Dark Star Survivor
28 Perspective
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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28 Perspective

Nito was by nature not comfortable around other humans. This discomfort stemmed from his early years living as an assistant for the great professor Wex and the events that followed. Professor Wex was a man of accomplishments and purpose. He was the leading authority on innate talents and many noble houses would seek him out for his expertise. Wex's name was known across the continents for his knowledge and genius.

Sadly it was this same fame that first led the interest of the Rellen noble family. The Rellens were a relatively new noble faction and had risen to power after they had discovered a rare Harmonic Heritage. Through secrecy intrigue and power they laid claim to everything around them in the city of Colten.

They invited the renowned professor Wex to the city of Colten in good faith, and when the professor arrived they attempted to capture and imprison him. The Rellens felt that the professor was to dangerous to leave around, so either he would work for them, or not work at all. Through all this, Nito had been at the professor's side until he was forced to flee for his life. Hunted by night and day had pushed him to his limits and instilled a fear into him of others that could not easily be shaken.

The professor himself had secretly entrusted Nito with the key to his vast storage of knowledge. This alone was worth several cities to the Rellens, and was the reason they had hunted him relentlessly.

Wex had wanted to ensure that it never fell into their hands so he entrusted it to Nito, sending him into the Exile Frontier in hopes that Nito could protect the knowledge he had given him. The professor had been captured by the Rellen family and never heard from since. Nito had escaped and scraped a living in the Exile Frontier as best he could as a pitiful rank 1 Vekt with a useless innate talent.

Then came something new. A strange girl clothed in black that saved him after he fell from a tree. She gave him food and had an aura that was unlike any human he had met before. Before he realized it he had invited her to his home and called her his friend. She didn't speak much, but when she did it was a clear, beautiful sound that made him remember the blue skies of better days.

Nito had felt compelled to help this human girl named Zoey. After he heard her tale of encountering the Rellen family in Colten and escaping with her life, he decided to do anything he could to help her. As it turned out, Zoey possessed a never before seen dual Heritage, and one of those was a Harmonic Heritage as well. In all his time with professor Wex, never once had they encountered such a combination of unique traits in a person.

Doing his best to impart his knowledge to his new friend, Nito promised himself to never let the Rellen family get their hands on Zoey. Such a rare and unique existence would be exploited in the most horrific way if the nobles got their hands on her.

It also did not help that she had an exotic beauty that would ignite the desires of anyone that beheld her. She had a slender face that had an ethereal quality with her emerald colored eyes that angled slightly up at the corners and slender, graceful eyebrows that accented the beauty of her eyes. Her hair was cut short, not reaching her shoulders and black as midnight with hints of blue when seen in the light. Her body was slender and on the smaller side, but she was undeniably a woman.

All of her exotic beauty combined with her temperament and easy grace made her quite the sight. Nito had seen many noble beauties in his time with professor Wex, and none of them had the presence that Zoey had. And she wasn't even trying to show off her beauty, she simply was that way to begin with.

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Aside from that, Zoey seemed to be full of secrets and surprises. He did not know where she was from, but the gear she carried was nothing like anything he had seen in his life. Magic weapons and artifacts were nothing new to him, yet he had never witnessed any that were as sleek and compact as what Zoey had. Not to mention her obvious combat effectiveness! Killing twenty five Rank 1 and one Rank 2 Ice Venom Sky Snakes in a single day was incredible.

Nito shook his head in wonder and glanced over to where Zoey say in the corner absorbing essence stones. He could tell she was on the verge of breaking through to Rank 2. Even her advancement speed was incredible to see. A normal human or Vekt at Rank 1 would take nearly an entire day just to absorb one essence stone... and she was on her ninth...

He had been extremely shocked when she had completely absorbed the first essence stone after an hour. He had seen the tattoo on her left arm for the first time when she had started to absorb the first essence stone. It was a phenomenon that he was curious about and his interest only grew when he witnessed an additional tattoo appear on her arm while she was absorbing the essence stone. The glowing tattoos had to be related to her innate talents, but Nito had never seen the symbols before, so he did not know what they meant.

Regardless Zoey would be a Rank 2 magic user in short order. Nito would do his best to assist her in becoming stronger. If she ever encountered nobles again she needed to be strong enough to deal with them.

Suddenly there was a surge of magic that pulsed out from Zoey like a heartbeat. Nito felt it sweep through his house and marveled at the rich essence he could sense. This girl truly was amazing. Only a day and 10 essence stones was all it took to reach Rank 2. He grinned and clapped his four hands together in excitement.

The future sure would be interesting.


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