Dark Star Survivor
11 Talents
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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11 Talents

By the time the sun peeked its way over the horizon, Zoey made her way out of her cave. She climbed to the peak of the small hill where it rose just above the top of the forest around her. As the morning sunlight washed over her, she sat on the ground and closed her eyes. The coolness of dawn and the warmth of the sun created a perfect harmony she had not experienced for a long time. In her mind, she went over the information she had received last night.

First, the world she had been placed on was called Darren. Being part of a Tier 3 universe, Darren had some things that were different from Gaia. Where Gaia and her home universe was technologically based, this universe had something else, Magic. All their tech functioned on some form of magical energy. This energy was non-existent in Tier 4 universes. Needless to say this intrigued Zoey. The document had explained that all creatures in this universe and on Darren were born with innate magical talents. These talents would take the form of all manner of fantastical magical abilities. These abilities could be inherited as well from parent to child. All this was tied into universal magic network managed by "Administrators" or as they were known here, Gods and Goddesses. Zoey understood that she was a special case as no other human had ever come to this universe from another before. Her being sent here by Pfortner and the agreement with Sethrii seemed to afford her some benefits nobody else had.

All in all, the Administrators generally left the creatures of the universe to their own devices and only interfered if there was a legitimate threat to a planet or the magic network. Interestingly enough, Sethrii had hinted that the Administrators liked to act as gods to the worlds that they managed and some even had religions that followed them. Sethrii on the other hand seemed only interested in the pursuit of knowledge and was not interested in founding religions. She did mention that she had some followers, but did not specify further than that.

Another interesting point was that certain animals and magical creatures that lived in the wilderness also were born with innate magical talents. The gorilla-rhino that Zoey had encountered would have been a great example of a creature with an innate talent. That species had an ability to magically form armor plating when threatened to protect itself. Zoey however, had not attacked it so did not get to see the ability in action.

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Sethrii had also mentioned Zoey when it came to the innate talents. As Zoey had been integrated to the magic system by Sethrii, the system had been able to awaken her innate talents. Apparently, innate talents were a mark of a Tier 3 universe. If the majority of a Tier 4 universe's inhabitants would have awakened an innate talent, the universe would then be considered a Tier 3 and the Administrators of that universe would be afforded more capabilities. This event would also introduce the universal magic network and completely change the very fabric of that universe in the process.

Finished recalling that part of the information, Zoey activated her tattoo interface and pulled up the information on herself.



a. Transformation Trigger: Unknown

b. Abilities: Unknown


a. Able to design and fabricate items from aether magic. Adding matter to construct will reduce cost. ]

When she has first seen her talents she had been very surprised. Back on Gaia she was an engineer by trade. She had been a designer and fabrication engineer for the 77th Engineer Squadron and had spent countless hours in the engineering shop perfecting the engines of war in preparation for the enemy. The magic network had somehow transferred her skills to this world and turned it into an innate talent. Or maybe she had always had the talent, and coming here had simply brought it to the surface.

At any rate, the more surprising thing was her second talent, the Dark Star Runic Blood. Zoey had no idea what that meant, and the magic system of a Tier 3 universe didn't know either... Quite mysterious. She thought it may be related somehow to her transformation, but wasn't sure.

Zoey pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind. All of her questions would be answered at some point. She was certain of it. For now she was interested about her Aether Engineer ability. She smiled as she looked over the ability description again.

Maybe it was time to make some equipment.


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