Dark Star Survivor
157 Eve, Mother of Knowledge
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Dark Star Survivor
Author :Enraged_Bear
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157 Eve, Mother of Knowledge

The next day, Zoey spent her time implementing an idea she had thought of overnight. She had quite literally the biggest database in existence, one that held the knowledge of an entire dead universe, and a lot of information from this universe as well. All of this meant nothing if it was not put to use, so she had come up with a way to use it.

The Asurai were a product of this world more than anything, but when it came to anything too far advanced, they were fish out of water. But this didn't mean that they were not willing to learn. In fact Zoey was starting to realize that they were willing to throw themselves at anything that meant it would help them rebuild their clan.

So the solution she had come up with was to give everyone access to the database, and implement an Artificial Intelligence to control an interface style system that would give everyone access to the wealth of knowledge that she had available. The AI would be responsible for education and would report directly to Custodian 704, who Zoey set up as the sub-admin directly under her.

She spent all night on the project, creating an AI that was modeled after an educational intelligence system that had been developed in her old universe. The AI would have limited access to the database, as Zoey did not want to allow free access into some information, it was supposed to be strictly educational after all.

She also didn't want the system to be used as a crutch, but after seeing it in action she was pleased with how it performed. The AI being an educational system would focus in building analytical skills and thought processes, guiding users to find the solution on their own instead of simply showing them how to do something. As the saying went, if you give a man a fish, he can eat for a day, but if you teach him to fish, he will be able to eat for as long as the fish are around.

The last step was to implement the system, so Zoey designed and fabricated a tool to facilitate this, fashioning it as a bracelet that connected wirelessly to an access point on the Stella Tenebris. Her Aether Engineer talent was not currently able to fabricate the necessary components for a direct interface to a user's mind, but voice activation and facial reading was simple enough. It would also be able to power itself through a combination of thermal and solar power conversion, along with passively pulling aether energy from the air.

The finished design was a simple bracelet that had a cream colored ceramic finish, and it also adjusted itself to the user's wrist for a comfortable fit. On the top and bottom of the bracelet were two glass 'eyes' that functioned as both information intake and output, capable of receiving information from the surroundings and holographically displaying information as needed.

The materials that Zoey used to construct it made the bracelet nearly indestructible short of military grade munitions, and she had also implemented a tamper-proof system that utilized her Null Field Rune to prevent magical interference. If there was a situation where a bracelet was compromised in any way, it would perform a self-wipe that rendered the internal components into unrecognizable scrap.

When she finished the first one, she put it on her wrist and tested it. The AI Zoey designed had a pleasant female voice that was clear and concise, but still pleasant to listen to. To use the bracelet, all you had to do was hold up your wrist and ask a question while looking at one of the glass 'eyes', or you could tap the 'eye' to get the AI's attention.

It wasn't as intuitive or nearly as flexible as her own interface, but it was far more advanced than anything the Gaians had developed in Zoey's life. The alien designs and techniques she had implemented made this quite the powerful tool that would be the envy of any advanced society.

Zoey decided on naming the bracelets and the AI that she developed Eve. Back on Gaia, many ancient religions had named Eve as the mother of all humans, but here in this universe Zoey intended her to be the mother of knowledge for her followers.

Once the morning rolled around and Deck 2 started coming to life, Zoey gathered Baiken, Taigen, Saigo, Ssaul and Max together and gave them the first set of Eves. All of them were a little confused by the strange bracelet, until Zoey showed them how to use it. Then for the next hour they were all 'busy' inspecting their new toy and rattling off every question they could think of.

Eventually Zoey snapped them all out of it and recruited them to hand each and every person on the ship their own Eve. By midday, everyone was talking about, or thoroughly enamored with Eve and her wealth of knowledge. The youngest person on board was only five years old, and even they got an Eve. Of course Eve adjusted to the appropriate age for whoever the user was, and was fully capable of adapting to each and everyone's learning styles and habits.

She wasn't worried about people spending too much time absorbed with their Eve, as the AI would cleverly limit how much info someone could access by giving them interactive tasks and tests, aside from times where it was necessary.

Once that was done, Zoey took the rest of the day to set up a community dining area next to the kitchen, complete with tables and chairs. It wasn't big enough to hold everyone, but with a clever bit of code, she set up Eve to notify anyone who was planning to go eat if the dining area was full or not.

Zoey realized that Eve could be used as quite a bit more than just an educational tool, but that could come later.

Just like that, in only three days Zoey had made Deck 2 on the Stella Tenebris into a lively hub of activity. The hallways were busy with clanspeople coming too and fro with brand new furniture and bedding as the craftspeople worked hard to provide the things that everyone needed.

Zoey spent the rest of her day checking on all the cruiser's systems on Deck 2. Now that everyone was settled there, she needed to make sure they would all be safe in case they cruiser entered a combat situation. The systems she was specifically concerned about was the Inertia Gravity Array, Impact Dampeners, and the Fire Suppression Systems.

These systems were installed on every deck and put in place through anchors networked into the cruiser's conduit system, and were designed to keep everyone safe. The Fire Suppression Systems were self explanatory and were simply water-based dousing systems operated by thermal sensors.

The Inertia Gravity Array would keep everything inside the ship stable even during high energy maneuvers. Zoey could literally flip the cruiser, and if you didn't look outside, you would never know that you were inverted so long as the system was active.

The Impact Dampeners were focused only on large scale impacts from the outside, and so long as the hull remained intact, this system would make it so you would barely feel more than a bump even if the cruiser rammed into a mountain.

Zoey checked them all, and then rechecked them again, making absolutely sure they would work as intended.

She had the feeling that she would be needing them soon.


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