Dark Star Survivor
23 Preparation.
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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23 Preparation.

The next day, Zoey was still dealing with the revelation that she was some kind of rare resource that the noble houses would fight over to possess. She was not very happy with the thought. She decided that the first this she had to do was get stronger. If she got to Rank 4 with her magic, she would be able to go after a Rank 4 magical beast and use the blood to hide the face that she had a Harmonic Heritage like Nito suggested..

For her immediate concern of getting stronger, Nito was able to give her the general locations of nearby areas that contained cold and dark element creatures that matched her elemental affinity. Nito was not much of a hunter, so he was heading out on his own to scavenge and forage as he normally did during the day.

Zoey took a moment after Nito left to gather her thoughts focus on what she needed to do, then she checked her interface again.


HERITAGE| Dark Star Runic Heritage: Tier Unknown | Gaia Human: Tier 3 Harmonic

[ELEMENTAL AFFINITY| Cold: Harmonization 25% | Dark: Harmonization 15% | Unknown: Harmonization 2% ]

Nothing had really changed over the night, but she still wanted to make sure. After checking her gear and equipment, Zoey decided to make a wardrobe change. Her poncho had originally been manufactured with the same nano weave that her other clothing had been making it resistant to all types of physical damage. But she wanted to change it to a more common cloth such as cotton or canvas that was found on this world. Her reason was twofold. When she had been attacked by the man in black, she could have potentially made the fight end a lot quicker had she been able to shoot her 9mm custom from underneath her poncho.

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At the time, she did not want to reveal her cards too soon and risk losing the advantage, so she could only leave the gun hidden under her poncho until the man wouldn't notice her bringing it out. This was because if she had fired it from underneath, the nano armor of the poncho would have either stopped the slug completely, or reduced the power to the point where it wouldn't hurt the man. Changing her poncho material to something like cotton would allow her to fire from underneath without revealing her gun, giving her the advantage of an unsuspected, unseen weapon.

It did not take very long for her to create a new poncho with her innate talent, and at the same time replace the flash pellets she had used in the city. The little things sure had come in handy. She kept the nano armor poncho rolled up and attached to her belt. Who knows, she may have a use for it someday. Finally she checked all her gear one last time, making sure everything was good to go.

Finished with her preparation she headed out. She had decided to head to one of the areas that Nito had said was a den for rank 1 and rank 2 magical creatures that had cold elemental affinity. This would be the best opportunity for her to increase her strength, and raise her cold ellement harmonization as well.

Finding her direction, Zoey headed out moving quickly through the trees and brush, leaving barely a trace behind.


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