Dark Star Survivor
38 A Gift From the Mad Smith
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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38 A Gift From the Mad Smith

The first item Zoey pulled from her inventory to inspect was the longsword.

The item itself was a picture of simple functionality. There was no adornments on the hilt or blade, no engravings, and no unnecessary baubles. It was a perfectly plain longsword. If you saw it in a weapon shop you would not be able to distinguish it from other blades aside from the odd color it had. That said, it was a well-crafted weapon. The blade itself was a meter and a half long and perfectly straight with no visible blemishes. It did not look like it was made from typical steel, as the metal had a sandy color with a silver tinge to it. The edge of the sword blade was beautifully tapered and carried a cold, golden gleam under the light, hinting at its grim purpose.

The hilt of the blade was bone wrapped in supple leather, and when Zoey gripped it, she could feel a solid comfort from the handle. The leather was well chosen as it prevented your grip from slipping if the hands became sweaty or covered in blood. Purposeful and effective. The end of the hilt was capped by the same sandy colored metal used in the blade and was shaped into a simple, hammered sphere. The cross guard was simple and straight, with the ends fashioned into flat diamond shapes. This was also made from the metal used for the blade.

The sword felt comfortable to hold and swing. It had a good balance and the weight was higher than one would expect. With Zoey's strength she was able to comfortably swing the blade. She even went outside into the cool morning air and spent some time swinging the longsword about. It gave her a simple thrill hearing the blade slice through the air as she swung it. On a whim she looked up some longsword manuals using her interface from her old universe and spent some time practicing some techniques. She wasn't amazing at it, but she was having fun!

Before she realized it, several hours had past while she practiced with the sword. Wiping her sweat and cleaning up a little, Zoey decided to get back to what she was originally doing. She sat under the shade of a nearby tree and pulled up her inspection menu and took a look at the longsword.

[ITEM: Mk1 Prototype Armament

[DESCRIPTION: A unique weapon created by Roth Cross. Known as the Mad Smith, this renowned blacksmith created weapons for monster, man, and god alike. The Mk1 Prototype Armament was his first attempt at creating a weapon that the wielder can shape to their will. The functionality of the weapon is only limited by the wielder's imagination and will.

Zoey stared in shock at the description of the weapon. Never had she thought she would find something like this when she had entered the dungeon. This world truly was filled with mysteries. If weapons like this were a possibility, then her handgun might not be so out of place. Suddenly a thought struck her. If this Mk1 Prototype Armament was as flexible as the description had claimed, she definitely had a use for it.

Zoey pulled out her 9mm Custom and held it in her right hand while holding the longsword-shaped Mk1 in her left hand. She focused her mind imagined the result that she wanted. After a moment of intense concentration, she opened her eyes to find… that nothing happened. She frowned down at the two weapons. Had she not concentrated enough? She tried again… with the same result. Maybe it was because her handgun was still damaged from overloading it to kill the Scythe Mantis Reaper yesterday? She quickly repaired it with her Aether Engineer talent and tried a third time, and still nothing happened.

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Slightly frustrated, she used her interface to search for information on what to do, but found absolutely nothing. She was on her own. She mulled it over for a few minutes while she paced around, and decided to try using magic to start the process. She activated her magic and sent it into her 9mm Custom, lighting up the arrays etched onto the slide and barrel of the gun. Then she tried to do the same thing and inject her magic energy into the Mk1. As she did this she witnessed a remarkable thing. The Mk1 Prototype Armament in her left hand suddenly turned into a sand-colored silvery-metallic fluid very similar to how mercury looked at room temperature. As she watched in amazement, the metallic fluid flowed over and engulfed her 9mm Custom and started forming into a shape. But after a few moments, the metal solidified into an unrecognizable mass around her gun.

Zoey was confused. This was not what she had imagined would happen. She sent her magic out again and the metal liquefied and separated from her gun, then returned to its original form as the sword. Ah! She realized what went wrong right away. The description had specifically said that the wielder could shape the weapon to their will. That meant her will was not strong enough, and her concentration had been lacking. She had been too distracted by the event she had forgotten to properly visualize the end result!

Now that she knew what had gone wrong, she refocused her mind and constructed a mental image of what she wanted. Maintaining a steady focus, she sent out her magic again to start the process. Closing her eyes to concentrate, she focused until she felt that the Mk1 Prototype Armament had solidified again. Opening her eyes she was startled! She failed again...

At least this time the failure somewhat resembled what she wanted to create, but it was a far cry from the finished product. Zoey was not discouraged. She cleared her mind and focused again. There was no way she was giving up just yet!

Several hours later, Zoey was panting with exhaustion as she looked at her brand new creation. The fusion of the Mk1 Prototype Armament and her 9mm Custom was complete!


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