Dark Star Survivor
51 Viridi
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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51 Viridi

Zoey was a little overwhelmed by the hatching of the egg, and had to spend some time gathering her thoughts. She found it harder than usual to gather her thoughts, almost as if the sleeping form of the soft cat-dragon in her hands was distracting her. It wasn't a bad distraction, the feeling of warmth and connection was something she did not know she had been missing until she received it. Little by little the void in her heart was being filled again. She would never get her memories of her family and friends on Gaia back, but her new start on Darren was filled with new life and new opportunity.

Zoey was brought back to reality when the soft creature in her palms stirred awake. She watched as it sleepily opened its eyes for the first time and looked directly at Zoey. Vibrant green feline pupils met with Zoey's emerald eyes, and a connection was made. Like lightning to a lightning rod, Zoey felt her mind come into contact with another curious and intelligent being. Shock, surprise, amazement, curiosity, acceptance and wonder. A torrent of thoughts and feelings passed between the two of them as they stared almost literally into each other's souls.

The connection was deeper than Zoey's rational mind could understand. It was unfathomable to her and at the same time, it felt right, like the two of them had been created for one another. She could feel another living being whose life was now intertwined with hers. Through this new link between their minds Zoey felt a whisper of essence reach out to her. It was an invitation from the creature to seal the bond and cement it for eternity. Through life and death, they would forever be linked to one another.

Zoey did not hesitate and reached out across the link with her own essence. The moment their essences made contact Zoey felt an euphoric happiness swell up inside her, and as she stared into the deep green eyes of this amazing creature, she heard a whisper inside her mind.

"Viridi..." Her name was Viridi, and she would be with Zoey until the end. Their link was now complete. Viridi was now bound to her soul, and Zoey to hers. They would have a connection and bond that transcended any understanding.

Viridi unsteadily raised herself up and stretched out her velvet nose to Zoey who gently bowed her head to meet her. Zoey felt Viridi's soft nose touch hers and felt as if nothing could make this moment be more special than it was. This was all interrupted by a low growl... that came from Viridi's stomach... She was hungry! Zoey couldn't help but giggle at her small friend. Despite her size that growl was loud!

Zoey offered her finger and watched with a smile as Viridi gently bit down and began suckling Zoey's blood. Through their unspoken connection Zoey had already known what Viridi needed. Viridi was a creature that solely lived on the blood of who it was bonded to. Vidridi would not need any other sustenance. Her life and strength all came from Zoey's blood. Naturally Zoey had no problems sharing. Viridi was more or less a part of her now.

That was the sight Nito came across when he came outside shortly after. Zoey was sitting on her poncho under a tree cradling a small winged feline creature that was latched on to her her finger like a babe to its mother. Zoey's eyes were closed and her short, jet black hair drifted around her face in the breeze, slightly concealing the allure beneath. The two had a quiet presence around them that seemed to affect the very atmosphere. It wasn't elegance or arrogance or anything like that, it was a simple air of calm that seemed to penetrate to your soul. Nito almost was carried away by it, but managed to shake himself free and found his own tree to sit under.

Zoey continued to amaze him at every turn. He had known at first sight what that egg was the moment she had shown him the other day. He had claimed ignorance at the time because she already seemed to know what it was and Nito was curious if she could actually make it hatch. Zoey had not disappointed and the egg had hatched. Something that had taken the strongest of the noble houses years to accomplish she had done in a few days. She had no idea what kind of power that small animal represented. If it grew to maturity, it would likely one day throw this entire continent into chaos...

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On top of that, she had absorbed nine essence stones in eighteen hours, a feat that would take the best magic users over eighteen days. She was a phenomenon, an anomaly that Nito could not explain... and yet he felt that she carried a heavier burden than he could ever imagine. He had seen that look in her eyes at times that spoke of a sadness so heavy and profound it would break the strongest of minds and grind them into dust if they were subjected to the weight. Nito had his burdens, but they were nothing when compared to this small girl that come from somewhere beyond the horizon. All he could do was be her friend and support her, come what may.

As evening arrived, they went back inside to avoid the chill and Zoey introduced Viridi to Nito. The little cat was energetic after her meal and seemed to approve of Nito as she had no problems playing with him and Zoey. She would swat at his antenna with her tail if he got close making him laugh. She was still unsteady on her feet though so she did not move around much, but she was gaining strength quickly and was soon pouncing on both Zoey and Nito as they played.

That night, Nito's humble abode was filled with laughter and happiness as they were able to forget their burdens for an evening thanks to the newborn Viridi. They were unaware that not too far away trudging through the forest was a desperate hunter searching for a girl that ran from the Rellens. The hunter did not know who it was he was looking for, nor did he care. To save his own life he had to locate her at any cost, and he had finally found a trail...


Thanks for the name suggestions everyone gave yesterday!

Thanks to you I was able to form a coherent thought on what kind of name I wanted for Viridi.

If you are curious, Viridi is a latin translation for green, and like Zoey, Viridi has green eyes.

I was contemplating using a translation for darkness as well as a second name, but none ended up fitting well with the character I see her becoming.

Hopefully her character will show through the name and her story and maybe later on I will do something with an additional name?

Again, Thanks for everyone's support and thank you for reading!



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