Dark Star Survivor
37 Nito the Grea
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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37 Nito the Grea

The next morning Zoey was awoken by Nito's excited commotion. She yawned, stretched, and suddenly realized that her left arm was no longer in pain! Before she had a chance to verify that, Nito interrupted her, flailing his four arms about in excitement.

"Zoey! Zoey! I made Rank 2! The book you gave me! It worked!"

Nito was very excited about making it to Rank 2. After he calmed down a little Zoey asked him why. He told her about how he had the worst possible Heritage a Vekt could get, and was doomed to forever be a Rank 1 nobody. He had all but given up ever becoming a magic user.

However the book she had recovered from the ruins was something beyond common sense. It was an ancient meditation technique that had long been lost to time. The technique was based on the Scythe Mantis Reaper and the book was foremost a meditation technique to refine magic essence, and also a guide on how to utilize and perform the skills of the Scythe Mantis Reaper.

To the Vekt, the Scythe Mantis Reaper was the embodiment of their most primal urges, and was even worshiped as a god in some cases. Nito said there were stories of legendary Scythe Mantis Reaper that had ascended past Rank 9 and touched godhood. Nito once had read a historic report that this legendary creature had ruled an entire continent at some point in history.

All of this led to many different techniques being created based on the Scythe Mantis Reaper. Nito was adamant the technique was an amazing, legendary method that you would never find in the world today. He had never heard of a technique that worked on his specific Heritage before, so he was certain that with its help he could ascend to greater heights!

After Nito was finished babbling excitedly, and thanking her for the book, Zoey was able go back to her corner of the hut and inspect her arm and see if it was really ok. She removed the brace and found no swelling or bruising. Carefully testing her strength, she found that her arm was in perfect shape, as if it was not broken at all just yesterday.

She did notice that her tattoo had some new additions since the last time she inspected it. There was the primary emblem with the three gears and Sethrii's snake, then there was the Ice Venom Sky Snake tattoo she had first acquired. The first new tattoo was a simple eye with a vertical, cat-like pupil that seemed to mesmerize her when she looked at it for too long. Around the eye was another runic border that she could not yet decipher. If she activated her magic, the eye did not light up with magic like her other tattoos, it simply grew darker, until it seemed to be absorbing the light itself. Zoey guessed that the eye was the representation of the Null Stalker.

The second new tattoo had a runic border like the others and depicted a beautiful blooming flower. Under the influence of her magic, the lines of the flower glowed a gentle green, giving Zoey the feeling of springtime. The only difference was that the flower was growing on the back of a small creature that peaked from beneath the petals. This tattoo was clearly the representation of the Mittra that Nito had mentioned when he gave her the essence stone.

After admiring her new tattoos she pulled up her interface to check her information.




[a. Transformation: Trigger Unknown

[b. Ability Assimilation

[c. Ice Venom Rune

[d. Null Field Rune

[e. *NEW* Mittra Regen Rune


[a. Able to design and fabricate items from aether magic. Adding matter to construct will reduce [design cost.

[b. Able to repair and modify items created By Aether Engineer ability.

Her Ability Assimilation had gifted her a Mittra Regen rune after she absorbed the essence stone. Other than that there was no change in her abilities. She tapped on the interface and pulled up the Mittra Regen rune's information.

[Mittra Regen Rune:

[Rune Active Ability: Consumes magic to provide active regeneration of target. Applies to internal and external injuries. The more magic provided the faster the regeneration.

[Rune Passive: Improves the target's healing ability when asleep.

Nice. Zoey now had her own healing ability. More than anything this new rune was extremely valuable to her and would help her in the future. If she wanted to survive in this world, she would have a better time with her new ability.

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She then checked out her Triad information. She was not expecting a huge change but wanted to know where she stood.


[HERITAGE| Dark Star Runic Heritage: Tier Unknown | Gaia Human: Tier 3 Harmonic

[ELEMENTAL AFFINITY| Cold: Harmonization 25% | Dark: Harmonization 20% | Unknown: Harmonization 3%

Surprisingly, there were some changes to her information. Her Dark element affinity had increased to 20% and the unknown element had gone up to 3%. She shook her head at the small increase. It was so slight, almost unnoticeable, but she still had no idea what it could be.

Finished with looking at her personal stats, Zoey turned her attention to her inventory and the items that still needed to be identified. There was the longsword, the unmarked red-bound book, the leather bracer, The strange oval, almost egg-like object, and the pouch of gold and silver.

It was an odd assortment of items, but Zoey was excited to know what the items were after learning what an amazing item she had gifted to Nito and the utility of her storage ring.

If she was lucky, maybe she would find something amazing among the items.


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