in the future. It was a part of her after all.


As Zoey hurtled through the vast unknown Divide between universes, she was unaware that she was getting ever closer to her destination. Somewhere in a different universe, in a hidden alcove amongst the vast number of galaxies, a pair of rose colored, almond shaped eyes watched an ethereal display. A tiny dot moved through a vast empty expanse coming ever closer to the boundary that separated the universe from the void.

These rose colored eyes belonged to Sethrii, and she was a goddess of the universe called Exta. Sethrii was the "Administrator" that Pfortner had contacted to gain safe passage for Zoey through the Divide. Sethrii had been intrigued when she intercepted the original communication from a different universe. Even more intriguing was that the Administrator had been requesting assistance with allowing a single living being to pass through the Divide.

Sethrii had spent many galactic cycles probing and researching the Divide with her magic, but had been unable to even discover a method to scratch the boundary, much less send a living being through it. For the small price of assisting the passage of the being and placing them somewhere safe, the Administrator called Pfortner had offered her all his research on the Divide and his own database that contained all the remaining information from that uniferse.

She had agreed to the request and was excitedly awaiting the arrival of her new charge. If her fellow deities could see her now they would be quaking in their boots. Very little could excite Sethrii, and woe be unto them that got in the way of her excitement. An entire universe's database was a once in a lifetime gift after all.


Zoey, still in her virtual world was surprised when the console chirped at her announcing her imminent arrival to the new universe. She was excited, yet apprehensive. Would she be able to find a home in the vast unknown? She was different now than she had once been. No longer confined to the dead surface of Gaia, her mind was filled with infinite possibilities that awaited her.

Zoey was ready.


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