Dark Star Survivor
13 Equipped
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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13 Equipped

Zoey focused her mind and activated her Aether Engineer talent. She was curious as to how it would function. When she activated her talent, she felt the same cool sensation flow through her veins that she had before when the tattoo had activated, and her interface suddenly began to change. The magic lines morphed into a 4 dimensional display that was once again similar to the design interface she had used back on Gaia when she was an engineer. Her talent had created a familiar scene using her memories and the magic of this new universe.

Surprised, Zoey eagerly began manipulating the interface allowing her hands and mind to guide her through the controls. As she explored the interface, she noticed that it was actively changing based on her thoughts. If she could think of a feature that was missing, the interface would actively add the feature based on her thoughts. Very useful.

She decided that the first thing she needed was defensive equipment, and promptly set out to design some. She had the interface create a model of herself and quickly created a set of under clothes that fit her model. Using the interface she was able to pull up designs for hundreds of different types of nano armor that were once commonplace on Gaia. Looking through the selection she was able to find a design that was rated for ballistics up to .50 caliber, and had impact absorption capabilities as well. She integrated it with a comfortable fabric type and finished the design.

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Once the design was finalized, the interface gave her the option to fabricate the design with magic energy, or use matter to offset the magic cost. She was curious on how the system calculated magic cost so she selected to fabricate without matter.

The interface closed and the holographic design she created remained in the air. The size grew until it matched the appropriate size for her, then she felt her tattoo start to feed magic energy to the design from somewhere inside her own body. It was interesting to feel the cool sensation flow from her body into the design almost as if she was putting a part of herself into the item.

The entire process took a few moments and Zoey was left slightly exhausted with a set of brand new nano armor. She smiled with satisfaction. As an engineer she would always feel satisfaction when creating something, and this was no different. Since she showed up on this world she had only had the shirt and trousers that were in the transport pod to wear. Now she could create comfortable clothing when she needed it.

During the fabrication process the interface had helpfully displayed her magic power total and how much had been consumed. Making the armor had taken half of her supply. She could tell it was already regenerating fairly quickly and it would only take about an hour to completely recover.

She decided to wait while she designed the rest of her gear. As the sun slowly climbed its way into the sky she happily worked with her Aether Engineer talent to create the gear she would need. Once the hour had past she was finished with the designs and was ready to fabricate.

The next item she wanted to make was her weatherproof outer garments. Resistant to the elements and also lined with nano armor for protection, these would adapt to any environment she would find herself in, hot or cold. This time she selected to use the option to include matter in the fabrication process.

Once she started the process, the holographic display appeared again showing the clothing. She then had an interface to select what matter to use in the construction. She picked up a rock from the ground nearby to test the process. Once the interface detected the matter she wanted to use, small tendrils of magic appeared and started to deconstruct the rock in front of her eyes. She watched the entire process, eyes wide in amazement. Magic truly was amazing. A simple thought could create something from an immaterial source or completely deconstruct a solid rock in a matter of minutes.

While she was amazed at the process, the fabrication of the clothing completed. With the introduction of matter, she had only used up a small portion of her magic, nowhere near what she had used before. Spurned on by her success, Zoey kept fabricating the items she had designed.

A few hours later she was completely done. Against her skin she wore her under-suit of comfy nano armor, and over that she wore the loose pair of pants and shirt she made, also lined with the nano armor. On her feet were a low profile pair of boots that were flexible yet protected her feet well. She had a wide belt hanging on her hips with some small pouches that carried some survival gear. Strapped to her left thigh was a battle steel combat knife that would be useful in close combat. Finally she wore a poncho style weatherproof cover that hung to her knees. The poncho opened on the sides, and would not hinder her movement. Functionality was what she was after with her gear, so she had made it simple and effective. All of her gear was muted shades of charcoal and black and would easily blend into the background of the undergrowth.

She had wanted to add in cloaking abilities to her clothing so she could go unnoticed if needed, but the Aether Engineer talent was actually unable to fabricate the highly advanced materials required for the cloaking and its power source. Seems like there was a limit to what it could create.

Satisfied with her gear, Zoey felt she was ready to continue on with her journey.

Her next goal was to find some form of civilization.


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