Dark Star Survivor
114 Zoey“s Choice
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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114 Zoey“s Choice

The night was not a peaceful one for Zoey. After she finished her work on the drones, she tried to get some sleep, but her mind was constantly going over the information she had learned about Harmonic Heritages. It had unsettled her.

The thought that there were more Harmonic Heritage carriers out there that were possibly being subjected to torture that inhumane was not letting her rest. What could she do? In her situation it would be better to disappear, go away so nobody could ever find her. That was what a part of her was whispering in her mind.

Yet there was another whisper, telling her to fight, to find and help the other Harmonic Heritage carriers. These two conflicting ideals bounced around in her mind, each rationalizing themselves to one another, almost as if Zoey was a bystander to it all.

Thanks to this she tossed and turned all night, and did not get very much sleep. Eventually, she gave up and sat in the tent opening to watch the eastern sky start to light up with the dawn as she tried to sort her mind out.

Just as the sun peeked over the horizon, her commlink beeped at her.

"You there hun?" Athena's voice flowed into Zoey's mind when she answered the call.

"Yeah... yeah, I'm here. Whats up?" Zoey replied.

"I wanted to let you know I'm well on the way to Brumau. How are things there?" Athena's voice was its usual cheerful self.

"Its going good, I have some leads to follow, so I should have something soon..." Zoey said through the link.

There was a pause, then Athena spoke again, "Are you ok hun? you sound tired."

Zoey was surprised. Her restless thoughts must have been affecting her more that she thought. Athena had managed to notice from thousands of kilometers away... Then again, Athena had a lot more experience reading people than Zoey had. She had been on Darren her whole life, and Zoey barely half a year. Now that Zoey thought about that, there was nobody better to ask about her conflicted thoughts than Athena.

"Actually... there is something I need to ask you," Zoey said tentatively.

"Ask away hun, I'm listening."

Athena's response was immensely comforting to Zoey, so after a moment of thought she asked the question.

"If you had the chance to save someone, someone that needed help that only you could provide, but in doing so you would put yourself at immense risk... Would you still help? Even at the expense of your own safety?"

Zoey's mental voice over the commlink had been quiet, uncertain. It was clear that she was struggling with this conundrum. Athena on the other end went silent for a time, thinking through the question. Then, she answered.

"Zoey, let me let you something, I've seen a lot in my time alive. I've seen tragedy, horror, happiness and love. I've seen the most selfish bastards alive sacrifice themselves for someone they never even knew, and the most righteous not even spare a silver piece for a beggar. This world is lawless, unkind and at the same time amazingly beautiful all in one big package.

You are facing a choice that only you can make, a choice that can change the world around you for better, or for worse. The thing is, when you make the choice, you need to know why you did. Do not chose, only to wonder later on why you made the choice. In the end, only you can decide what effect your life will have on those around you.

That being said, I know that no matter what you choose, you will still be my sister, and nothing will change that. So make your choice, take the step, and then see where that leaves you."

Silence fell over the commlink. Zoey's mind suddenly felt calm. Athena's words had been exactly what she needed. She knew what her choice was.

"Thanks Athena. I needed that," she sent her grateful thoughts to her friend.

"Hey, that's what sisters are for. Let me know if you need anything else ok?" Athena said, then disconnected from the connection.

Zoey took a deep breath as she gazed at the rising sun, blazing like a proper star should in the early morning sky. Somewhere on this planet were people like her, Harmonic Heritage carriers that may not be as lucky as she was. In a world that viewed them as tools, objects only useful for increasing one's strength, who would stand up for them? Who could fight the nobles and free those subjected to a life of horror and torment?

There was no one, only a rumored organization that had to hide to survive. Zoey on the other hand had advantages nobody else had. What could she do at the moment you ask? Nothing. But that would not always the case. If she had the chance in the future, she would do everything in her power to protect Harmonic Heritage carriers from a world that only exploited and discarded them.

This was Zoey's choice. She would not run and hide to protect herself.

She would fight. Her choice was to step forward.

Were she in a situation where she was a prisoner, held for her Heritage and mercilessly exploited, she would have wished for someone to save her. So how could she not put forth the effort to do the saving if she had the tools and opportunity to do so?

Zoey had decided to be the change that she would want to see in the world around her. Thanks to Athena's words, she knew that this was the path that she wanted to walk. She had every right to be afraid. She had every right to want to run away and hide. But Zoey's fear would not make her who she was. Only the choices she made could do that.

Zoey smiled as the sun warmed her skin. Her mind was clear, her focus set, and her thoughts peaceful after a night of turmoil.

A was the dawn of a new day.


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